Kathleen Wynne’s Sex Ed Legislation? Positive Change or Bullying by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 2, 2015

Wynne Truck CornwallCFN – Sexual Education for Ontario students has been a hot button topic recently in the media.    Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, who is a former Education Minister and is openly gay, has been getting and giving back the rhetoric.

Our world in 2015 is a much different place than even when the McGuinty government was pushing similar legislation.  The current curriculum dates back to 1998!

The new curriculum starts education as young as Grade 1.

Premier Wynne gained brownie points for smoking PC leadership hopeful Monte MacNaughton implying that he was being homophobic.


The quotes were:

It’s not the Premier of Ontario’s job, especially Kathleen Wynne, to tell parents what’s age appropriate for their children.

But when you watch the video the question from MPP MacNaughton was about many scandals and not just focused on Sex Ed.

What is it that especially disqualifies me for the job that I’m doing? Is it that I’m a woman? Is it that I’m a mother? Is it that I have a master’s of education? Is it that I was a school council chair? Is it that I was the minister of education?

In fact the comment leading up to Premier Wynne’s shot has to do with the many scandals that have plagued her and her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty’s governments.

It heats up around the 9 minute mark.

Do we really need to be educating our children about some of these issues between grades 1-6?   Do we really need to be government educating gender roles at such tender ages without parental consent?

Yes, we live in a world where we have instant access to pornography via the internet, and television programs that show ultra graphic violence and some nudity without having to have HBO, but where are the parental controls?

Have we devolved as a society that need “Big Brother” to tell us about the Stork and about how some Storks can be different than other storks and that it’s all right?   Can we not leave that to responsible parents and cultures to share with their young people?  Do we need to score kids on this?  I mean watch the video above?  Queen’s Park behave worse than many kids in school rooms….

It was released that parents will be able to have their children opt out of some of the curriculum.   I remember as a child sitting alone because my parents didn’t feel that I should be taking religious instruction at school.  It happened twice in my life. I felt excluded and weird and then a target.   Is that what opting out will create?

Clearly when you have a majority government as the Liberals do right now you can push the envelope when it comes to legislation.   It was the failure of the other parties for allowing that happening, chiefly Tim Hudak who literally scared people into supporting Ms Wynne and her bunch in the last election.

Equally clear  the public has not been consulted about many of the facets of this legislation.   Forgetting the fact that her government boycotts the largest media in this region I have not seen ads in other area media for public consultations.

And that’s what this comes down to.    We of course needed an upgrade on our curriculum which has been the same since 1998, but sex has been around an awful long time.  Homosexuality has been around as long as sex has.   And yes, while some parents are horrible at their job,  looking at some of the basic skills of graduates that some of our high schools turn out can give one to pause to show confidence in their educator’s performance.

There needs to be open and honest non-partisan dialog about this legislation and Ms Wynne and her friends need to listen and adjust what’s being forced upon the parents and children of Ontario.

Of course there’s a bigger issue of accountability including the Sudbury election and sadly accountability and integrity are becoming a much larger and looming issue connected to Ms Wynne and her team.

Ms Wynne asks Mr. MacNaughton the question of what disqualifies her.  It’s not that she’s a lesbian, but that she’s a Premier who won’t hold her team accountable.   Those are the optics.   None of the scandals are showing innocence.   They are showing a growing pattern to cover up and pound through the points.

That’s not leadership.   That’s bullying.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comments below.


  1. {MODERATED} as Mr. Houde belongs to an internet hate group that boycotts this newspaper.

  2. I think that parents need to have more input into whether they want this or not.Wynne is just trying to get people talking about this verses her many costly scandals.Not all teachers will feel comfortable. Kids come out of school who cannot spell,do not know how to save,do not know anything about mortgages or Governments

  3. Mary Bray we have input, it is called the right to vote. The problem is that less than half the potential electorate exercise that democratic right. I agree that the issue of teaching six distinct sexes is an attempt to deflect the issues of mismanagement, misappropriation and ineptitude. Our apathy has simply caught up with us and that reality is staring us all in the face.

