Mr. Patrick Brown, MPP Leader, Official Opposition Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto ON  M7A 1A8   Dear Mr. Brown:   I am writing in response to your letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne regarding Hydro One’s rate application currently before the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).  Your letter is just another distractionContinue Reading

Patrick Brown PCs Vote Against Safer School Zones Act   TORONTO ONTARIO –  This afternoon following Question Period, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell and the Ontario PC Caucus voted against important legislation that protects school children, seniors, other pedestrians and cyclists.   This is in spite of the PCs previouslyContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Hydro will be THE election issue in Ontario.   With Premier Wynne fighting for her political life she’s blinked first and reacted to the NDP’s strong first blow. The day after leader Andrea Horwath outlined plans to even out the playing field hydro wise, Ms Wynne announcedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – According to media reports, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is suggesting that high hydro rates that are crippling Ontario are in fact her fault. Under the guise of caring for the environment,  coal (even though there are new technologies that reduce carbon and pollution)  was phased out inContinue Reading

Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown took his seat at Queen’s Park and took aim at Premier Kathleen Wynne with his first question. He attacked on high hydro rates in the province which the Premier ducked and deflected.   What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Does Brown have game?Continue Reading

CFRA is a pretty staunch conservative talk radio station, still on the AM dial, in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital.  It’s a mostly senior audience with a lot of folks from the country and rural areas sharing their um…..wisdom. One of their hosts is Nick Vandergragt who besides being a farmer does aContinue Reading

CFN – It looks like our MPP Jim McDonell picked the wrong horse as Patrick Brown has stunned Ontario and beaten favorite Christine Elliott for the PC leadership.   SD&SG voted for Brown although Mr. McDonell had emails sent out to members supporting Elliott. At stake was the vision ofContinue Reading