Can Patrick Brown Really Change the Culture of the PC Party in Ontario? by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 7, 2016

As many regular CFN viewers know I am “Hyper Non Partisan” politically.  I decided, after dealing with politicians here on CFN that I could no longer support Partisan Politics.

It made no sense from a personal view point.    Yes, belonging to a group could be a good thing, but it also can be an utterly destructive and divisive too, especially in smaller communities like Cornwall.

It removes Common Ground in many instances and sometimes people would oppose things they honestly believed in because it was the other team that championed it.

A lot of time and energy goes into partisan jousting.

So I made the decision that moving forward I would support candidates and party’s one election at a time.  One cause at a time.

That upset our very thin skinned local politicians to the point where all three parties actually boycott CFN in this region.  No election ads either.   No interviews, releases, or even actually doing their jobs.  Our MPP and MP withhold services that any constituent should receive.      They essentially kill any integrity they have personally and fail to do their jobs within their communities.

That’s their choice, and frankly if the public don’t hold them responsible in the end Karma sorts it all out.

patrick brown ramada FEB 14 2015Patrick Brown was an interesting change when he first started his assault to take over the PC party of Ontario.

I interviewed him before he became leader.  In fact I showed support for him while the local riding association didn’t.


Oddly enough it was after a local meeting where the poison that is our local PC riding association crept in.  The very things that Brown was campaigning against occurred.

Angry Old White Men, and South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart started their whisper campaign, and things have not been the same with the PC leader and CFN since.

Now it’s a free world.  Politicians make choices.  They come and go.  Remember Tim Hudak?   Michael Ignatieff? Every local NDP candidate?

So now team Brown are sputtering on about being more inclusive, more open, moving forward, which makes a lot of sense as the status quo for the PC’s in Ontario has clearly failed.

They have not only not won, but honestly have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory for at least a decade now.

Having not one, but two Liberal Premiers knee high in the brown stuff (pardon the pun) they couldn’t even get a minority win (is that a second pun?) and in fact coughed up a majority to a disastrous Wynne government last election.

So where does that leave them?     On very shaky ground.   Clearly many in Ontario want change, but do they really want the same old angry old white man rhetoric?  Nope.    That presents a challenge as the PC’s clearly haven’t been having an impact on policy or good government.   Brown himself, a former MP, saw his Federal government crumble under the Liberal Justin Trudeau.

Can Patrick Brown counter the trend that has seen the Conservative brand wither across Canada with even Alberta forsaking the Blue?

It’ll take more than rhetoric to make that change, and that’s the cross road that Patrick Brown is on.

For me personally I’m saddened to have seen how he crumbled under what is one of the weakest ridings in the province, but I’m ever an optimist when it comes to politics.

You never know?   Wynne herself has rumbled about having a Guaranteed Minimum Income for Ontario, and Free University, both causes I’ve always championed.

Could a voter like myself support a government or leader I clearly am not fond of for a single issue?   I just might.

Whether Patrick Brown and the rest of the thin skinned ninnies that seek our support believe it or not, newspapers like CFN do influence public opinion.  We ask questions.  We host polls.   Even people that don’t agree with some of our content still read it, talk about it, and share it on social media.

Will Mr. Brown have to jettison some long time politicos to move his party forward or can he break through and lead them?    It should be an interesting ride to the next election.

As for me, my vote is up for grabs.   It really is.   I’m waiting to be impressed.

What about you dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. As weaselly as Brown appears to be on the surface, at least he is making some of the right noises re inclusiveness and bottom-up policies. It’s amazing that it’s taken so many years for the party to start detoxifying since the Harris years.

  2. I always wonder about Patrick Brown and then I ask myself what else can go wrong since we have the Dalton Gang still in power – Winnie the Poo. Watch and see how everyones taxes will rise next year – you have been warned by yours truly. Next year will be a real eye opener to find out how much we have all been ripped off.

  3. Can Patrick Brown Really Change the Culture of the PC Party in Ontario? Yes, by being progressive, that is, moving more toward the Left, and by compromising major moral issues just to buy a vote – which I see he is doing. He is a ninny!

    Pro_12:3 A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

  4. Jules….our taxes will rise next year?? Surprise, surprise. They go up every year. They just hide it in so-called “user fees.” As for being ripped off it won’t happen next year….we’ve been ripped off for over 10 years thanks to Hydro One and other Ontario government catastrophes.

  5. Patrick seems to be drinking the Liberal kool-aid. He know claims that global warming is real and needs to be taxed somehow, someway only different tax from a Liberal tax. Tax is tax and Patrick is not the type of leader that I can get behind. There is a time to fight and a time to cut your loses. Fortunately there are greener pastures where commonsense is still respected.

  6. Patrick Brown is a ninny indeed and like most (majority) of politicians he doesn’t give a damn as long as he can collect a paycheque and screw the people over that is all he is concerned about. He is Winnie the Poo number 2. Brown even looks weird and I don’t trust any of them – we sure deserve what we get very bad politicians when the morals are in the toilet of the people (sheeple).

  7. Yes Hugger we have been screwed over for many years but it will continue to increase to get the shaft. Ask yourself who is going to pay for free education for those making $50K and under and who is going to support all the refugees coming in and yes Hydro One has given us the shaft giving a million dollars and more to a man who does nothing but sniff the money and collect it.

  8. Hugger things are going to get a great deal worse than what they are at present and that I know is coming very soon. There will be people fighting on the streets but Canadians will be like their usual taking all the crap from the bureaucrats and having nothing at all to show for it. Families will have less and less as time goes on and Canadians just complain but they do nothing.

  9. The sad thing is I corresponded with Patrick Brown via email a year ago, and he assured me that He was going to stand morally, but… as we can see now. Wind of change, real change like P.M. Justin promised. Two peas of the same pod!

  10. As for who is paying for the “free” education they are reigning the CSN and OSAP programs, so it’s nothing new. The refugees are to be supported by the communities they are in and/ or the federal government. Stories, Jules, stories. Without proof that’s all they are.

  11. The PCs will have to steer clear of the bible-thumping “Tea Party” BS if they want a hope of winning the next election. I think even Patrick Brown is aware of that.

  12. Furtz if that is all there is to choose from I will not vote for any of them. All are liars and crooks to the hilt. Pastor wanted someone who has morals well I can say that Patrick Brown is not on my list of morals when he went to a gay parade. Brown is off my list along with the rest of them.

  13. Jules, I think you and Newton are out of luck when it comes to Ontario political parties. Since the demise of The Christian Heritage Party, I don’t think there’s any party that has homophobia written into their constitution.

  14. What is really bad is that the Ontario government has screwed the doctors over royally and are leaving the practice and we lack doctors like crazy. The increases go to teachers which is rediculous and doctors spend their lives in school and old when they come out. Something has to be done now not later it is a real crisis.

  15. Furtz if there is no real Christian party I don’t want anything to do with it at all. I don’t hate homosexuals but I hate the sin and the same with everything else. I believe in he Supreme Being which is God and I know how He operates and He is mighty sadened on how people behave. Well something is coming up that is going to shock the entire world and I mean that fully.

  16. Maybe Jules and PTNM can start their own Ontario political party where their views would be accepted.

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