Let’s Make a Deal! Andrea Horwath Most Likely to Decide Next Ontario Premier by Jamie Gilcig June 1, 2014

jg2CFN – So who are we really voting for in this odd limping Ontario election?  There are two clear choices; a corrupt and incompetent Liberal Government under Kathleen Wynne which is frankly scary.

Or a Hudak led government that will chop over 100,000 jobs; most likely be even more incompetent, and probably at the end of the day if they have their chance also be corrupt.

Judging from how our local MPP and his cohorts have behaved towards this media outlet I have very little faith in Ontario being treated fairly under a Hudak led government.

Luckily the numbers don’t show the people of Ontario liking either enough to give either a majority.

That makes NDP leader Andrea Horwath a King, or Queen maker.   But she’s also in a sticky position.   After all it was Andrea who finally pulled down Wynne, but unless things drastically change the NDP might lose a few seats.

The Greens have gained in the polls thanks to two very interesting story points; combining school boards (which I support) and allowing beer sales in stores (which I also support).

While the Greens will gain more members and voters in this election it’s doubtful they’ll win any seats which means they will not have any role to play in who gets to be Preme.

Wynne Truck Cornwall

Kathleen Wynne may not be behind the wheel of Ontario much longer

Can Horwath honestly support Wynne again after calling her government corrupt and bringing it down?   If the PC’s come out first Andrea can cut a deal with Tim who would probably eat babies to be Premier or she can somehow create some “partnership” with the very leader she pulled down.     Now that’s what I call a poison pill.   Frankly I see her partnering with the Cons like her Federal counterparts seem to have done Federally as it was Jack Layton that pulled down Paul Martin and then rode his Orange Crush to heights his party has never achieved and most likely ever will again while giving Stephen Harper his majority.

Horwath supporting Hudak will make a lot more sense to her in many ways as the impact of her policies would stand out more, and for her more importantly it would buy her some time as leader.  Playing Joan Crawford to Wynne’s Baby Jane pretty much will finish Horwath as a leader.

As for the Liberals if that were to happen; it would be devastating and the end of Kathleen Wynne as leader and the party would have to flush the whole McGuinty team which it probably should have done in the first place just like in this riding the old Liberal guard have held onto what was long gone to the point that they themselves will finish third behind a NDP local candidate that is part of the most scandalized municipal government in Ontario history.  Frankly I’d even be voting Orange in this election; but can’t because of local candidate Elaine MacDonald.   I may vote Libertarian to say I did so once in my life….

Interesting politics in Ontario, eh?

Of course there’s still time.   The debates might give voters some cold sweat time to really consider who the vote for and why; but it’s going to be a very interesting June 13th here in Canada’s largest province.

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  1. You mean they’re going to hold an election on a Friday 13th? Oh my God!

  2. Author

    No, but they make some decisions that day 🙂

  3. Hopefully Ontario will not re-elect Wynne in either a minority or majority position. I think the best possible outcome would be a PC minority propped up by the NDP. That way we can see what Hudak can do, but he’ll be kept on a short leash.

  4. Not sure I’d describe the Libs as corrupt using the true definition of the word. For sure they were incompetent, stupid, and asleep at the switch under McGuinty who is no longer in the picture. Since Wynne took control, not so much.
    I don’t think either the Libs or Dippers would prop up or enable Tim’s Tea Party.

  5. My husband said this morning that he thinks that the PC will get in to replace the damage that has been done. I told him that we haven’t seen anything yet and that Hudak (who dat) is a cousin to McGuinty. They can all blame each other and they keep on raising taxes, food, utilities, etc. and just say that it was the others fault. They are all guilty and all of them have no real solutions. One thing about the PC is that I think since McGuinty left Hudak knows from his cousin about how bad Ontario is in deficit and he knows that he has no choice but to cut. Just this very morning I thought about the former CGH in Cornwall and McGuinty or Wynne had to cut that hospital and they did it because they are in trouble financially. If Hudak gets in which is a possibility then he will have no other choice or Ontario will be finished.

  6. Im thinking next time to run as an independent and change my name to None of the Above I think I could win by a landslide.

  7. Author

    That’s an awesome idea Max 🙂

  8. It’s going to be interesting come June 13. IMHO the best possible outcome would be a PC minority propped up by the NDP or an NDP minority propped up by the PC’s. That way we can see what Hudak / Horvath can do, but kept on a short leash.

