Cornwall Ontario – The Political assassination of PC leader Patrick Brown, by what appears to be an inhouse Conservative backlash of the older white guy (and gal) crowd, especially from the Eastern part of Ontario is a hot mess of political intrigue and drama.

After spending a week talking to a lot of Conservatives and political wonks the presiding theory is that many of the old guard in the party saw him as an interloper, many of whom were more afraid of him defeating Kathy Wynne than losing as some might lose their little bit of power or be Jack MacLarened.

And sadly the undercurrent of homophobia, that old glass ceiling in the Conservative Party reared its ugly head in many conversations especially when he marched in Pride Parades (start at the 1:25 mark of the video below)

One veteran wonk said that Mr. Brown being gay was a strong topic of conversation from the day he ran for the party leadership even though Mr. Brown has never “come out”.

In fact it appears in some circles Conservatives are embracing the legalization of Marijuana faster than Gay Conservatives being out of the closet as the very brave Eric Duncan in North Dundas did in 2017.   It was no secret that Duncan was gay.  His former boss, MP Guy Lauzon, even attended a Pride meeting in Cornwall once with him, but it being public was another thing, which seems to be an issue with many old school conservatives in Eastern Ontario.

But conservatives use Marijuana.   And there are many conservatives who are gay, in the closet or not, and all those folks vote which many in the party are starting to realize, especially with the Wynne Liberals essentially being dead man walking in an election even Tim Hudak might not be able to lose.

At a Medical Marijuana opening that this writer attended this week, but has yet to write about, there was our very old school Conservative mayor, and MP Lauzon’s EA in attendance to cut a blue ribbon. (shouldn’t it have been a green ribbon?)    One conservative, in an aside, joked about the party going green, but will it ever ride the rainbow in Ontario which Mr. Brown was trying to do by shifting the party to the Center of the political spectrum?

Was Patrick Brown politically assassinated by his own party for being a closeted homosexual that many old school party faithful simply felt had an agenda that they didn’t agree with? Or as they say around here, “that wouldn’t go down in Dundas”?

And if that’s the case what does that say about the future of young conservative politicians that happen to be gay?  Or the party itself?   If they do this to their own imagine what they’d do if they had a majority government in Ontario?

Does a gay conservative aspiring politician stay in the closet?  It should be interesting to see what happens to Eric Duncan, who has other issues like his role in the killing of a business incubator in Cornwall that resulted in the termination of Community Futures former executive director, and is up for election as  mayor of North Dundas again in 2018.

This will be his first election since coming out.



  1. When Mr. Brown abandoned traditional views on marriage, sexuality, and gender identity he sealed his doom before the PC party. If he was a closet sodomite, than he should’ve jumped ship and declare his true colors as a decadent Liberal. Trying to build a political future on lies is like building one’s house on sand. When the floods come, eventually the house comes down, as we see for Mr. Brown.

  2. It’s kinda fun watching the Cons implode with an election just around the corner. Looks like there are issues with lots of the memberships that Brown supposedly sold as well. Could there be criminal charges on the way?

  3. Seriously PTN?? Please take your homophobia somewhere else, not here.!!!

  4. Furtz
    The good news is Christine Elliott has thrown her hat in the ring to become the
    candidate to lead the Prov Conservative Party .
    Yes there were some rumours that Brown supposedly pulled of some shenanigans at a previous run off against Christine , however the task now is
    to get the best and most capable person to lead the Conservative Party in ONT .

  5. Follow UP !

    I do believe Christine Elliott is the Lady to not only lead the Con Party but she is
    the person most capable of defeating Wynne . Looking forward to see it happen .

  6. Hugger:I am not prejudiced against homosexuals, I just call them what the inspired Word of God calls them – those that practice sodomy. Just like Mr. Brown, if his sexual assault claims are true, than he would be called a fornicator. I guess according to you way of thinking I would be practicing “fornaphobia”. The Bible says “perfect love” casteth out fear”; “fear hath torment”- God loves sinners

  7. Believe Me , I totally agree about Elliott. Problem is that the Cons have difficulty recognizing a decent leader. They could have and should have won the last two elections but they chose a rather repulsive and not-too-bright leader. And then they chose Brown, who wasn’t much better. Not quite ready for prime time, it seems.

  8. Uh huh, yup, okay. And the venerable WHATEVER!!

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