NDP Hold Up Back to Work Legislation for Ontario College Strike 111717

Cornwall Ontario – After PC Leader Patrick Brown endorsed back to work legislation the NDP have delayed implementation of said legislation until Sunday because….they’re the NDP darn it!

From their release today:

QUEEN’S PARK – Kathleen Wynne can use her majority and pass a Conservative-style back-to-work bill this weekend. The Liberals will pass their bill by Sunday, but the NDP will force Wynne to stay at work this weekend and debate the bill. 

Knowing this bill will pass by Sunday, the government has the authority to notify colleges to prepare to get back to work next week.

The Liberals have the procedural tools to pass the bill by Sunday without the unanimous consent of the parties today.

“The NDP does not support anti-worker legislation that leaves a broken system in place – but by doing nothing for five weeks, it’s become clear that’s what Kathleen Wynne wanted all along,” said NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson. “Kathleen Wynne wanted to ram this through Thursday night and go home for the weekend. The NDP will force the parties to return to the house and give this bill, at least, its due diligence and debate.”

Not sure the point of delaying a return to school for students other than to peacock, but hopefully St. Lawrence College will be back to offering their fair to middlin quality of education to poor third World immigrants and local students. Now if the city will stop subsidizing their auditorium instead of fixing water mains we can all move forward and sing Kumbaya!

It seems this was the only union deal that Kathy didn’t roll over like an old hound dog looking for a belly rub on as election drums are beating?

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