  4. Premier wynne come clean on the Solid Gold scandal, then resign

  5. I fully support Monte’s position on this issue and I support him as a leadership candidate, in part because he hasn’t engaged with CFN!

  6. If my children were little again and back in the school system I would literally pull them out and homeschool them myself since we do not believe in same sex marriage or anything of that sort. Winnie can shove her sex ed up where the sun doesn’t shine. This woman has more than enough to deal with all the horrible scandals and bankruptcy of Ontario that she and McGuilty caused to the people that she represents. Never would I vote liberal ever and I haven’t voted liberal in a mighty long time that I could hardly remember it.

  7. There’s that (overused) word again….bullying. Just because someone doesn’t like someone or something it isn’t bullying. In this case it may not be leadership. It sure isn’t bullying. In Ontario it’s called “politics.” It’s nothing new, it’s been going on as long as politics and governments have been around. And it sure isn’t unique to Ontario.

  8. Author

    You are so Tim Hudak Mr. Munro….

  9. Colin Munro, every Lib and Dipper in the province is rooting for McNaughton as well. Their second choice is Brown. Either of them would be great.

  10. Jules, I have a solution that might help you deal with your phobia about same-sex marriage. Get a pencil and a piece of paper and write this down…
    Stick the note on your fridge door so you won’t forget.
    How simple is that?

  11. Author

    Please everyone. Debate the point and not the person. Thanks

  12. Thanks Colin You have just made up mind not to vote for Monte in May…thanks again

  13. Author

    And Colin Mary is a very long time committed Conservative.

  14. Mary, if you aren’t going to support McNaughton, could I convince you to vote for Patrick Brown? He’s a fine young Christian gentleman who would do an excellent job leading your party to victory in the next election. I don’t think Monte stands a chance of winning the leadership anyway, but Patrick is looking strong and has a good shot at it.

  15. We all love lesbians, but YEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK. Leave my friggin kids alone you {MODERATED}.

  16. The Premier speaks of her qualifications – “What is it that especially disqualifies me for the job that I’m doing? Is it that I’m a woman? Is it that I’m a mother? Is it that I have a master’s of education? Is it that I was a school council chair? Is it that I was the minister of education?”

    But her plan of defense -“Premier Wynne gained brownie points for smoking PC leadership hopeful Monte MacNaughton implying that he was being homophobic”.

    So why use the homophobic defense? Guilty conscience? Why a new low in her rhetoric? How about the result of God giving her over to a “reprobate mind” – “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature”(Rom 1:26). She could not help herself!

    Our Premier is only qualified to bring in more sexual perversion, and bring our providence under further judgment and abandonment from the Great God of Heaven.

    And do you honestly believe this present administration is going to do any thing about all the scandals, and the millions of hard earned tax payer’s money wasted by incompetence? It’s the Liberals entitlement! or Is God allowing the “fools/unwise” to ship wreck the boat? What we sow, we shall reap! This is not fatalism, nor karma, but God’s righteous judgment on sinners.

  17. End the misery of Ontario’s death rattle at the hands of the Liberals by electing an NDP government which could readily self inflict a fatal wound and end the agony that we are currently in.

  18. Pastor Tom Newton said: And do you honestly believe this present administration is going to do any thing about all the scandals, and the millions of hard earned tax payer’s money wasted by incompetence?

    No….they won’t do anything because they have a majority government. This is how majority governments work.

  19. This revised sex-ed program is almost identical to the one that’s been used in BC for years. Apart from the usual religious nut-bars and homophobes, most people agree that it’s working very well in the BC school system. And it’s encouraging to note that so far, BC hasn’t been incinerated by fire and brimstone.

  20. “BC hasn’t been incinerated by fire and brimstone” – God is in no hurry; time is on His side. Just a small preview of what is coming -“The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up”(Rev 8:7).

  21. As I said Newton “Apart from the usual religious nut-bars and homophobes, most people…..”
    Actually, in almost every way the BC school system is miles ahead of the Ontario system. They have fantastic music and theater programs that no longer exist here, and the kids come out with a well rounded education. Their dropout rate is way lower as well.

