Liberal Minister Sandals Stakes Patrick Brown Over Govt Advertising JULY 13, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – It’s fun watching the election rhetoric ramp up.  I think Minister Sandals missed though on this one.  Instead of spinning back to Mike Harris perhaps it might have been more on the money to mention that not once did Mr. Brown complain about Prime Minister Harper’s Action Plan that saw millions spent on puff advertising while he was a sitting MP?   Perhaps the thinking was if you took away advertising from some outlets and pumped into friendly ones you might impact editorial positions and slants?

But you have to give someone credit for trying.  And maybe it’s time for the government of Ontario to start advertising on this very newspaper which besides offering a very large focused regional market, offers far better value than most newspapers?

Here’s Liz’s shot at Patrick:

“I decided to run for provincial politics after years of being a school board trustee, watching PC ads featuring then Premier Harris attack teachers.

Our Liberal government made legislative changes to prevent partisan advertising. It was our government that banned party logos, that clarified that an ad was partisan if it featured a member of a recognized party.

And I’ll remind Patrick Brown and the PC party that Ontario remains the only jurisdiction in Canada to enact legislation that bans government-paid partisan advertising.

This is just an effort to distract from the fact that Patrick Brown has no plan.

He voted against free prescription medications for children and youth, against free tuition for over 210,000 students, against 25% off electricity bills – and has no plan of his own to offer beyond political misdirection.”

Of course Minister Sandals doesn’t mention those wacky NGo’s that funnel tons of ad bucks, like the Eastern Ontario Training Board here in Cornwall, as a weapon.  Don’t play ball or fall under the thumb.  No ads.   Or the Eastern Ontario Health Unit that doesn’t even send health releases to the largest media outlet in its jurisdiction.

Dontcha just love that political spin?

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