Patrick Brown Comes to Cornwall – CFN Snubbed Again by PC Leader – JUNE 21, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario –   As some of our viewers know since living in this area I’ve taken a vow of non-partisan ship when it comes to politics.

I think we all should become Hyper Non Partisan.     One election at a time, one candidate at a time knowing that no party or politician can be all things I personally have decided to choose one person at a time.

When PC leader Patrick Brown hit the scene I was open to his message.  Clearly he was savvy and saying a lot of things that needed to be said and his victory over Christine Elliotte was truly remarkable, but sadly his promise of inclusion has been shattered.

patrick brown ramada FEB 14 2015It’s biggest example being right here.   When I was approached by his team things went well.   I did an interview with him and attended a few of his events.   I even purchased a party membership (I did of all three parties for disclosure purposes).

Clearly Ms Wynne’s track record would suggest a clear change was needed, but that change had to be for the better.

Andrea Horwath is not enough of a change and simply has shown an ineptitude politically so the opportunity for Mr. Brown and his party was wide open.

The local riding association here in SD&G is a huge reason in why I am HNP.   It’s corrupt, petty, ignorant and those are their good qualities.   Mr. Brown, walked into that hornets nest and some communication was exchanged.

Sadly he was back in Cornwall Friday with no invite to the largest newspaper in the region.  Over 20,000 people per month(based on Unique Viewers ISP numbers)  read CFN at least one time.   That’s nearly half of the city.   Our audience outside of Cornwall usually is about 60% of our total so our reach is not tiny.

You would think a savvy political leader that has been treated fairly if not supportive would enforce his vision of inclusion?   At least I would.     I’m not personally offended.  I’m used to the odd and freaky ways of politicians, but what a lost opportunity for Mr. Brown and his team.

What some don’t realize is that they simply are not snubbing or disrespecting yours truly.  They disrespect the community and our viewers.

I don’t force people to read CFN.  They choose to take that action for whatever reasons they may have.

Patrick Brown, by falling into Tim Hudak style politics in this riding is at best a stumble and at worst, the same old same old.

Ontario deserves better.    I know I do.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Sad that Mr Brown would snub the biggest media in Cornwall, I had previously considered him a breath of fresh air for the PC party. maybe he was brow beaten by Cornwall,s weird elected officials or maybe something in the water

  2. Author

    Well Mary I’m sure Mayor O’Shaughnessy and MPP McDonell have given their learned advice….

  3. It’s a bit early to predict how Brown will lead the Cons, but so far it’s not looking good. Right off the bat, he was scamming the taxpayers for his lucrative salary as a federal Member of Parliament while campaigning full-time for a different job. And his social conservative (code for anti-gay and anti equal rights) views are well documented. Somehow, I don’t think a thirty-seven year old clone of Stockwell Day will lead the Cons back from the wilderness.
    As for him not inviting CFN to his political schmooze-fest, that’s not surprising. Why would he want someone there asking questions and ruining their fun?

  4. Jamie, (IMO) I would agree that the Mayor had a finger in the snub, what I fail to understand is his logic , if he has any that is ? CFN was solely responsible for Leslie getting elected. CFN , for years now, has been hammering away at the Kilger regime, scandal after scandal, closed door meetings, one after the other, whistleblowers being harassed , etc, etc ! Our other 2 news outlets, barely covered the real stories, or they played “johnny come lately” on them ! CFN, would always it seems , have the in-depth story, not the bare minimum fluff, that the rest (Freeholder & Seaway) would publish several days later .
    Getting back to Mr. Brown, you do not try to rebuild your party by banning news agencies ? You try to be inclusive to all ? Perhaps, we all made a mistake in Brown, maybe he is no better than Tory & Huddatttt…… ? We remember that train wreck very well ? But Jamie, what about 2 of our long time Councillors that got the boot , were they involved ? lol

  5. Author

    There are many that influence people like Mr. Brown as there were many that influenced Mr. Hudak. Maybe he’s just playing the odds as the local MPP is elected in the riding unlike the weirdness of the Federal Grits having their riding Prez active in a facebook hate group a few days before the nomination close….

  6. I thought I read that Mr. Brown opened up a whopping 10 minutes before dinner time for any media coverage to happen. !0 minutes – imagine what could be done in 10 minutes. How considerate of Mr. Brown.

  7. Brown’s boss for the last ten or so years was Stephen Harper. He’s learned well how to avoid the press and embarrassing questions.

  8. I am not voting for “Mr. Brown” or Mr. White or Mr. Yellow or Mr. Black at all whatsoever. Mrs. Brown you have an evil son. Brown you lost my vote and I am not voting for anyone of any party – I am through voting.

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