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Jamie & FitzyCFN – As a service to Standard Freeholder readers who cannot post comments on local stories we at CFN thought we’d allot some space for you to discuss their top local stories of the day.

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An unnerving array of notice when it comes to council agendas in Cornwall and SDG

Wilson, Horvath vie for chamber support in Cornwall

Privatizing Hydro too risky, Wilson, Horvath tell Chamber conference in Cornwall

William Wise still awaiting word on payback

Early access to council agendas improves civic involvement — Cornwall council members get calls after agendas posted

Co-operation vital: Wynne tells chambers during Cornwall visit

Those were the local news stories as of 9:03 PM EST as well as the police blotter, but as we essentially publish the same info from the CCPS we elected to not publish that.

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  1. Honorable servants Wison, Horvath, and McDonell: The opposition parties (the want-a-be leaders) – all talk, but no action. The Liberals, well, they are all talk too, but their actions -lies and more lies, ungodliness and more ungodliness, scandals and more scandals, incompetence and more incompetence. Add to it greed, covertness, and willful injustice as they oppress the common Ontarian family. It is taxation without representation. Our elected politicians represent their own private concerns and gains – an Oligarchy form of government.

    Still waiting for a reply from the leading PC’s on their plan to stop Wynne’s perversion. They fail even in this action – no reply, silence is golden(as they think and act, not even common curtsey. Guilty silence! Of course I understand, you don’t like being called names by the Liberals – sorry about your egos being hurt.

    I think the politicians need to be reminded – “It’s not just the economy, ….”. So lets say, we get better paying jobs, will that bring back the millions that have been wasted by greed and incompetence. Will that liberate us from the god of Green? More jobs just means more money for our shady oligarchy type of government to spend foolishly! How about justice, prosecution, and removing of these self-serving ones even by banning these “criminals” from public service for life. Tar and feathering would not be a bad idea too. Time in the stocks? And the opposing PC’s are afraid being called “homophobic” – cruel and unusual punishment. Ontarian – wait until you get your next Hydro bill; then we can talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Remember winter is coming!

    “Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us? For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the LORD; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him”(Psa 12:4-5).

  2. News flash – just in: Ontario Minister of Energy states -“Hydro rate increase: not as bad as some other provinces in Canada”. I am so relieved! Only a $5.00 increase per family.

    Bit of history “Public dismay at an increase in prices led the government of Harris’s successor, Ernie Eves, to freeze electricity prices for residential and small business consumers. This freeze was maintained after the Liberal Party of Dalton McGuinty replaced the PC government in 2003. The freeze was removed and prices were raised in April 2004, and have been increased again subsequently”(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

  3. PTN….Still waiting for a reply from the leading PC’s on their plan to stop Wynne’s perversion. I think you will continue to wait. The McGuinty Jr / Wynne Fiberals have a majority government. The PC’s and / or the NDP can huff and puff all they want. In the end a majority government gets and does what they want, no matter what the opposition parties say or do. Hopefully something can be done in October 2018; only 3½ years to go.

  4. Hugger1 – Understanding the seriousness of the overall chaos, I don’t think we will make it for another 31/2 years. God’s judgment has been accelerated do to the Supreme courts decision to ban prayer!

    “For let fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness not be once named among you, as becomes saints, neither baseness, foolish talking, jesting, which are not becoming, but rather giving of thanks. For you know this, that no fornicator, or unclean person, or covetous one (who is an idolater), has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no man deceive you with vain words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the children of disobedience”(Eph 5:3-6).

  5. Hugger, according to Newton, if the Cons and Dippers refuse to participate in Parliament, the Libs will be forced to change their ways.

  6. Furtz – Is there a way in the Ontario parliamentary system to “impeach” the Premier? Is it only in the case of a conviction of a crime where the premier is forced to resign? Or steps down? So as long as they have a majority, we have to wait for the next election? Or until they actually get convicted of a crime. If that is the case, the Ontario parliamentary system has become anti-voter/common man, and all for the aristocrats! Time for change, before a complete collapse.

  7. Pastor Newton you are absolutely right in what you said and I can tell you for certain that both Canada as a whole and the US as a whole are under judgement for the sins that they have committed both here at home and abroad. You will start to see some things just tilting in September of this year 2015. All this is in the Bible. The entire world is going to be greatly affected but here in N. America it is going to hit very hard because of the high standard of living and you will see hunger that has not happened here as yet since the 30’s Great Depression. Yes it is under judgement and I agree with every word you said.

