Split Vote in S Glengarry Over Tent Bylaw Means Status Quo – by Jamie Gilcig JULY 18, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Apparently the in camera meeting Monday night was so heated that voices could be heard outside of the township building, but it looks like a lot of steam, but no changes for South Glengarry.

With at least two councilors out for blood apparently one vote slipped back saving the jobs of CAO Bryan Brown and Manager Kevin Lalonde.

Another source stated that this would be an election issue and that certain movers and shakers would do all that they could to make sure at least two on council were bounced in 2018.

At the root were issues with applications of temporary tent bylaws which led to a VIP wedding moved to a  greenhouse, and what some area contractors and businesses have stated “off the record”  is a paralysis of  economic development in the community as not only are allegedly developers less keen to work in South Glengarry, but even some investors are taking a pass after hearing about permit nightmares.

One local business said that they wanted to go public with a lot of abuse, but that they were waiting themselves for a new permit and afraid of political retribution.

One source stated:

These jokers are making Cornwall look good even. 

None of council responded to questions from CFN citing the rules of in camera meetings.

If you have information about this or the hot mess that is the South Glengarry Fire Department please email info@cornwallfreenews.com or dial 855 444 1133.  All information is confidential.

We will be updating this story as it evolves.



  1. It must be “interesting” in South Glengarry if the comment “These jokers are making Cornwall look good even. ” seems valid.

  2. Afraid of political retribution… I expressed a lot of dissatisfaction towards South Glengarry Township that now the township has a personal vendetta against me. To the point that councillors verbally acknowledge this fact to some residents. I even needed the police to go and talk to Kevin Lalonde about a building permit for a neighbor and he refused to show me the permit as none was issued.

  3. I have had several problems with the SG Council and Building permit department. This council should look for another job come election time. Cant work together, all should be fired.

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