It’s Time For Bob Kilger to Stop Hiding & Tell the Truth – Election Ad

Bob not happy

Bob Kilger is hiding.

He refuses to answer questions.  He refuses to tell the truth.

Refusing to answer if he wrote a letter on behalf of fraud artist Neil Shah

Refuses to answer about why he lied about the Chem tanks on our waterfront.

Refuses to answer about the protest signs that were held in his office for one week.

Bullies his council.

Andre Rivette after being gang attacked in camera leading to a complaint with closed meeting investigator Stephen Fournier.

Attacking Councilor Samson

Again attacking Councilor Samson

Again attacking Councilor Samson

And again.

Isn’t time to end Bullying and Lying at City Hall?

In 2014 you have that option.

It’s time to clean up the corruption at City Hall.

It’s time to change the culture of Cornwall.

bobfitzydeniseIt’s time to look to the future and build a great city.

End the lies.  End the boycotts.

On October 27,2014 you have one clear option for CHANGE!

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  1. Pretty much sums up why you should never vote for Kilger unless of course you want more of the same!

  2. I a,m wondering Jamie how you propose to debate Kilger when Kilger will not give his versions of what happened on his watch.We all no the debates are stacked questions from the MC.No way in hell will they put Kilger on the spot so the citzens can maybe find out the truth.I,m hoping the votes aren,t split between you and leslie and Kilger squeaks in again.

  3. It won’t be just more of the same but it will be a great deal worse the third time to come. The sheeple out there don’t know how bad that things can get. Voting Bare Ass in the second time was the worst idea that they ever came up with but they haven’t seen anything yet.

  4. Author

    Marc the people of Cornwall will decide what the future lies. My concerns is that the truth isn’t getting out to them via the other media. That’s scary. The seaway news and seeker chicks are already slagging myself. The SN slagged Leslie. There is a difference for example between news and opinion.

    In their candidate piece the SN called me a long shot which is not news, but opinion. By writing that they are hoping to sway the public and that’s below the belt in a news piece.

  5. It would appear, that Councillor Samson is our only anti-bully representative on Council ? He sure as hell doesn’t give into “bullies” ! Keep it up Gerry .

  6. Good for you Gerry and stick in there. I think that Gerry should come back as well as Rivette and maybe Dupelle. The rest have to leave along with Bare Ass for good.

  7. Sure is quiet around here. Anybody know some good jokes? I have one about a blind Scottish goat-herder who gets his foot stuck in a gopher hole, but it might be too racy for family viewing.

  8. Jules….we agree again. Will miracles ever cease?

  9. Gerry Samson is NOT as literate or as articulate as most other councillors. You know what, in his case it is an advantage because it actually draws out the real BULLIES whose arrogance belies them by demeaning those not as gifted in such a forum.

    Gerry Samson has a history. Anyone his age and time spent in the trenches of CORNWALL for decades, helping out and dancing with the devil so the rest of us can live the good life deserves better than what he gets for his dedication and full service that he give to this community.
    I think Gerry Samson is one of a very few current that deserves serious consideration for another term. Gerry sees a lot more clearly than some would think and despite being called into service as 11th councillor after Guy Legers passing, and he stood strong in the face of tyranny at his expense. Bravo Gerry.

  10. Author

    Diddly you’re mixing up terms. Gerry was called in after Leslie O’Shaughnessy resigned because of Kilger’s lies and games.

    The fact that Gerry is considered one of the better councilors is an indictment of this council on the whole. While Gerry has some great intentions and cares he’s a hot mess otherwise with very little ability to get a motion passed through or bring real vision and follow through. A nice guy; but not a capable councilor.

    And that’s one of the problems in that it seems the race is about popularity instead of ability.

  11. It’s sad that to serve as a mayor or councillor, the demands of the office, for time and attention, will preclude a normal family and social life.

    It’s quite a sacrifice to make in order to serve the community.

    On the other hand it’s quite pathetic to forsake family and community to take office and serve oneself… but that’s the mayor.

    If it weren’t for the ingrained meanness and self-indulgence of that current head of council, there could be a case made for pity.

    But a fool squanders all that matters, and with the full knowledge that he will not complete another term, he has chosen to run again. Does this “legend in his own mind” think that upon passing, there will be anything more than a namesake meeting room or road sign?

    Some legacy.

  12. LOL LOL. ROLF! Furtz you are a riot just mentioning the title would let people’s imagination go wild. You are hilarious. LOL LOL. ROLF! I can’t stop laughing Furtz you are something else.

  13. Hugger it is impossible for everyone to agree on everything since everyone has a different personality and a different perspective on things but yes we do see eye to ey at times. We are all different people and that is good because if we were all alike we would still find things to disagree on – it would be so boring if we were all alike. Vive la difference.

  14. What I like about Gerry Samson is that he stands up for the common man. Nothing fancy about him. He brings the common mans concerns to council.

  15. Hugger and I agree on this matter and that is that Gerry stands up for the common man. Gerry doesn’t have to be the brightest in council but when people see that he has some dignity and has worked in Cornwall all his life and should be considered another term in office. I also would like to see André Rivette back in and Maurice Dupelle. I would like to see Mark A. MacDonald in since this man has worked tirelessly on the hospital as well as for the vets. Mark is a good man and should be on council without a doubt. André and Gerry are of similar age but are entirely different people. Gerry does do his best and that is the truth. We are not all the same like I said before and we all give our opinions, etc. and if we were all the same this world would be mighty boring.

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