Young People Break Down Door at Fire to Save nearly 10 Animals in Cornwall Ontario

233 c dogs

Pictured from Right to Left:  Kim, Megan, Tyler, Calvin, and Rob.

CORNWALL OntarioFire struck 233 Carleton Friday, but if not for the bravery of a few young people tragedy could have struck even deeper than it has to the occupants of the apartment building who are now left homeless.

Kimberly McDonald (far right) is organizing a fund raiser for the occupants who have been left homeless.    Ryan, far left, who didn’t live in the building, heard the cries of a litter of five puppies and bravely broke down the doors and rescued the animals.  One dog perished in the blaze, but all the others survived!

Ms McDonald has also organized a facebook page to help assist those left homeless.   LINK

We had to get the animals out!

fire carleton

Burnt appliances from unit that fire started in.


Fire Inspector Cliff Crites was attending when CFN showed up.

Renter’s insurance is usually less than $40 per month.   In tragedies like this it’s critical for emergency care, temporary housing, and of course replacing lost and damaged items.

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  1. Kudos to them. Goes to show that young people can do good.

  2. tenants insurance.. at $20 a month, its worth every penny.

  3. Author

    Yes it is.

  4. I’ve never been in the same room when something like that has went down but I’ll tell you when that happened I was a little scared but I put it behind me and ran down the stairs with my 3 other buddies to make sure the other apartments were empty and when we booted that door in the smoke just flew out the door we didn’t care we wanted to make sure we got the animals and to make sure everyone was out of the apartments

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