Can Jagmeet Singh Help Andrea Horwath Become Premier of Ontario? by Jamie Gilcig 102317

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a lot of buzz about new Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, but he’s not expected to have a Mulcair or Layton type impact in the next Federal election.

(Former NDP leader & player behind the Orange Crush, the Lion of Outremont, Thomas Mulcair in happier times)

However, provincial NDP supporters may rightly feel that he could be of value in the next Ontario provincial election where Premier Kathleen Wynne  is about as popular as head lice.

From Ms Horwath:

Statement from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath


“I’m so pleased Jagmeet and I got the chance to sit down in person this morning. His campaign inspired New Democrats here in Ontario and across the country, and I couldn’t be more proud of his success, or more excited about the positive direction in which he’s taking our party.

Jagmeet has inspired increased political participation among a generation of young people. 

That was Andrea getting all moist about those energetic Millennials who love to get excited at election time even if most can’t spell Millennial….or really know or care about the issues.

I digress.   With a provincial election looming on the horizon, with an expected minority victory, Mr. Singh’s alleged popularity just might be able to get Andrea elected.  Now the question would be if she would be more comfy listening to showtunes with Patrick Brown, or making fun of Patrick Brown’s ears with Kathy Wynne?

That is unless a house falls on Kathy and her Birkenstocks get stolen?

What think you dear CFN viewers?  Is is just that slow a political day in Ontario are is there any meat to this sizzle?

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