Liberals Pulling Dirty Tactics and Attacks on Election Day in Ontario – June 12, 2014

Wynne Truck CornwallCFN –  It’s election day and the Liberals are still fighting dirty to the very end.   An email was sent around noon from one Blane McPhail  from the party, and who has worked for the Liberal government.

Should these sort of last day dirty tactics be allowed in this day and age?

834 Air Canada A319s Needed to Accommodate Hudak’s 100,000 Fired Workers

Young Workers will be first to go in Hudak’s mass layoffs


(Toronto) Tim Hudak’s campaign to fire 100,000 Ontarians just didn’t take off.  Why else would the PCs hold a desperate, last-minute negative press conference in front of a grounded Air Canada jet?


It would take 834 Air Canada A319s to accommodate the 100,000 people he would immediately fire.  And the cuts will have disproportionate impact on young people leaving college and university, and entering the workforce for the first time.

We did not print all of the attack; but surely this election; one of the nastiest of this century, is something that all in Ontario should consider as we watch our political system crumble under corruption and an utter lack of accountability and transparency?

It certainly contrasts a PC email received shortly thereafter:

Jamie —

We’re a little less than nine hours away from the polls closing.
Do you have a plan to vote?
We’ve been receiving a lot of emails from supporters letting us know they have a plan to vote PC directly after work.
It’s a good strategy. You can get to your poll, cast your ballot, and then watch the results later tonight.

We are not endorsing or advocating either party; but clearly the last day messages are very very different.


The NDP sent out their message as well.

Friend —
We’re almost half way through election day.

Polls close just eight hours from now.

This election is going to be close and every vote will count. And as the opinion polls last night showed us, New Democrats are in second place – and in the best position to stop Tim Hudak in every riding in Ontario.

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. I’d be suspect about the source of that email. Are the Libs really that stupid? Maybe they are. Makes me think about parties vandalizing their own signs to make their opponents look bad… an old Con trick.

  2. Whatever the truth may be I do know one thing and that is not one of them are any good at all to lead and not one of them are trustworthy. One thing is true and that is that you cannot spend your way out of debt. The fiberals have been a disaster for Ontario and the sheeple are mighty weak and go along with the entire fiasco. If there were a real people none of this would happen in the way it is going on just now. Yes that is a great deal of people that Hudak (who dat) wants to let go but if you all were to look at the real books and not the one that the government has hidden from the people then you would see where Who Dat is coming from. Ontario is in big trouble.

  3. The LIberal ideal….hold onto power at all cost, after all it is the taxpayer footing our bill.

  4. Yes David. And the Cons ideal… We don’t care if we win, we’re sticking with Hudak.

  5. What I just read on yahoo is that the fiberals are ahead and nobody knows just yet if it is a majority or a minority. God Help Us All with this bunch in office. More waste, more lies, more unemployment and every horrible thing to happen. Eleven years of McGuilty #1 and McGuilty #2 we are cooked, fried and tossed into the fire.

  6. more of the same. God help Ontario.

  7. Looks like the Cons will finally start looking for a credible leader in the next year or so. They have four years to regroup.

  8. And you chose not to vote and be part of the process. I hope Jamie keeps his word and deletes your posts about provincial politics.

  9. And why the hell exactly, did anyone with a functioning brain, think that the voters would choose a slimeball like Hudak to lead the province? Agreed, the Libs should have been tossed out, but without a credible alternative, they get another four years.

  10. The best solution would have been a Liberal or PC minority government propped up by the NDP. Now with a majority the Fibertals can run roughshod over the province for four more years AGAIN!!!

  11. Author

    Actually the best result Hugger would have been a NDP minority which would have meant the end of Hudak and Wynne, but that was never in the cards.

  12. Agreed. But I think we all know that that was never going to happen.

  13. Hugger if Jamie deletes my posts about the elections then everyone will miss me. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am sitting here laughing to beat the band. Hugger my vote would not have changed a thing and I guarantee you all that which is the truth. I was tempted and I mean this fully to write down Jamie’s beautiful and sweet dog Fritzie to be PM of Ontario and I mean that fully. If I went to the polls I honestly tell you the truth that I would have inserted the dog’s name instead. I am literally sick of the whole bunch and so are many people. The people who vote in Winnie are sick and they don’t know what is coming their way. Things are bad enough now well just hold onto your shorts and see what is going to happen. No tanks. Jamie where is my aware of being bazaar? LOL LOL. My dear man I have more fun here than a barrel full of monkeys and that is the truth. LOL LOL.

  14. So, I guess you avoid any situation you don’t want to have to deal with? Avoiding things doesn’t make them better or make them go away. If all the people who didn’t vote yesterday actually did their duty and voted we might not be in the mess we are in today.

  15. Every vote counts. If more people had voted we might not be sitting with a Fiberal majority today. Arghhhh!!!!

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