  22. Furtz do you mean that the Ontario schools have taken out art, music and home ec as well as the shops courses. Well no wonder the education system is so mighty low and a real joke here in Ontario. Ontario is bankrupt and has McWinty at the head of the helm and now some people want “HAIR APPARENT JUSTINE TRUDOPE” to screw things up even more. The education system is a real joke and one of the lowest in the world. They went backward into the doo doo pit instead of forward.

  23. “They have fantastic music and theater programs that no longer exist here…”. So our education system removed -“art, music and home ec as well as the shops courses” and replaced it with: how to properly use condoms, proper technique for oral and anal sex, and when to say yes, and enjoy it, and don’t forget texting with or without sexing. Wow! Things are looking up since Levin is now being sentence.

    “God let them follow their own evil desires. Women no longer wanted to have sex in a natural way, and they did things with each other that were not natural.Men behaved in the same way. They stopped wanting to have sex with women and had strong desires for sex with other men. They did shameful things with each other, and what has happened to them is punishment for their foolish deeds”(Rom 1:26-27)

  24. Levin has been caught, but his life work goes on – The New Ontario Sex Ed. Curriculum:

    “By day, Ben Levin was the esteemed educator, tenured U of T professor, former Ontario deputy education minister, the expert who had the ear of premiers and leaders the world over.

    And in his off hours? He liked to frequent an online incest chat room to counsel single moms on how to sexually assault their daughters for his pleasure and theirs, a site where his profile listed his sexuality as “nothing is taboo.”

    How frightening to think this was the man who had so much influence on education in this province and beyond”.

    Link http://www.torontosun.com/2015/03/03/ben-levin-expected-to-plead-guilty-to-child-porn-offences

  25. Back in the nineties, when the Harris government was waging its war on education, most of the music and theater programs were shut down, along with shop classes, school libraries and extra curricular activities. The system has never recovered.
    Newton, if a list of fundamentalist Christian preachers convicted of sex crimes was compiled, it would fill thousands of pages. I’m sure even you are aware of that.

  26. “Newton, if a list of fundamentalist Christian preachers convicted of sex crimes was compiled, it would fill thousands of pages. I’m sure even you are aware of that”.
    I thank the Lord that such religious wolves are exposed and removed. The Head of the Church (not the pope) said that He would expose such. Thank the Lord that He does! Back to the issue –

    So does that make what Premier Wynne and Ben Levin, and others are doing right and acceptable?

  27. Thank you Furtz for explaining and I didn’t know about the arts and other things shut down in the 90’s under Harris. Everything has been going downhill ever since that time.

    About what you said to Pastor Newton about if we were to reveal the sex habits of the politicians it would never end and that is so true. I am mighty conservative way beyond our PM and others but what you said is very true. Some people like our PM hide behind the Bible but what I know WOW. I was even shocked about the incident that happened in Cornwall lately to a family who is very religious and went afoul. Pastor Newton sure has his job cut out for him.

  28. Comparing politicians and members of the clergy is an unfair comparison when it comes to inappropriate sexual behaviour. Clergy members are put in a position of trust and to betray that trust is unforgivable. Yes, politicians are also put in a position of trust, but not on the same level of what their responsibility is. It’s hard to put this in to words the difference.

  29. Newton, we all know that Levin had (has) a diseased mind and has been removed from any involvement in the education system. That has nothing to do with the fact that the sex-ed curriculum was years out of date and had to be revised. We are in a different world now. Teaching kids about abstinence, talking snakes and eternal damnation just doesn’t cut it anymore.
    Yes Jules. Newton certainly does have his job cut out for him trying to convince people to take leave of their senses and accept his nonsense as truth.

  30. Furtz, I have become a P C member to give Brown my vote for Leadership in May.

  31. Furtz – “we all know that Levin had (has) a diseased mind and has been removed from any involvement in the education system”. But Levin’s approved sex education perversion is allowed to live on. Levin is going to be locked up, so should his and Wynne’s life work – the Ontario Sex Ed curriculum! Levin’s influence lives on and it’s going to be institutionalized into our public school system.

    Heb 13:4 “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators(those that reject abstinence) and adulterers God will judge”.

