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JG Election 300x250-02  TESTAs I sit here on September 29th I’m gazing back at the bigger picture of what’s going on here in Cornwall.   It’s election time.  I know we’re covering it as much as we can on CFN; and people are hungry for information as our traffic is going through the roof; but reading the Standard Freeholder there isn’t much if anything about the election.

Most of, if  not all the weekend stories were about sports.   The Seaway News looks like they limit their coverage to Editor Lihou trashing myself or limited rah rah stories for people he worked with or connected to the Bob Peter’s clique at City Hall?

I phoned three area companies to get quotes for election signs and only one called back with a quote nearly ten times the price if I order them online.

Only one media outlet sent me an election ad offering.   I emailed Rick Shaver looking for prices and my email wasn’t returned.

I contacted a sales rep at the Freeholder and was able to purchase some ads, but it looked like the prime ad spaces were offered to a certain mayor first.  Corus Radio hasn’t returned missives or contacted me as well.

The Seeker’s sent me a questionnaire nearly copying what we’d already sent out to candidates.  It’s not the first time we’ve been mimicked; but with their owner’s hubby in a facebook group that boycott’s my business, and after contacting Ms Lucio without a professional response,  I will let things lay there as their audience is tiny.  Le Journal’s Francis Racine did an early interview, but I live downtown and have never received a single copy of the paper in my three years on Amelia Street.

As far as editorially speaking I have  asked to issue content with the Freeholder and have been refused once.  At one conference I was interviewed only to have an editor kill the story.  I have had two email queries; one by a sports writer.   So far I haven’t read anything from either info request online or in print.   The Seaway News had a student send me some questions and is refusing to give me equal space for the tripe that they’ve published from Lihou.  Corus radio hasn’t responded to my request to go on air and talk about some issues.

I had an email arrive today that was cc’d to Leslie O’Shaughnessy.

Good afternoon,
I am definetly for electing a new mayor, but I had no idea who else was running until I went to this website! 
Thank you
And that’s the problem.  The public is starving for information and frankly they’ve either been lied to or ignored as the two major mainstream media in this city fight over the city purse.    Cornwall spent nearly $300K on advertising in 2013 and are refusing to answer how that was spent.  I was sent a Freedom of Information application by Maureen Adams, the CFO  of Cornwall after a YEAR of waiting including assistance in my request from Councilor Dupelle.   Corus Radio in Cornwall shut down its newsroom this year costing us three news jobs.
I asked to speak to the CAG, (Community Action Group) as my main pillar as you can see above fits into their stated goal.  They have refused to meet with me and talk about how we can achieve those goals.  Under Mayor Kilger MPAC, which he’s on the board of,  has raised values over 12% during his mandate with city taxes going up nearly as much.  The compounding has caused some property values to drop and commercial rents in particular to jump up which is deadly for small business and the Arts and Culture areas.
I asked to attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting to hear what they had to say as an organization and was refused.   The Chamber also for some reason changed the televised debate conditions so that for the first times candidates have to sign an essentially open ended document that gives moderators sanction to remove any candidate on a whim.     Can you imagine an elected official ever signing such a document?  I can’t.



An information package describing the scheduled Chamber All Candidates forum has been sent to all those standing for the 2014 municipal election. Subsequent to the electronic delivery of the documents, one of the candidates has responded with two messages:


  1. A) A candidate is asking the Chamber for a definition of ‘APPROPRIATE’ as outlined in the Candidate Guidelines (document attached) and the message contains a veiled suggestion with respect to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


  1. B) That same candidate is asking for a copy of the agreement form issued for the 2010 municipal election.


With respect to B, there was no need for such a document leading to the 2010 debate. The 2014 guidelines and agreement form were prepared and disseminated as part of the Chamber’s due-diligence.


