Kathleen Wynne Ducking Patrick Brown By Election by Jamie Gilcig JULY 27, 2015 #onpoli POLL

Premier Wynne blinked and has officially delayed PC leader Patrick Brown’s first opportunity to win a seat and sit at Queen’s Park.

Normally it’s a courtesy to allow a leader of a party to gain their seat.     Delaying a by election is usually a sign of nastiness or fear.

In Wynne’s case it may be both.    Brown’s campaign, supported largely by Federal Harper Conservatives took the provincial wing of the party by storm with Brown knocking off favorite Christine Elliott.

Brown’s campaign steam rolled and gained momentum leading to a first ballot victory.

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Ms Wynne blamed the Federal election for waiting to call a by election, but that rings hollow to many.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is Ms Wynne being punk?   Is she afraid of Brown?   You can post your comments below.


  1. I think that Wynne has met her match in Brown & fears him

  2. I don’t like Wynne. I like Patrick Brown even less; he continued to collect his MP salary while campaigning for the Ontario PC leadership. Andrea Horwath…well she’s NDP and we all remember the lovely shape Ontario was in after the last NDP provincial government in Ontario.

    As for the byelection….whenever.

  3. It’s hard to understand just what it is that everyone remembers about the NDP in Ontario… it was the Harris PC government that followed after the NDP that turned Ontario’s economy upside down, by cutting and downloading services and social programs (to the detriment of municipalities).

    The PC’s complained alongside the well off workers that were asked to take off Rae Days to save money, but Harris and the PC’s didn’t mind taking money away from the poorest non-workers by cutting welfare 22%, then cutting urban infrastructure funding, then laying off nurses, but at the same time continuing to stick it to taxpayers even as they took care of their old corporate donor pals. The Ontario provincial debt increased by an additional $20 Billion during the PC’s government first term following the NDP.

    And just like Harper, Harris’s PC’s claimed to have balanced the budget during their second term just in time for an election — which they lost — and because it was just a bookkeeping farce, there followed renewed budget deficits after Harris resigned.

    The Liberals and Conservatives have taken turns running our economy for decades… time to look at other options.

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