Cornwall Ontario – I get a lot of content inboxed.   All the political parties try to end around and massage story points, but today’s from Patrick Brown kinda takes the cake. I’ve decided to write this open letter to Mr. Brown and if Patrick wishes he can by all meansContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a lot of buzz about new Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, but he’s not expected to have a Mulcair or Layton type impact in the next Federal election. (Former NDP leader & player behind the Orange Crush, the Lion of Outremont, Thomas Mulcair in happier times)Continue Reading

As many regular CFN viewers know I am “Hyper Non Partisan” politically.  I decided, after dealing with politicians here on CFN that I could no longer support Partisan Politics. It made no sense from a personal view point.    Yes, belonging to a group could be a good thing, butContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Politics are a fascinating fact of our lives.   They embrace the truly worst of human nature and rarely our best. It’s a blood sport.   The results impact all of our lives in so many ways. After the utter historic failure of Tim Hudak the OntarioContinue Reading

CFN – We are updating our original story after finding out that it was in fact our MPP Jim McDonell and the SD&SG Riding Association that snubbed CFN & SSN viewers by not inviting either outlet to the media event that both Patrick Brown and Christine Elliotte attended in Long Sault.Continue Reading

CFN – Sometimes politicians can be their own worst enemies.    My political mentor, Keith Beardsley once spoke from the mountain. He does that a lot.  Some of what “Dr. Evil” says is highly valuable. One of the first lessons he taught me was; Don’t get caught in the splash.Continue Reading

CFN – Progressive Conservative Leadership candidate Patrick Brown fought off snow and brutal cold Saturday and attended a breakfast meeting at the Ramada Inn. It was a surprising large crowd considering the brutal weather conditions, but significant in that the Conservative MP, MPP, and Mayor of Cornwall were not inContinue Reading