Cornwall Ontario – Another major fire in Cornwall Ontario.  Another round of appeals for help from “victims” who’ve lost everything. It’s tragic, but for many it’s a self inflicted wound that also impacts the community. In Ontario renters insurance can be had for as little as $15 per month.  That’sContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Don’t you hate the utterly Orwellian titles politicians are giving their game plans?  Kathy loves to use the term “fair” in her bills and plans even though most are certainly not fair to those that pay for them. Patrick Brown is in an interesting position.  He’s doneContinue Reading

Alas Cornwall Ontario has some very strange ideas about how to govern itself.   Two years ago it was sending heavy machinery to destroy a families ice rink at Christmas. Last year it was attacking kids selling worms and lemonade from their home. Now in what has to be oneContinue Reading

Would you buy insurance from Gilles Latour?    The former Team Cornwall President, Liberal bag man, buddy of Max Keeping, resident of Long Sault, and allegedly who ripped off his own mother and multiple clients which landed him charged by police and suspended by the MFDA which governs financial advisersContinue Reading