MPP Steve Clark & MPP Jim McDonell Talk Ontario Budget with CFN – JAN 28, 2015

Clark & McDonellCFN – Leeds Grenville MPP Steve Clark and SD&G MPP Jim McDonell were listening and work shopping ahead of the Ontario budget at the Best Western in Cornwall Ontario last week.

Some of their focus were on health and social services.   The loss of jobs and Liberal spending habits that could threaten services and commitments not being fulfilled.

As Steve Clark said,

More more money is being spent and less and less results are being directed to our communities.

He continued about high hydro rates, increased taxes and the looming talk of a cash grab carbon tax in the province.

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  1. Seeing that both MPP’s are Ontario PC’s does the Liberal party really care what we say here in SDG and Leeds-Grenville?

  2. I agree with Hugger. Two Opposition MPPs are having a sit down to discuss the budget and (surprise, surprise) they don’t like it. I don’t see anything in the report about what the public said or what members of the public showed up (though they were likely all PC supporters). This kind of story really has no point other than to give the MPPs a little bit of publicity. Now, if they would have got up and said they supported the budget, or even supported part of the budget, that would have been news.

    BTW the reverse is also true, it would be a waste of time for Liberal MPPs to do the same thing because then the focus would be on how good the budget looks. Again, no point to that kind of meeting though at least we were spared that because there are no Liberal MPPs in this immediate area.

    Someday I would love to go to a discussion of budget possibilities that would be free of partisan connections and where the public can discuss real possibilities with real numbers with the politicians looking on with their mouths and spin doctors quiet. Of course I doubt that will ever happen.

  3. Not sure why my previous comment was blocked, but the fact is that for the last several provincial budgets, the Cons refused to participate in “budget talks” and voted them down without even taking the time to read them. Are these “discussions” by Clark and McDonell an indication that their party is finally willing to constructively participate in the parliamentary process rather than just fling poo from the sidelines?

  4. Author

    Furtz funny that you mention that as it was one of the issues brought up by Patrick Brown, PC leadership candidate, in our phone interview today which you’ll be able to listen and read about tomorrow on CFN.

  5. Ha! I’m seriously rooting for Patrick Brown for leader of the Cons. He’s further right than Attila the Hun, and is endorsed by Canada’s most famous crack-head! Might even buy a $10 party membership just to vote for him.

  6. Furtz I believe that over 100 billion dollars has been added to Ontario’s debt since the Liberals regained control of the provincial purse strings. With that kind of yearly business in the red approach to fueling the Liberal dream why would you expect any reasonably fiscally responsible individual/party to endorse such a losing streak? Spending themselves (liberals) out of the financial Marianas Trench has not fared well and Wynn wants the taxpayers (via the federal government)to reach deeply and pony up more.

  7. Marc Pilote that is a great idea that you are likely right in saying will ever see the light of day.

  8. David, I was half joking about supporting yet another fool to lead the Cons. I agree that the Libs should have (and could have) been shown the door years ago, but obviously the Cons weren’t serious about running the province. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll choose a competent leader this time around.

  9. Furtz I agree that they weren’t serious and further they were playing the game of politics poorly to state the obvious. The next would be leader I believe needs not only to distance themselves from the Hudak approach but also needs to take some firm positions and state our dire predicament for what it is void of sugar coating and only in conjunction with a viable solution. Without showing respect to the electorate they will remain in the deep ruts that Hudak dug by spinning his wheels for years. Maybe Furtz, just maybe…

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