  32. Mary, I’m pleased that you are supporting Brown for the leadership. The Libs and dippers are rooting for him too now that McNaughton has self destructed.

  33. I will vote PC Brown as well in May. I am sickened with same sex marriage and all the rest of the vulgarity.

    Pastor I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  34. I thought you didn’t vote Jules?

  35. No I haven’t voted for some years but I am going to do so this time. Ontario and Canada are in trouble and I want to get rid of McWinnie desperately. I have to make a small sacrifice somehow even though I hate wasting my precious time on these clowns.

  36. Jules, you bought a PC membership? Good for you!
    And for sure, if you’re homophobic, Brown is your best choice for leader. He’ll never lead the Cons into power, but at least he might rid the party of gay perverts.

  37. Jules only a masochist or uniformed individual would likely at this point in our history vote liberal in the next Ontario election. Since 2009 Ontario has been a have not province. During those 6 years some 12 billion dollars has been transferred to Ontario from the federal government and Wynn of course has pleaded her case to get more money than the formula for transfer payments currently allows. No respect given to the taxpayer for the scandals, waste or outright misappropriation of taxpayers money. However morally bankrupt that you might perceive the liberals to be it is unfortunate that your decision to vote comes so late. None the less I applaud your decision to recognize your civic duty Jules regardless of how you ultimately vote.

  38. David, even you must realize that the Cons will remain in the wilderness with either McNaughton or Brown as leader. I agree that the Libs should have been tossed out years ago, but voters need a credible alternative before that happens.

  39. Mr. Oldham you are absolutely right about what you said about the liberal/fiberals and I would never vote for such a party. I have always looked down on politicians and still do but I do not want to see McWinnie or any other McWinnie or McGuilty back in again for what they did to Ontario. Yes Ontario is now a “HAVE NOT PROVINCE” and that is the truth. I do a lot of research Mr. Oldham and Ontario was one of the best but now it is as poor as the Atlantic provinces if not worse. Yes I have to get out there Mr. Oldham and try my best to help change the system. I will be voting for the Cons – Brown. I cannot stomach any liberal/fiberal not even Justine Trudope. Justine admitted to admiring communist China and everything bad comes out of his blundering idiot mouth of his.

  40. Jules, why are you supporting Brown for leader? Your party needs a leader with brains and integrity to win the next election. Brown has neither.

  41. Furtz, you just gave me a chuckle when you mention that the PC party needs a leader with brains & integrity when your party if elected would have a pot head with no education,never had a full-time job & expected to lead Canada as PM

  42. But Mary he as a Liberal is entitled. It is his birthright is it not?

  43. Admittedly Mary there is a double in play because integrity and brains are not required for Liberal leadership.

  44. This is too funny! Mary, I’m not sure what you are saying. My point was that Ontario voters will never elect a party to power that has hard-core social-conservative leader. Remember Stockwell Day? And what has Patrick Brown ever done besides politics and running marathons? It’s interesting to note that he’s keeping his back-bench federal MP job while running in this race.
    On the federal front, I’m no fan of Justin Trudeau. The Libs chose the wrong leader. That aside, JT will be our next prime minister because Canadians are sick of the low-life sleazy crew that is in power now.

  45. That,s ok Furtz,your a Liberal,I will give you some slack on understanding what I,m saying.JT is a fool & not PM material,not even close & you would give him a ticket to run this great country. He is a danger to all Canadians,he has no platform other than trying to bash our great PM Harper & then flip flops when his handlers see the tide for Harper, our greatest PM yet

  46. Your arrogance is almost amusing, Mary. And your assumption that I am a Liberal is also a little strange. Saying that JT will be our next PM doesn’t make one a Liberal. In fact, I’ve never been a Liberal party member, and have seldom voted for them.

  47. I’m sorry, did I just read “Harper, our greatest PM yet”?
    This is sarcasm right?…..right?

  48. I think she’s serious Jean. I think most Canadians, including Conservatives, have had more than enough of Harper and his nasty vindictive ways. I myself, am looking forward to having a prime minister who doesn’t form policy based on the impending reappearance of Jesus Christ and the subsequent “Rapture”.

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