  9. Hugger everyone of them from federal, provincial and municipal should be kept on a short leash and I think (hopefully) that we are learning from all of this mess. I like that idea of no parties and be independent. That is an excellent idea as long as it works. Yes none of the above and that is the way I am – I hate political parties.

  10. Jules, the Libertarian approach is a fine concept. But who runs the government and decides things like education, roafs, etc.?

  11. I don’t see how that 100,000 job number is that scary with over a million staff and upwards of 50,000 retire or leave every year anyway.
    I know I will take a more serious look at the PC’s now that big union (Ontario families coalition, Catholic Teachers and OMG the Ontario Provincial Police Association) are airing ad’s against Hudak. We just can’t afford the present path, our grand kids can’t afford it either.

  12. Eric, it’s because Hudak and the PC’s failed math in primary sachool. Most people consider a job a job, now matter how long it lasts. Hudak says a job lasts for 1 year. So his 1 million job plan saying a job lasts 8 years is really 125,000 jobs. Now take into account the 100,00 Ontario PS jobs he wants to eliminate and we’re a grand total of 25,000 jobs ahead.

  13. Interesting that the Cons are the only party that is refusing to participate in CBC’s Radio Noon call in show. Are they afraid to take calls and discuss issues with the public?

  14. I don;t think it’s that Furtz. It could be like the Green Party candidate in SDSG. Has she attended any all-candidates debates?

  15. I can’t imagine why the leader of any political party wouldn’t take advantage of a free hour of time on a province wide call-in show. The Greens, Libs and Dippers are jumping at the chance. The Green leader was on the other day. Very smart, very open, and I bet he picked up more than a few votes by participating. Does Tim have a hate on for the CBC, or is he just afraid to take questions from the public? Probably both.

  16. Eric, nice to read a comment from someone who understands that no one will be fired. 200,000 individuals will retire in the next 4 years and Hudak states that his government would keep new hires to 100,000 over that same time period for a net reduction of 100,000 to return to 2009 employment levels. Very few would maintain that the system is not bloated in certain areas. I agree with you on the debt spiral. How sustainable is spending money that isn’t there and what happens when the provinces credit rating is down graded again and the interest rate rises ? This is not about our children’s children being saddled with debt, it is generations beyond. If the current Liberal path continues or worse the socialists get your paycheck, life in Ontario will be lonely for those to poor to move west.

  17. While I understand how Hudak would obtain the 100K PS job losses, he did a very poor job explaining it. If he had explained it better the plan would probably have been received much more favourably.

  18. Eric, Hugger, and folks here Huddak would have absolutely no other alternative but to cut. It was somewhere written here about graduates earning minimum wage well I can tell you that here in Ottawa there are plenty of people coming out with degrees earning just that. There is one girl in her 20’s who has a Business Degree (university) and her mother and aunts are cashiers with my daughter. The girl is working in the office doing payroll and other things and does cashier work when needed as well. There are no jobs and so much so that engineers are working through agencies (part time work) to get anything to try and pay back those humoungous loans as well as for themselves. People are living together to share rent and others live with their parents. The girl that I told you all about is married and has a child and they moved in with her parents. It is an Italian/Lebanese household. One of the aunts is my neighbor in a townhouse below me. All are my daughter’s good friends and we are all close friends.

  19. Jules; graduates have been underemployed since education started. Graduates accept lower paying jobs in the hope of getting their foot in the door.

    Hudak needs to cut, but it can be done in an intelligent manner. The 100k cuts can be achieved without actually letting anyone losing their jobs.

  20. I am sitting here wondering if the calculations that those who bet on who is going to get in can hit them in the face. I wonder if this time the NDP (dippers) get in instead. God help us all. Bob Rae was mighty intelligent and he screwed up Ontario and that was the beginning of Ontario’s downfall. We will all have to wait and see what happens.

  21. There is only one calculation that matters…..the one after all the votes are counted. As for Rae Days he was the premier at the time. He did what he thought was right. Was it popular? No. Was it what was needed? No one agrees on that.

  22. Jules, are you saying that Bob Rae was personally responsible for the great recession that hit North America really hard just before the Dippers took power? Or that Mike Harris was personally responsible for the North American economy starting to pick back up just before his Cons took power?

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