Directors will recall at a earlier Board meeting that no Director or member of the Executive Committee were prepared to Chair the event. Further, I was specifically directed that under no circumstances was I to put the Chamber and its Board in a position such that it would be sued. In light of Board’s stance, and in light of the possibility, unfounded or not, of a Charter of Rights challenge, I am not prepared to move forward with this event.


Respectfully submitted,


Lezlie Strasser

And sadly most of those running for council (non incumbents) probably shouldn’t be running for elected office.  Call it a mix of a distinct lack of professionalism, integrity, and understanding of what it means to represent the public; even those they may not like.
We have people buying hockey teams trying to get voter support; we have people stealing platform ideas, and we simply have candidates with no ideas but are best buds with an incumbent, or simply the next generation of political parasite or patronage bobble head.
I spoke with a few candidates and we will do what we can to get key messages out; but the biggest question is anyone listening?
I knew going in that this race would be a challenge if treated even remotely fairly.  Too date that hasn’t come close to happening for myself or certain other candidates.
Tonight’s debate is at the Library.  A Library for example that boycotts the largest media in its city with an artist as chief owner?  Why?  Caving into City Hall demands from Mayor Kilger?  I’m sure Ms. Kiddell can answer that better than I can imagine?
The Francophone Dinner on the 1st?  The Labour Council Forum on the 8th, and of course the Chamber Debate.

As you read this we will be passing the 74,000 unique visitor monthly mark on CFN, a new record for us;  the newspaper you’re reading and which I’m a majority shareholder of.  We’ve also tried to organize a video debate as we had in previous elections and enough of the candidates didn’t respond to our email request that we may cancel it.    And our debates end up on you tube where candidates can use the clips to promote their campaigns at no charge.    They didn’t simply refuse to participate; but didn’t respond respectfully as though CFN is one person when over 50% of our city read CFN at least once during September to date.

They say you get the government you deserve, but in this case I think I’ll give the people of Cornwall a pass and not blame them.   This election is being influenced and gamed in my opinion and it’s pretty clear who’s dealing from the bottom of the deck.

If you want change Cornwall you have your chance.  It’s not going to be easy; but we can do it if we pull together.

Remember on October 27th a vote for Gilcig is a vote for lower taxes, fighting corruption, and cleaning up City Hall, and a distinct focus on growing our city and making it more inclusive and attractive.   It’s time to get us over the 50,000 mark in population!

To reach me email or 855 444 1133

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  1. Jamie with Bare Ass in charge of the mob in Cornwall you don’t have much chance and that is mighty bad. I cannot ever live there even with a herd of horses trying to drag me down there. It is simply impossible. If I wanted a small town I would have to live elsewhere. Cornwall is way too corrupt for my standards. This reminds me of the days when Ross Perot was running for president in the US and he and his family were threatened by you know who (you are an intelligent man and I don’t have to spell out who) and he had to decline from running. Jamie you are living down in a place of danger and I won’t say that lightly. Be on your guard. These individuals did it to a wonderful man who was a cop at the Barney Fife PD and when they could do it to him they can do it to anyone.

  2. will tonight’s debate be picked up or recorded for later viewing on youtube or something? I’d love to be able to watch it.

  3. I agree. However property values have increased 12% over last year for August.

  4. Author

    Wow I’ve looked at some numbers and that’s a mighty small pool of numbers to draw stats on. It also mixes in new listings which of course sell for more than older inventory. Your average East End house sale did not increase by that much.

  5. Author

    Hi Jason, not sure if I have someone to run the camera or not tonight…

  6. I know our property value has not gone up 12%.

  7. OMG speaking about Latour in your letter Jamie isn’t Latour’s court date tomorrow? LOL LOL. With election coming up and now this would make interesting reading for sure to see all the rats and their corruption coming out. Knowing Cornwall everything is hushed up unless you are the little fellow with no money and no connections. If it happened in the US then Latour would be sharing a jail cell with Willie.

  8. If his first court date is tomorrow expect him to plead not guilty as he indicated he would. That would push the trial probably to some time in 2015.

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