Alana Kiteley of the MTO Rebuts PC Leader Patrick Brown’s Statements FEB 6, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –   In eight years here at CFN we’ve seen a few weird ones come in.

Alana Kiteley of the MTO sent in the following release.   However after exchanging emails it turned out it was not on behalf of the MTO.   She and some fellow MTO workers allegedly were simply upset at PC leader Patrick Brown’s statements which she’s rebutted.

This being the Wynne government it’d bewildering as to whether Ms Kiteley will be promoted or sanctioned using the MTO email server and time to send it out?

We did not use the photos included in Alana’s release.   Good job on research she apparently did though.


Good Afternoon,


Patrick Brown spoke to the Ontario Road Builders Association where he made a number of false statements about the province. Facts Still Matter in Ontario, especially when it comes to the historic amount of transportation infrastructure being built right now across the province.


He said: I believe we’ve seen lip service to infrastructure over the last 10 years but we’re not seeing shovels in the ground”


Fact: Here are some pictures of shovels in the ground


Eglinton LRT        


Spadina Subway Extension                                      


Waterloo LRT                                                                                                                                                           


Highway 404 Extension







He said: “You go to Gujarat, you think you’re on Canadian roads. They’ve really invested in Infrastructure. No wonder they’ve seen their economy grow. No wonder Gujarat was leading India in job growth.”


Fact: The next time he wants to make this point he’s welcome to use Ontario as an example. It’s no coincidence that our government is making the largest infrastructure investment in Ontario’s history and leading the G7 in economic growth.



He said: We want to make sure that historic infrastructure 130 billion is actually spent on infrastructure not spent simply on, on promises, on press releases”


Fact: Cost of the new GO station in Richmond Hill: $22 million, cost of the press release announcing it was open: $0, cost of catching Patrick Brown making up facts: priceless



He said: We have become the capital of red tape in North America”


Fact: The CFIB nominated has nominated the Ontario government for its golden scissors award for cutting red tape 3 years in a row. This year the government received two nominations.



He said:Projects need to start within mandate… It’s an insincere commitment promising something for 2019 or 2031”


Fact: Meaningful projects take longer than 4 years to build. If Patrick Brown won’t build anything that takes longer than 4 years that means he wouldn’t build any new subways or LRT’s.



He said: “The biggest announcement was for Hydro One, government said we’d get money for infrastructure. Of the first $4 billion sold, 0 went into infrastructure, money has been diverted to general revenue”


Fact: All of this money went into the Trillium Trust to be spent on projects like like GO Regional Express Rail, Mississauga and Hamilton LRT’s and the recently announced natural gas expansion.


What do you make of all this dear CFN viewers?  Is Patrick Brown Gay?  Full of hot air?  A better alternative than Wynne?  An opportunist politician?  Really a hockey fan?  The next Premier of Canada’s greatest province?   (You have to be great to survive under Ms Wynne and her Hydro rates.)

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  1. The Cons have saddled themselves with yet another loser leader. The party seems to have a never ending death wish.

  2. Author

    Well Furtz ol chum all three have kinda failed at leadership candidates….

  3. I will not vote for any party at all. The shock that I heard earlier before I came here was about the US and I bookmarked it and a lot of bad goes on here in Canada as well but nothing as bad as the US. We were all told huge lies from way back when. JFK had a double and survived till 1971 – that was my main shock. I know more. I refuse to vote.

  4. I agree to an extent, Jules.

    At the same time, I’m active in my new riding’s NDP association, more because they’re the best of a bad lot and it affords me the opportunity to drain the swamp from within an ideological framework I’m comfortable operating in.

    That said, the NDP establishment in Cornwall is awful and there are major issues with our federal leadership, and I call them out!

  5. OurNewMPM I remember Ed Broadbent and he was the very best as NDP leader and honestly you don’t find that kind of people of dedication today. What I see out there is terrible and I am very conservative and what I know about Trudeau and Wynne makes my skin crawl. There are no more really good leaders at all from what I see and I won’t vote and my husband and my daughter are saying the same.

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