Lip Service Regarding Min Wage in Ontario & Project Truth in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

dollar signCFN – A Minimum wage rise in Ontario is making imports more profitable for exporters from China, India, and other countries while killing manufacturing jobs in Ontario and making it harder for those on fixed incomes to survive.  It will make Wal-Mart more money while penalizing those who work for them.

It’s always funny in politics where the solutions and names given to programs rarely help those they are designed for.    Ontario Works?  Really?   Nobody can survive on what a single person is given monthly; and the poorest of the poor actually are penalized when they do find some work.

Project Truth?  Very little “Truth” was exposed via the $50M plus inquiry which essentially was a cover up for those that covered up for pedophiles rather than any real “ring” as was alleged.   Politicians would’t spend ten cents to cover up for an average person; only because of some very connected people was this travesty committed against the tax payers of Ontario via Cornwall Ontario.

We need a safety net in place; but right now it looks like the net is for those employed to offer the net rather than those the net is really for.   There’s one simple solution and that’s a guaranteed minimum income.  You lose the expensive overheads of all these programs.  You’d actually get to eliminate some programs completely.

The more the average person has to spend the more of it that’s spent locally and that’s never a bad thing.  Right now we have allowed a system that allows TRILLIONS of dollars to sit in offshore accounts and allow Western Companies to set up shop offshore at much reduced labour and environmental costs while devastating our economies locally.

Free Trade?  There is nothing free about Free Trade or NAFTA for Canadians; but there is no real political will to end it.   Most Canadians don’t even have a clue about how NAFTA impacts their lives.

With the costs passed on to the average person via taxes how can people in Ontario survive long term as property taxes and values rise?  At some point who will be able to actually own a home and will we all become rent slaves?

There are no easy solutions to tax and income reform and it may never be allowed to happen; but it could if enough people wanted it to.

Here is the lip service from our local election debate in SD&G Ontario


Elections are always a time to talk about issues that usually are forgotten as soon as the polls close.  Most times the issues are twisted to help someone get elected. Rarely is anything really ever resolved.

Currently we in Ontario are hugely in debt.  Could you imagine if interest rates doubled?  Our province would be bankrupt.   Not one single party is really addressing that issue, and that’s scary.


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  1. Author

    Jules if there were awards for comments I think that surely your last one should win something….what I’m not sure….but that has to be one of the most bizarre posts I’ve moderated since CFN began…..

  2. Jules seems to think that nobody should expect or demand a living wage or safe working conditions, or a forty hour work week, or paid statutory holidays, and all that silly stuff that unions have fought for and won over the last hundred years or so. It’s funny how so many people who are comfortable and reasonably secure feel that way.
    @ Jules. If you really believe that, get off your butt on Thursday and vote for Hudak! He’s your man!

  3. Not all union workers are lazy. I wish people would get that idea out of their heads. Unions protect workers from unscrupulous employers, amongst other things. Just because someone has a bad experience with unions doesn’t mean all unions and union workers are useless.

  4. In regards to Jules’ friend trying to leave the union…..yes she could do that on religious reasons. However, she would still have to pay union dues, but it would go to the religion choice (JW) instead of the union.

  5. Yes Hugger that is true about donating money to a religious institution but this lady didn’t want anything deducted from her pay nor did the vast majority of us want that as well. I too was in the public service union. We found nothing that benefited us at all.

  6. Well thank you Jamie I am honored. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am bizarre a lot of the times maybe most. I guess it depends on the reader.

  7. That’s what’s called a “closed shop.” If you want to work there you have to belong to the union and pay union dues or have it deducted and donated to a religious organization if you can prove you belong to that organization. There is no way around it.

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