Tent Crashing in South Glengarry Leads to In Camera Meeting Monday Night JULY 12, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Nothing’s nicer than a tent on a sunny day; especially if that day is a wedding day along scenic Highway 2 along the waterfront in South Glengarry.

For the Lunan family, who own Marlin Orchards, their daughter’s wedding nearly turned into disaster as they were one of the over 90% of the public who aren’t aware that you need a $150 permit to set up a temporary tent in the township.

The family, after not being able to resolve the issue with the township in time for their local VIP attended event of nearly 250 people, used their greenhouse for the festive occasion.

They were not alone as Roger’s Marina were taken to task for not having a tent permit for their Summer use, although Nancy Struthers expressed gratitude to Building Officer Kevin Lalonde for giving her an extension to resolve the issue.

The issue was such grist for the mill in the township that there is a meeting scheduled for Monday night that will be in camera (not open to the public) to discuss matters pertaining to staff.

The buzz is that someone might be for the chop after so many movers and shakers were impacted by what Councilor Frank Prevost termed ” a lack of common sense”.    He stated to CFN that the wedding should’ve been allowed to go on in the tent and vowed that issues like this won’t happen in the future.   He added that he was disappointed in how things transpired and that it’s important for the township to work with people and not against them.  ( He was not a guest at the wedding)

Councilor Lyle Warden said that he was aware of the tent situation, and that he too was disappointed in how staff handled things and that he felt a resolution could’ve been achieved without impacting events.

CFN spoke with CAO Bryan Brown who at first claimed that he was unaware of any issue and then when confronted with details switched to a “no comment”.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. I guess the right palms weren’t greased, otherwise the tent, etc would have been allowed? Are they going behind doors to admonish an employee who should have allowed the tents based solely on who asked for the tents? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  2. Sounds like the same type of stuff Cornwall by-law does in the city.

  3. A simple lecture on discretion and “Spirit of the Law” versus “Letter of the Law” should suffice, no need for anyone to lose their job.

  4. In May of 2016, I represented 22 neighbours for a problem we had at Pilon’s Point and it was very clear that there was something going on at the Township. Four Lawyers comments were collusion, corruption, someone got paid off and worst case of sloppiness. The credibility of the Township and the officials for the tent situation is in the porty potty that the potty is full to over flowing.

  5. This comment block is not large enough to express dissatisfaction with the Council’s (Mayor and Councillors) inaction in matters they should look into and action in other cases where they have no business in… staff members also break their own laws and regulations and they never never accept responsibility… and I have this in writing to prove my point. Again the potty is full!

  6. Author

    Roger we’re starting to do a few follow up stories. Feel free to send any factual evidence you might want to share to info@cornwallfreenews.com

  7. Jamie ran for mayor and I knew that the sheeple of the town would not vote for someone who comes from another town even though they have excellent ideas. OShaughnessey was the only one besides Jamie to replace BOB. Don’t mind me I am a little hammered – drank my Irish Cream too fast. LOL LOL. I know how Cornwall operates and Jamie would have been the better one. Cornwall is Cornwall.

  8. I’m a South Stormont resident. Last year my daughter got married. We rented a tent and obtained a permit as I learned it was required by the building code. I also learned that if I didn’t get a permit my home insurance would not approve a claim if something happened. People and the twp have to follow rules whether we like it or not.

  9. Too many rules for too many things in life. I’m waiting for the day South Glengarry requires a tent permit so you can camp in your own backyard.

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