CFRA Radio Host Wants to Toss PC MPP’s After They March in Toronto Pride Parade by Jamie Gilcig – JUNE 28, 2015

CFRA is a pretty staunch conservative talk radio station, still on the AM dial, in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital.  It’s a mostly senior audience with a lot of folks from the country and rural areas sharing their um…..wisdom.

One of their hosts is Nick Vandergragt who besides being a farmer does a passable job as a talk show host.  He does however have a penchant for veering to the right of Attila the Hun.

His inner ignorance and  homophobia showed today on a facebook rant that he posted about MPP’s Lisa MacLeod and Jack MacLaren participating in a big Toronto Pride parade right after the US finally followed Canada’s lead and voted 5-4 in their Supreme Court to allow Gay Marriage.

Nick & Tammy FB

(Photo: Facebook – pictured with Anti-French signs politician Tammy Hart)

Nick V Rant facebook “If it where up to me, I would toss both of them out of the building over this and never let them back in.”

As ISIS is tossing gay men off of building the ugliness of that quote alone can not be mistaken.   It’s insidious.

While MPP MacLeod has not responded to our email query she did post regarding Nick’s post on Twitter.

Clearly the MPP’s along with PC leader Patrick Brown (who has not confirmed his own sexuality) seem to be having a good time in this twit pic.

Sounds as if Mr. Brown came out of the closet poor Mr. V would have to vote NDP…  

Nick V Rant facebook 2

Geez Nick, I’d imagine several Klansmen share your sentiments on how some might react to their words…

Nick V Rant facebook 3

Sounds like Nick took those bonus courses from the Tim Hudak school on earning public trust and consensus?

Did Nick cross a line?  Will he be chastised by CFRA bosses or given Lowell Green’s upcoming morning slot?

eric hand puppet

(PC Blue Machine engine & future MP Eric Duncan PHOTO:facebook)

Can an openly gay Conservative be leader of the party or even a MP or MPP?

When asked on facebook if the page where he commented would be pulled down Nick posted:

I have no intention of pulling this page. If I get canned for standing up and calling things as I see them, so be it.

What do you think dear CFN viewers? Please post your comments below.





  1. Talk about bending facts to suit your purpose. LOL

  2. Author

    Marc maybe you should ask Nick why he blocked me from commenting further. Clearly he can’t defend his position.

  3. You’d have to be many bricks short of a load, or terminally bored to listen to garbage radio like CFRA.
    Patrick Brown might be gay? If so he must be one of those “self hating” gays. He has a solid record as an MP voting against equal rights for same-sex couples. Perhaps he doth protest too much.

  4. admin — June 28, 2015 at 5:46 pm
    Marc: maybe you should ask Nick why he blocked me from commenting further. Clearly he can’t defend his position.

    Jamie, if Nick blocked you, can you tell us who copied and pasted Nicks postings to you?

  5. Author

    Dave can you clarify your question please? Nick blocked me from posting shortly after I posted our story and challenged him.

  6. Nick and Marc have a bad habit of blocking good people.

  7. You are saying that Nick blocked you this afternoon ?

  8. Author

    Yes I am. In this thread of his facebook page. He cut and run not able to defend his position. He also removed the link to this story that I posted there.

  9. I haven’t listened to CFRA in so many years and the only radio station that my husband and I put on is the Jewel Radio of 98.5 here in Ottawa. I once knew a Lebanese man who works for CFRA and his father used to have a little coffee shop at Billings Bridge back in the 1970’s and I would go there for my morning coffee and Al would be there early in the morning waiting for his father to come in and he would go to CFRA from there. I am mighty conservative with capital letters and I don’t bend to gays or anything CONSERVATIVE ALL THE WAY. I am not going for any stupid politician or political party because they are all the same and none are as conservative as I am. Politicians are there to give you the illusion and nothing more; they all speak the same language of lies and deceipt. I do not support gays at all and all this is for the breakup of families and so much more that I know but Jamie will not publish it. Anybody who falls for gay marriage, divorce, abortion and so many of the evils will suffer the consequences of God’s wrath that is to come.

