Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Forces Premier Wynne to Retreat With First Question at Queen’s Park SEPT 15, 2015

Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown took his seat at Queen’s Park and took aim at Premier Kathleen Wynne with his first question.

He attacked on high hydro rates in the province which the Premier ducked and deflected.


What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Does Brown have game?  Will have have the ability to overcome Premier Wynne in the next election?

And what is with that yelling over each other at Queen’s Park?

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  1. Admin….she’s a politician. She does very well at deflecting and NOT answering questions about things the Ontario Liberals have done wrong. She never answered the question about hydro rates.

    As for the yelling….it’s common place at Queen’s Park and in the House of Comics, sorry House of Commons.

  2. Hugger is right about the yelling that goes on in Parliament Hill here in Ottawa as well as in Toronto. About Winnie the Poo she sure knows how to tapdance around not answering the proper questions and lies to the hilt just like the rest of them. About the PC man Patrick Brown I lost all respect for him when he went to the gay pride parade and will vote for none of them at any level of government.

  3. It’s pathetic how she shrugs off questions that need answering!

  4. “About the PC man Patrick Brown”‘ – how a politician will sale his soul for a vote. Psa 7:11 “God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day”.

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