Another Fire With People With No Fire Insurance in Cornwall by Jamie Gilcig DEC 12, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – Another fire in Cornwall has left people homeless.  Another round of social media and gofundme appeals for help for the poor victims.

But in 2016 apartment insurance in Ontario can be had for little more than the price of a package of cigarettes or less than the price of a case of beer (ok, maybe not Quebec beer).   It’s not only for themselves of course, but for liability because many of these fires start from lit cigarettes and other cases of negligence.

A fire is a tragedy and of course impacts many people, especially in sections of town like our East End in Cornwall with older, and in many cases, substandard housing with a higher density of population.  That means when goober or gooberette falls asleep while cooking or smoking their neighbors usually end up paying the price.

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There simply is no excuse to not have a bare minimum of insurance.  In fact many landlords demand it, and if you have  a mortgage on a home you of course have to have insurance as well.  Would you want to live in a building with people that had no fire insurance or liability insurance?   We don’t let people drive cars without insurance, why not rent apartments?

Maybe instead of rounding up old furniture and blankets for those who simply for whatever reason refuse to get it, these well meaning souls put a gofundme account together for those that don’t have insurance?

Surely it would be better.   You could even start a no interest loan service for those that need that little extra help, which would recycle and help people help themselves.

There are solutions, but bailing out penny wise, pound foolish people really isn’t one of them with no real movement forward isn’t the solution.

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