Conflict of Interest Application In Cornwall to Change Date as Judge in Conflict On Same Committee JUNE 19, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario – In an ironic and um….conflicted twist, Cornwall Ontario Solicitor David Sherriff Scott of the firm Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) has requested a new judge for the first appearance of the Conflict of Interest Application against Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy, & councilors Elaine MacDonald, and Carilyne Hebert because of a conflict of the judge scheduled to be available on the July 10th court date.

That judge is on the same Steering Committee as the three elected officials.

Mr. Sheriff Scott is refusing to state whom he is working for.  IE is the City of Cornwall paying the legal fees for the Mayor and Councilors or are they paying their own freight?   Mayor O’Shaughnessy has been quoted as saying that he had a first legal opinion, was going for a second, and that he’d having a press conference that I would not be able to attend.   The City has not responded to a request to confirm if it’s paying the legal bill.

That conference never has taken place.  The mayor also said he’d also be paying his own legal bills, but could he use the city’s own law firm without them being in conflict?

The letter from Mr. Sherriff Scott also slurs the largest newspaper in Cornwall by terming us a website/blog.  I get an uneducated person like our former mayor using that term, but an esteemed lawyer of the stature of Mr. Sherriff Scott?   Is he talking smack?  With over 20,000 Cornwallites alone reading CFN monthly and the city previously using our services is there any real doubt that CFN is an online newspaper of which there are thousands in the world?

He also complained in his letter that he wanted to speed up a hearing because CFN had been printing stories about the case.    The Standard Freeholder has also covered that the application was served.   Only the Seaway News (TC MEDIA) can answer why for some odd reason they have not covered the case as of yet?  Usually a mayor and two councilors being served a Conflict of Interest application is front page news.

The application stems from the Mayor and councilors not recusing themselves over the second round of funding for the Benson vanity project University/ School of Flight Excellence.   Not only did the three elected officials participate and agree to give the project they sit on public cash, but Mayor O’Shaugnessy in particular talked Councilor Hebert into reversing her decision to recuse herself as she initially announced at the meeting.

The incident was in open council.


What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Should the City be paying the Mayor & Councilors legal fees?    You can post your comments below.



  1. Strictly speculation on my part, but in my humble opinion, not a chance in hell, would the “fab three” be paying Mr. Sheriff Scott’s high end, big city slicker’s legal costs ! They (fab three) would of hired a 2nd year law student , if it was on their own dime ! (IMO) One would of thought, that before this vote took place in Council, that this very issue would of been discussed openly , perhaps with the Clerk, who is a lawyer, although from Quebec, could of weighed in with her opinion ? Isn’t that part of her job ? She (clerk) would have to be asked though ! But oh no , our new Mayor , would have none of that !
    Being Mr. Mayor, you campaigned for openness & transparency , then start answering direct questions regarding this issue ? We have seen none of your pledges so far . (IMO)

  2. “Very interesting …” channeling “Wolfgang,” (portrayed by Arte Johnson, on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In) a smoking World War II German soldier, still fighting the war,

  3. How are judges assigned to cases. Looking at this one it seems like their names are pulled out of a hat.

  4. Jamie,

    I am familiar with David Sherriff Scott from BLG since at one point he was representing the City dealing with my case.

    The more things change the more they are the same. The taxpayers did a great job at changing Council membership but the Culture appears to have stayed the same.

    Take Care,.

    Diane Shay

  5. Mr Jamie
    Pretty sure many INNOCENT victims of Project Truth might be having nightmares after viewing the photo above. Will always feel this lawyer wouldn’t let anything get in his way of defending his clients/powerful organizations during the Weave Shed hearings/inquiry/farce!!

    With all the dysfunction at City Hall was just wondering if any agency will report on the Fred Page Cup.Before the event there were all kinds of stories about the $80,000 hockey tournament. Most games very few fans showed up.
    If Cornwall boosters claim its about highlighting the town, the only time the news trucks showed up from Ottawa, the footage showed an empty arena not the kind of publicity I would expect for all the money laid out

  6. Author

    Mel Mr. Peters and friends at ED and City Hall are now refusing to disclose how they spend our tax dollars on ads and (influence peddling?)

  7. Same old same(bulls—)Judge will probally not step down from this hearing.Trial will go on then appeal will be heard and case thrown out.Sorry Jamie and company but thats how it works in Cornwall

  8. Marc L you are absolutely right indeed and I have been thinking about all of this and so much more this evening. Cornwall is mighty evil as a place to live and those who committed terrible atrocities on others are walking free while those who were abused are suffering a lifetime of hell. I was listening to some things that I won’t explain here but all those involved in this terrible sin are going to pay a humoungous price and believe me I know what it is all about and what is going on for many years and I just started to review some things this evening and might terrifying because it comes from the top down to the bottom. Cornwall is mighty sick and there is no hope for such an evil place. Oh yes the town is mighty sick with corruption of all kinds, nepotism and cronyism as well including Satanism. Yes Satanism and this is all very true. Anybody who is into this horrible act is going to be punished severely by the Good Lord.

  9. The Song Remains The Same…..time to change it.

    Yes, Cornwall has things wrong with it, as does any city, town. But to say “mighty sick and there is no hope for such an evil place” is going a bit far, don’t you think? Then to say we have Satanism?? Really!! Where?

  10. Yes there is Satanism in Cornwall without a doubt and many of the people are practicing this horrible act. I have seen it at Guindon Park and saw the food offerings and the black candles and the stones that form a circle all done by those people who live there. Pedophelia is a satanic ritual and I won’t go into it all here about what I know and it is all mighty true. What I know would make ones hair stand on end. Cornwall is mighty evil and satanic.

  11. Jules, Jules, Jules…..I love your stories, tales and predictions of the world crumbling and coming to an end.

  12. If you believe “Satanism ” exists in Cornwall perhaps it’s time you reviewed the true definition of it.

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