Will I Vote for Brown or Elliott Sunday? by Jamie Gilcig Ontario PC Leadership Kicks Off

Jamie & FitzyCORNWALL Ontario – Politics are a fascinating fact of our lives.   They embrace the truly worst of human nature and rarely our best.

It’s a blood sport.   The results impact all of our lives in so many ways.

After the utter historic failure of Tim Hudak the Ontario Conservatives headed out to find a new leader.

The odds on favorite was Christine Elliott.  A savvy intelligent politician with deep roots in her party and the Canadian Political scene.

I have to admit that I enjoyed my interview with her, especially compared to that nasty Andrea Horwath and even nastier Kathleen Wynne.


She certainly would ensure that Ms Wynne would not ever have a majority again and perhaps even not be Premier.

Patrick Brown is a career politician with deep connections to the Harper Conservatives.   He’s used Social media and simply out worked and out maneuvered Elliot during the campaign.   Stunts like bringing in Wayne Gretzky to his campaign and his out reach to immigrant communities have actually had an impact.  (sadly)

From a low profile he’s turned the leadership into a race and may in fact win.

As a voter I became hyper non partisan a few years ago.    After interviewing both Brown and Elliott I actually signed up to the Party, but sadly our local Conservative Riding association is utterly corrupt and insane.

Well ignorant would be a better term, with people like Glen Grant and our MPP Jim McDonell who still is stinging over his pratfalls during his term in office such as suggesting that Dalton McGuinty was behaving like a Nazi which got him in hot water.  Our MPP was upset when I explained that using the above photo was visually expressing what he said verbally to many.   He did apologize to Ontario’s premier at the time but seems to have held a grudge against yours truly.

Frankly the behavior of our local RA is akin to how they accuse Liberals of behaving….

Sharing about a recent local Riding Association event that I was blocked from attending turned quite a few voters off.   Sometimes you have to wonder which ideals a politician or group really stand for when you witness this type of behavior?


As a HNP voter my chad is available to the candidate/party that best represents me election by election.    I personally don’t feel Ms Wynne should be in office and frankly I think she and her party should be properly investigated by police for some of their hi jinks including my false police charges which I finally have been cleared of.  (that’s for another story)

Sunday I will head down to the Ramada and cast my vote, because each vote does count.

Who do you think will take the leadership?  You can post your comment below and vote in our poll.


Will Ontario Vote for Christine Elliott or Patrick Brown in as the next PC Leader?

  • Patrick Brown (51%, 37 Votes)
  • Christine Elliott (49%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 72

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  1. Jamie, you are a scum bag. The use of a swastika on a politician in Canada because you dislike them is an insult to every Jew who suffered during the Holocaust. Shame!

  2. Author

    Mr. Palmer the shame was our elected MPP standing up in Queen’s Park and not only sputtering what he did, but his pathetic excuse for an apology that was only issued after media pressure. That’s the shame and if the term scum bag was to be used there is only one person in this paradigm that should wear it.

    I was quite clear when I published it originally as I am now. I am illustrating graphically what MPP McDonell did verbally.

  3. Jamie, as a pinko lefty, I urge you to vote for Patrick Brown.

  4. Frank Palmer….before spouting your words of wisdom perhaps you should have done a little research on the history between Jamie, Jim McDonell and the UCDSB / CCVS.

  5. Author

    Or the fact that I offered to help our MPP before he got in the thick of it when his Nazi remark hit and he refused.

  6. Here’s some issues the new Party Leader can work with for the next election:

    Canada now has food shortages:


    Canada now has drug shortages:


    Ontario has a healthcare crisis that is expected to spread to the rest of the Country due to drastic budget cuts:


    It’s obvious that Canada is now overpopulated by illegals/refugees and now the Country cannot meet the needs of the people of this Nation.

    As we all know, The Canadian Forces oversee everything to do with the operation and running of the Country. They take all the glory and they will accept all the blame!

  7. I want to emphasize one thing here is that I am not talking about abortion here as a method of birth control but using the pill, diaphragm, rhythm whichever works for whoever is an acceptable method for spacing children. What is happening in the north will happen here in the south. Food is astronomical as is and getting much worse. Don’t think that we are all very well because we are not. There are things to cut when necessary and many people are doing just that.

  8. If Patrick Brown had an ounce decency, and I see no evidence that he does, he would return to the taxpayers all the money he has collected as a federal MP while he’s been campaigning for the PC leadership. Imaging being paid big bucks by an employer while you run the roads seeking a different job! It’s beyond belief that he’s getting away with this scam, and it isn’t even an issue.

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