  10. Author

    Jules as I’m sure you’re aware we allow people to share their opinion when concisely written and related to the subject. It’s not about what I personally may agree with or what’s right or wrong. You have the right to be xenophobic, conservative, and goofy.

  11. I have MANY close friends and relatives who are gay and I support gay marriage..however, I believe many of these politicians are just jumping on the band wagon for votes and photo opportunities. I consider myself a moderate conservative..Patrick Brown and Co. are working, not celebrating this event.

  12. I just have to wonder why Nick is against equal rights for all in this case.What is his problem? I admire MP,s who can stand up for equal rights,heaven knows that we need more of this. While I have never seen a pride parade, I have to wonder about Nick,s porno comment

  13. Author

    Mary reading his comments is like having a Vegan tell people not to go to a Steak House. Nobody should be forcing anything on anyone. Even Rob Ford didn’t pull that….he just chose to not attend.

  14. I respect Nick,s right to think this way but not to try & lead others or to kick out any MP that would attend a gay pride parade, who died & left him boss,just who does he think that he is, he has turned me against himself.

  15. One more thing that Nick said bothers me, about seniors not liking this kinda stuff, well….this senior near 68 yrs young loves many of my gay friends

  16. Author

    You’re also very very conservative too aren’t you Mary?

  17. Some people should NOT be talk show hosts – especially when they say add me on Facebook and I will automatically accept your friendship request – and especially if you cannot accept that some people have a different opinion from your own – but you say ALL opinions are welcome!!!

  18. I’ll never understand why people care or get upset when an idiot radio host says something outrageous on the air. That’s exactly what they are payed to do.

  19. After what I saw I will not be voting for anybody. I am way too CONSERVATIVE for any of the idiots and will not waste one minute on any of them. About the man on CFRA (I don’t know who he is and haven’t listened to that station in years) I give my support to him for what he said. Jamie you can call me xenophobic, wacky or anything you wish it just makes me laugh and getting stronger in my will. I enjoy a good laugh when they come my way.

  20. PC yes all the way but can not stand to have any idiot spew their hate about anyone that is different from themselves,would it be a terrible dull world if we all thought alike

  21. Speaking about a good laugh with some good entertainment where is Frosty the Showman? There is nothing in Ottawa’s newspapers and I haven’t spotted anything in Cornwall’s rags. Frosty must be hiding out on the lam.

  22. Mary, Patrick Brown as an MP regularly voted against equal rights for people who are “different”. Now that he’s a party leader, he pretty much has to attend major Pride events for photo ops etc.

  23. Someone should inform NICK that it is ILLEGAL to throw humans off buildings AND it is ILLEGAL to encourage others to throw humans off buildings – NICK is also violating HATE speech laws!!!

  24. Author

    Philip I don’t think Nick said that in those terms. Sounds like you may have an axe to grind with him and CFN is not the place to do that. His comment was a bit too close to home, but it clearly did not state that.

  25. The original quote references throwing these MPP’s “out” of the building while right below, the article makes a comparison to ISIS throwing gay men “off” of buildings – I assume that’s where this “off”/”out” confusion is coming from.

  26. We live in a day and age of extremists, on all sides. While I have a live and let live attitude there is always a tipping point. While some may find the gay parades in poor taste and lacking any real sense of class most are apathetic and say nothing. At the end of the day people having fun or making fools of themselves or feeling the need to announce their sexual preference in a public forum is still preferable to acts of hate or violence. We should count our blessings and focus our energies on more important topics other than the use of sexual organs. It really is getting old and tired.

  27. I agree David. By now we should have evolved to the point where a person’s sexuality isn’t an issue for anyone. Unfortunately, society is still polluted with bigots and hate-groups. I think these parades provide an opportunity to “flip the bird” at bigots and haters.

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