Patrick Brown Takes PC Leadership – SD&SG Supports in Spite of MPP McDonell Support for Elliott by Jamie Gilcig

patrick brown ramada FEB 14 2015CFN – It looks like our MPP Jim McDonell picked the wrong horse as Patrick Brown has stunned Ontario and beaten favorite Christine Elliott for the PC leadership.   SD&SG voted for Brown although Mr. McDonell had emails sent out to members supporting Elliott.

At stake was the vision of change.  Brown, a Federal outsider simply out worked and campaigned the more traditional Elliott.

Now the question is if the rifts can be healed and how will Brown perform until he can get a seat.

Brown preached of being more inclusive and open and not being as tribal as some riding’s like our own in SD&G have been which alienates potential voters.

We’ll be updating this story as more info becomes available.

Will you be voting PC now that Patrick Brown is the new leader and do you think he can beat Kathleen Wynne in the next election?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Sad day for Ontario. Bad day for the Cons. Great day for Libs and Dippers.

  2. Get the toilet out and begin flushing.

  3. Thank God that Patrick Brown won as PC leader. I am happy that MacDonnell chose the wrong horse because the other woman Christine Elliott must suit his way of thinking which surely isn’t mine.

  4. “Sad day for Ontario” – Furtz did you say that when the Liberals got their majority?

  5. Not at all, Newton.
    Jules, are you pleased that the Cons will continue their loosing streak for another ten years?

  6. Lost my vote, but will support Brown, he is sharp and a real worker, those of us in the PC party who supported Christine now
    have to close ranks, and do the same.

  7. Unfortunately you can only vote for the local candidate. We’ll have to wait and see how Mr. Brown performs in his new role and what direction he takes the PCs. If he is another Hudac then there is no way I will support the Conservatives.

  8. So Furtz – what would be a good day for you? the Liberals hoodwinking you again? Satisfaction guaranteed!

  9. Author

    That’s a tough one Reg, because of the way that Jim McDonell has behaved this term, especially towards this newspaper and his sad performance as MPP I simply could never cast a vote for him.

  10. I fully support Patrick Brown and I am a conservative in the way I live and much more conservative than any of these people. I will vote for whoever is going to represent him in my area here in Ottawa. I can’t stomach Jim MacDonnell at all whatsoever and just looking at his mug shot makes me very sick.

  11. Reg, spend a bit of time researching Brown’s record on gay rights and women’s rights etc. This guy is a hard-core tea-party social conservative. Lots of Cons will be jumping ship if he tries to take the party in that direction. Remember Stockwell Day? He’s also a bit of a scam artist collecting big bucks as a federal MP while campaigning full-time for a different job. Who gets away with that?
    Newton, at this time of year, any day I can get out on my motorbike is a good day.

  12. I won my vote,Congrats to Patrick Brown.My trust is with him to bring in a PC majority in 17. He is a hard worker & a great speaker

  13. It’s funny and a bit sad how reasonably sane Conservatives who supported Elliot are now putting on a brave face and declaring their faith in this goof. It might take a few months for reality to set in, but when it does, it’ll be pretty painful.

  14. So Jules….if you support Patrick Brown and whomever is the local candidate, would you support that candidate if he was someone that you didn’t like?

  15. Mary Bray. A hard worker? He hasn’t shown up for work in Ottawa much for months. And his humungous pay just keeps rolling in!
    A class act for sure.

  16. Compare Furts – “This guy is a hard-core tea-party social conservative” vs a hard-core sodomite Liberal, who can’t tell the truth to save her life. It’s a no-brainier, for some!

    Pro 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”.

  17. I went and voted for Elliot at the Ramada. Shocked to hear that she lost to this Nazi looking guy. I’m behind him in his efforts to stop the Torontofication of Ontario.
    There are not 6 genders, green energy is a drastic cost to the province, and I am an IslamoHomophobe, etc. etc.

  18. Newton, my reply to your vile homophobic comment was blocked.
    You’ll have to use your imagination.

  19. Author

    Furtz for the record not all comments are blocked. Some end up in the Spam filter. We don’t have a perfect system. In this case your comment was blocked though 🙂 j

  20. 420….Stopping the Torontofication of Ontario?? It’s too late, it’s already happened.

    Green energy has been a disaster since they started its implementation. And from what I read the contracts are rock sold, hard to break or more importantly too expensive to break. They pay solar / windmill providers obscene rates to produce electricity which is sold off, to neighbouring provinces / states, at a fraction of the cost if the production exceeds demand.

    As for 6 genders….that new sex-ed curriculum is a disaster.

  21. Hugger I support Patrick Brown all the way and Ottawa is way too big for me to know the candidates well. I will vote for the candidate just the same. When our friend Robert was alive he used to be on the ball of what was going on and he and others liked Mayor Watson and people brought him back in again. I will be sending my vote to the PC’s and you will hear about it when that happens. I am very religious and conservative and will not vote for anyone who is strange in nature, etc.

  22. Patrick Brown will resign from his seat in Parliament this week. Will he be returning all the money he’s made from that position since he started campaigning full time for his new job? If not, why not? Being seen to be scamming the system is not an auspicious way to start a career as the leader of a political party.

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