Letter to the Editor – Jack White on Council Raises in Cornwall Ontario

kilger nods offDear Editor
We have to thank MR.’s Kilger, Carr, Gardiner, Grant, and MacDonald, for taking that very difficult decision to vote to increase the Mayor’s and Councillors’ salaries by up to 40%, in order to attract more qualified candidates.  However, now that we have attracted these more qualified candidates they certainly are not demonstrating much respect for Cornwall, when they will not step aside, and let these more qualified candidates compete for the positions.

Thank you


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  1. LOL LOL. ROLF! Difficult decision to give themselves a 40% raise in salary? The only raise that I would give them is to dump them all onto the garbage dump and get rid of them all for good. This gave me a good chuckle and about how they love to dip their grubby paws into people’s pockets. If anybody votes in these turkeys in the next election then you get what you deserve. If you are intelligent then you will vote those turkeys out and throw them into the garbage heap and vote for either Leslie O’Shaughnessey or Jamie Gilcig or your goose is cooked literally.

  2. Jules ….You got so ” On the Head ” …My God….you need to be here with us….I feel like Cornwall has missed out on you cause you had to move……Please keep telling it like it is …if most people had as much knowledge about this place as you do….maybe we would get somewhere…close to being a city…..not just a pedaphile hick town..!

  3. Marc Carrière my husband always talks about moving to a smaller town and specifies about Cornwall, Ingleside and other small places. Ottawa is a big city and growing all the time. After riding the buses yesterday I am sick and so is my daughter. We got rained on while downtown. You never know if I go down and help all of you out. I am not going to run for political office but I would speak for those who would be running. You have two good choices for mayor Jamie Gilcig and Leslie O’Shaughnessey and why I support Leslie is because he is from Cornwall who holds a great deal of information on the scandals of Bare Ass and can put him down. Take a good look at Latour, the police chief and all of them with whom they are hanging around and people should wake up and smell and see the corruption. Cornwall has to change and Jamie has good ideas but it is going to have to take the people to change and not just put up an art centre but the people’s mentality has to change drastically. Jamie is a very good man but you know the mentality of Cornwall and the people have to know Jamie before they can really trust him. That is small town mentality.

  4. Looks like city council will be dealing with the 40% “suggested” raise this evening in a special city council meeting. Hopefully it’ll be rescinded. But I think they’ll put through a much more acceptable raise. What it’ll be is anyone’s guess.

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