Ontario Election Rhetoric in High Gear. By Jamie Gilcig JUNE 8, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Being hyper non partisan can be a lot of fun. More people should try it.  Being Hyper Nonpartisan and editor of a large newspaper can be even more fun.

Right now it’s clear and apparent is Premier Kathleen Wynne is fighting for her political life.  Kathy is quite the pit bull; mostly her own enemy, but still as formidable a political fighter as this province has ever seen.  While rumblings of her taking one for the team ala her predecessor Dalton McGuinty are loud, they are not deafening.

Talking to a lot of political people there are some that feel she might be able to pull together a minority Liberal win in the next election even after her dreadful performance and the many scandals and issues that clearly lie at her feet.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP are sitting quietly picking their spots.  Their Hydro initiative was very strong, triggering a loud Liberal response that actually hurt the grits.   The big question is whether the Dippers have the cash and Horwath the ability to go for the kill and win an election?

Patrick Brown and his PC team actually appear to boycott CFN.  We get flooded with political releases from the NDP and Liberals, but Brown has fallen under the silly cloud of some of his Eastern Ontario supporters even though this newspaper gave him a lot of love before he even made it to leader.

The election is Brown’s to lose at this point simply because of the backlash to Wynne, traditional Conservative base and machine, and the fact that the NDP don’t seem to have the drive to cross the finish line first.  He’s staying mum on key issues like Hydro which may hurt him if he doesn’t have any real solutions.  He’s also infuriating a lot of the traditional “angry old white men (and women)” that play such a loud roll in the party, especially around these parts.

Things look to be heating up with each party upping the ante as we get closer and even talk of a snap election which makes a lot of sense as people have short memories and there’s not much more Premier Wynne can promise to try and help her cause.

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  1. Nobody thought the Libs would win the last two elections.

  2. Author

    But can the Libs count on the PC’s to implode 3 times in a row? methinks not – Brown has issues, but he’s not dumb. He’s no Tim Hudak.

  3. Things cannot get any worse than Winnie’s libs and the province is close to bankruptcy. All parties are from the same club to beat us over the head every day like George Carlin once said. I miss that man – he is now deceased because he told the truth even with his foul language he was right on. I will vote PC and take my chances.

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