Patrick Brown Invokes Hudak Failure to Amp Up His PC Leadership Bid – CFN INTERVIEW Jan 29, 2015

patrick brown MPCFN – Who the heck is Patrick Brown and why are we not only writing about him here on CFN, but interviewing the MP from Barrie?    MP Brown has made a splash as he fights his way towards earning the leadership of the PC party of Ontario and he’s started with a bang!

In a  leadership debate he called out Christine Elliott and other nominees for being deep into the debacle that was the last election under Tim Hudak.  He used terms like “clique” and essentially accused the party of not showing up in the community and needing a change of culture that he, as an outsider coming in from the Federal landscape could offer.

He certainly wasn’t gentle as he needled in on issues facing the party including a lower membership role and party debt compared to their more successful Federal Conservative machine.

He can back up the smack having had a great run of success.  After losing his first election in a close race he’s rattled off three Federal wins by growing margins.

The question is if he can translate that success provincially and will the “Old Guard” hold his bold statements against him as the race unfolds?  In our interview we chatted about the double challenge, IE that if he could win the nomination, how could he defeat Premier Kathleen Wynne who clearly benefited by having Tim Hudak as an opponent spouting off about cutting thousands of a government jobs during an election.

So dear Ontario Conservative viewers of CFN, do you think Mr. Brown will win the nom?  You can vote in our poll and leave your comments below.

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  1. There are a few things going against Patrick Brown’s leadership bid. He’s a seriously “social” conservative that most voters have little use for. He is an MP in Ottawa, and has the worst attendance record of all the Con MPs. He refuses to resign his lucrative MP job to pursue his provincial political career. And last but not least, he’s being endorsed by some certifiable nut-bars like Rob Ford and Jack MacLaren.

  2. Furtz, you have said some things here which are questionable at best. Mr. Brown has a better attendance record in the House of Commons than Mr. McNaughton, Mr. Fedeli and Ms. Elliott have in Queens Park. The only candidate with a better attendance record is Lisa McLeod.
    Secondly, you have made a false representation about who Patrick Brown has been endorsed by. He has secured a number of high profile endorsements from MPs, MPPs, Senators and high level youth members of the party. the “certifiable nut-bar Rob Ford” did not endorse Patrick Brown. Mr. Ford has endorsed Monte McNaughton.

  3. You are correct Devin. Crackie Ford did endorse Monte McNaughton. Otherwise, what I said is true.

  4. By the way, Devin Scully, your website “Ontario Political Watch” is quite the hoot, especially your book recommendations. You have a great sense of humour for sure.

  5. The Ont PC party needs to clean house and start fresh and Patrick Brown is the fresh start that the party needs. Patrick comes to this important position with no baggage and that is necessary to get this party back in the running.

  6. Sterling, a little net search, which I’ve done, will reveal that Brown does indeed come with baggage that most voters will reject soundly. If the Cons choose a hard-right social conservative like him for their next leader, they will remain in the wilderness for even longer.

  7. It really doesn’t matter what the trolls have to say. Fact is that Brown has signed up more members in 6 months than Elliott has in 8 years! So the trolls can appeal as they will, to all non-voters, with misinformation, but on May 3 it’s over for them.

  8. Why are Hugger1 and Furtz allowed to post trollish comments without using their actual names? Is the moderator really asleep on this? The moderator seems to be vigilant in reviewing the pro-Patrick replies. What gives?

  9. I support Patrick Brown and his Campaign. I do not like the ‘provincial baggage’ that the other candidates are carrying with them because they all spent many years attached at the hip to Tim Hudak. They ALL had a chance at 2 leadership reviews to make a change and chose not to, they urged us to STAND BY TIM and yet the day after June 12, out came the political knive. I want a fresh start for the Ontario PC Party. I want Patrick Brown to lead us into the future of Ontario.

  10. Author

    J Villeneuve, welcome to CFN – PLEASE follow our comment policy if you wish to post. We have recently changed our comment policy and previous viewers that had registered an ID have been grand-fathered in. They do not make “Trollish” comments.

    Comment policy reminder

    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.

    We value all input from our amazing CFN viewers and are always trying to improve the viewer experience which includes making this a safe, informative, and entertaining platform.

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  11. Patrick Brown will clean house and does not have the baggage that the others running for the Leadership have.

  12. I don’t think Ontario would ever elect a party lead by Brown. There’s something about a politician attending a pro-family (code for anti-gay) rally with the likes of “Dr.” Charles McVety, that just doesn’t fly. That plus his strong and public anti-abortion stance will sink his chances of leading the party to victory.
    @ J Villeneuve. If my opinions offend you, I sincerely don`t give a rat`s finger.

  13. Patrick Brown has the track record that proves he is a winner and to appeal to a broad base of supporters from all social and political stripes. Furtz, I do agree with Joe V. In that I question your bald statements which are incorrect which I’m glad to see you have at least partially acknowledged – cudos.

  14. J Villeneuve….it isn’t a “trollish” comment. I had no idea who Patrick Brown was until I read this article.

  15. Hopefully regardless of who ultimately wins the leadership the result is a better leader than the previous (Hudak). We as the electorate are better off I believe when the leadership of all parties can keep each other on their toes. Hudak seemed to start strong and stall before reaching the finish line. Somebody a little more engaging would be welcome for sure.

  16. Mike, if Brown is your choice for leader, go for it. Just don`t expect to win any elections with a hard-right social conservative at the helm. Are you old enough to remember Stockwell Day, and how he worked out as a party leader?

  17. David, Hudak was a repulsive fool even before he was chosen leader of the party. I’m almost convinced that the Cons wanted to lose the last two elections. And if they choose Patrick Brown as leader, my guess is that want lose the next election or two as well.

  18. Seems to be a vitriolic bully trying to dominate the conversation here by insulting others.

    As for Patrick Brown he has many positives.
    As for his endorsement by Jack
    McLaren. ..Jack is a good man and cares so very much about the people
    of this province he is willing to do what it takes to help those whom have no-one else to speak for them.
    Finally who is prejudiced when you equate promoting family values with being anti-gay…you are Fritz…so brave that you hide with a pseudonym. …antisocial coward

  19. Here we go again. Yes, some of us do post with pseudonyms. Now you have to use your full name. When I joined CFN you could use a pseudonym and we were grandfathered in. I use a pseudonym because my wife works for a local municipality and I will not have her career damaged by anything I post here. And for those who think repercussions don’t happen all I have to say is “Cornwall whistle-blowers.” This city has spent far too much on defending itself in court in regard to whistle-blowers. I’m not sure why others use pseudonyms and it isn’t my business.

    Dee Mount….you are entitled to your opinions. However to call someone an “antisocial coward” is a bit much. Furtz is allowed his opinion, just as much as you are. And I can’t believe I just defended Furtz.

  20. Dee, a quick net search is all it takes to find out what Patrick Brown is all about. By all means, if you support his social conservative values, cut him a cheque. Maybe cut a cheque for Charles McVety’s ministry while you’re at it.

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