Cornwall Ontario – I get a lot of content inboxed.   All the political parties try to end around and massage story points, but today’s from Patrick Brown kinda takes the cake.

I’ve decided to write this open letter to Mr. Brown and if Patrick wishes he can by all means comment or send a statement to us to publish.

Part of his new platform is about accountability and corruption yet he himself is supporting and/or has supported corruption.

When he first ran for the leadership of his party he was not heavily supported locally.   This newspaper gave him a leg hold, but then I attended a meeting and there he was sitting next to the second most corrupt and ineffective politician in our region, South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.

Here’s our interview footage from that meeting.

Hart’s abuses have been described in this newspaper before.  She was part of a conspiracy loss in court as well recently against my paralegal James Moak when she and her friends tried to get him disbarred from the law society.

She also bullied her local OPP to drive to my home in Cornwall at night and intimidate myself as well as get sanctioned by South Stormont’s former integrity commissioner and her own council.

Essentially she’s a thug, bully, and clearly has no issue lying to get her way when her tantrums don’t work.

Then of course there was his former fellow MP, Guy Lauzon, who threatened this writer with the Minister of Justice for a non governmental issue.  MP Lauzon was never held accountable by his own party or government.

So Mr. Brown, when your release states:

Measures include establishing clear performance targets for ministers, closing lobbying and fundraising loopholes, restoring Auditor General oversight over government advertising, and banning public agencies from expensing the cost of attending speeches by Ontario ministers.

“The choice is clear: for 14 years Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have put the interests of the Ontario Liberal Party and their insider friends ahead of your own,” concluded Brown. “The Ontario PCs will stop wasting your money, and close the door on scandal and political corruption. That’s real change that works for you: the people, not the insiders.”

So Patrick how about cleaning up your own party and who you choose to support before you take on the entire province?    It was right after that meeting, right after this newspaper and yours truly gave you far more consideration because I want a better province that you sat with the repugnant and corrupt Hart that you no longer granted us interviews.     In other words it appeared that you slithered down Ms Hart’s wormhole instead of fighting corruption and trying to make meaningful change.

You are asking the people of Ontario to support you as Premier, whether they be the person working at Timmie’s or the editor of the largest newspaper in this riding.

Are you simply no better than Ms Wynne, or Ms Hart, and will say anything to get elected or are you serious about change?

I, like so many in Ontario want a better place to live.  We all want more transparency, and accountability.   If you’re serious about cleaning up Ontario, and boy does it need cleaning, you’ll have my support and this newspaper’s support, but it’s time for you to put up.   Show some clear action.   Stand by your words.  I know one local business owner who’s been a lifelong Liberal who told me that he will never vote for that party again after the damage that Kathleen Wynne has done to his business.    There are many who want change, but we don’t want to simply change heads on the crooked and broken doll.

We all want to feel that if we work hard and are better than others that those efforts will bring honest rewards.

Too date for example we haven’t had a single ad from your campaign or party even though we have a larger audience than where you have chosen to advertise and are paying in some cases over 10 times the cost per eyeball.  Doesn’t that sound like Kathleen Wynne economics to you?  It sure does to me, and many others.

Lord knows many of us want an alternative to Ms Wynne, but you have to earn our votes and you’ll need more than sweet nothings to make that happen.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor


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  1. I think a lot of Cons are regretting their choice of leader, again.

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