  8. No Newton. The only way a Canadian politician can be forced to resign is if they are convicted of a crime. In a minority situation, an election can be forced if the opposition parties get together and defeat a government “money” bill by a vote in Parliament. In a majority situation, all the opposition can do is sit on their thumbs and rotate until the sitting premier calls an election.

  9. PTN….there is o way to impeach an Ontario politician. You’ll have to do like he rest of us taxpayers and wait the 3½ years to get it right (AGAIN!!)

  10. In other words Pastor you wait until Winnie the poo bankrupts Ontario in a literal sense where there is no turning back and all those who voted liberal/fiberal it is on your backs for what you all did. My conscience is clear I voted for none of them who were fit to lead. Winnie is leading Ontario into the poor house. OMG Winnie is going to take away a great deal of the hydro and believe me there will be rolling blackouts like in some countries. Oh yes get ready for plenty to come.

  11. Yes Jules, and Ontario is about to be devoured by millions of giant rabbits! And all our food will be turned into sand! By this time next year, all humanity will be wiped out of Ontario.
    Best move to Alberta where they still have a Conservative government.

  12. Hugger1 -“to get it right”. Like last time when the Liberals got their majority. We are still amazed how they did it last time. Just can’t blame Mr. Hudak! Maybe God helped them to do it in a form of judgment?

    “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them(Premier Wynne). O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. The LORD standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people”(Isa 3:12-13).

  13. Furtz you are very funny indeed but I am not laughing at what is coming. I am very serious when I said that Winnie the poo has bankrupted Ontario and a crash is coming. It is all written in the Bible under Leviticus and this is the second person I heard today who said where it was in the Bible and he went fast like and I have to look it up. I am very concerned Furtz about what is happening and this is no joke.

  14. Hey Jules you’re absolutely right about the coming crash. But what about this scenario. Jade helm is happening in the states and Canada from july 15 to sept 15. They say it’s just training, but it’s training for civil unrest. I predict that what’s happening in Baltimore with the murder of Mr.Grey by six police officers will make jade helm go “live”. How? Well imagine what will happen when those six officers that are charged now (some with murder type charges) are acquitted? Can you just imagine the civil unrest in many of the big cities? Then jade helm goes “live”. I can really see that happening, and it will also be another big gun grab. Just look at the 4000 troops amassed in Alberta right now with all the gear, mraps and tanks. Makes many people very nervous. Anyway, if jade helm goes “live”, just remember I called it lol.

  15. I love reading the theories from the theorists and conspiracy theorists we have on CFN. It brightens up my day and gives me a laugh at what some people can come up with

  16. Hugger you and Furtz love a good laugh like myself go on and type in Truthers being thrown out of Bill Maher’s show and watch it. I don’t know if that is the exact title but it will come up and you and everyone can have a good laugh. Have patience because it will come up and lots to have a good laugh in this crazy insane world of ours.

  17. Jules, that’s a good video. One of my favorite. Hugger, i’m not sure if you care or not but lets say the twin tower did go down due to the two planes. Do you have an educated guess as to why tower 7 went down in demolition fashion by merely being on fire at the top of it? I’m just curious what someone that has the answers to everything has to say about it. Honestly, how did that building fall?

  18. You see my comment above posted on may 2 about jade helm this summer and the Canadian version maple resolve? Now here we are on may 4 and as you can see on the SF, there are military training exercises at Guindon park and at the armory. Standing on top of the armory with m-16 guns. Here’s a quote from the article:
    “The captains were careful to point out that soldiers can hold and detain, but that they’re not mandated to police.”
    If anything does happen, these will be the force at every entrance and exit to the city. And they are NOT nice.

  19. Jerry….I have better things to do than entertain theorists and conspiracy theorists. I don’t know how or why Tower 7 went down. And do I care? No.

  20. Jerry…picture a stack of concrete blocks being dealt a blow by a martial artist. The first break occurs at the point of impact and the energy is transferred through the stack to the last block. The same concept applies to what happened with the twin towers.

    Conspiracy theories can be amusing, entertaining, or thought provoking. Seldom do they stand up to intelligent examination.

  21. Lots of unanswered questions about 9/11, WMDs in Iraq, etc.
    Interesting times.

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