Ontario Premier Wynne Tim Hudak & Lisa Macleod Issue Joint Press Release – JULY 0, 2015 #ONPOLI

Politicians can be as wacky as politics.  Today a joint press release has been issued with no question and answer possibility related to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s lawsuit against the former PC Leader Tim Hudak and MPP Lisa MacLeod.

Joint Statement from Kathleen Wynne, Tim Hudak and Lisa MacLeod


Politics is an honourable calling.  Without exception, the men and women we’ve had the privilege to work with in the Ontario Legislature are good people, driven by a desire to improve their communities and our province. 


Day in and day out all MPPs serve the public they were elected to represent, often at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.  


Politics is not for the thin skinned. Our British parliamentary system encourages conflict. Elected MPPs are divided into a “government” and a loyal “opposition”. Under this system conflict is essential; it helps keep our governments accountable in an open and public forum.  It’s a system that has served our country and province well. 


However, our system also requires that politicians act honestly and based on fact, while respecting the views of others.  While politics exposes differences of opinion, more often than not those opinions differ over HOW we should achieve our goals, and NOT the goals themselves. 


Our shared experience is that politicians, regardless of political stripe, share the desire to make their province and country a better place to live, work and raise a family.   That is why all Members are to be considered “honourable” and, in the Legislature, motivations are by rule beyond reproach. 


In the lead up to the last election the debate went beyond differences over our approach and at times became personal.  The lawsuit between us, and the comments that led to it, did not reflect our view that the other is in fact a great mother / father, an honourable person and a dedicated public servant.  


As colleagues and as political adversaries, we will continue to pursue and debate all relevant issues in the Ontario Legislature and other appropriate venues, but we are pleased to put our legal battles behind us and to issue this public reminder to everyone involved in politics that even though politicians disagree, politics is at its best when conducted in open and free debate based on respect and honesty.





Kathleen Wynne      Tim Hudak     Lisa MacLeod   

Now that’s a well crafted release.   Can you figure out who won?  Neither can I 🙂



  1. As soon as the politician turns their back on the public they are good friends. In front of the cameras they perform their acting routine and know how to deceive the public. I know too much about politicians in general everywhere and are a mess of evil and corruption which the public knows nothing or very little about.

  2. There is no honour in being hardhearted/professional liars!

    Pro_19:1 “Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool”.

  3. A masterpiece of ambiguous political speak that only highlights the total lack of difference between these political snots; so shapeless, convoluted, self-serving and empty a piece of drivel — worthy of study eh, …Bernadette? …Guy?

  4. Three politicians from three different parties agreeing on something? That is very suspicious.

  5. How very strange. As I recall, Hudak and MacLeod were publicly accusing Wynne of being involved in criminal activity, which she wasn’t. I would have thought that a retraction and apology would be required to resolve the issue.

  6. Furtz there is activity other than specific crimial activity that could account for the apparent alliance. The truth will likely never be known, but then is that not the purpose of the whole exercise?

    All I care about is that someone is messing with the cost of my summer time steaks. I blame all three of them, their immediate families, their close relatives, distant cousins……and everyone else. I’m really not happy about it. Crap I’m mad. Screw them all I ‘ll become a vegan!

  7. I feel for you David. The only way I can afford to eat beef is to raise it ourselves. Lovely little Irish Dexter cattle. Tastiest beef on the planet, and we always have plenty in the freezer!

  8. We haven’t eaten steaks in many long years and I cannot remember when we last had one. We are mighty careful shoppers and the cost of food is astronomical and getting much worse. We do a great deal of meal stretching in our household like you wouldn’t believe. We all have to look out for one another and forget the politicians because they are not there for any of us but are there for their own greedy pig style of life. Take care of yourselves and forget the poliiticians like old George Carlin used to say that politicians are there just to give you the illusion that you have freedom, etc. when you really have none. They all belong to the big club as he said where they beat you over the head every day. Forget the politicians and look after yourselves. Politicians are liars and corrupted and amount only to a pile of horse doo doo and nothing better.

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