Ye Old Fish n Chips Shoppe Nailed by Vehicle Collision in Cornwall Ontario – Sept 27, 2014

ye old fish chips FBCORNWALL Ontario – One of the most charming and character filled restaurants was struck overnight by an alleged drunk driver.

We are waiting for details from the Cornwall Police Service.

Ye Old Fish n Chips served up genuine old style English fish and seafood as well as traditional beef and kidney pies.

The institution is beloved by the community including this scribbler that’s had a few of the cards filled as they punch your card for every meal purchased.
We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

Photos:Joseph Boyer via Facebook

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  1. LOL LOL. That gave me a chuckle that the driver wanted to have first crack at a meal like the cops at the donut shops where they even put their sirons on to get there faster. The meals must be that good for that to happen. LOL LOL.

  2. This is disgusting!! I feel sick just looking at this. I hope they publish the name of the person that did this! My dad was killed by an impaired driver almost one year ago and I just got back from court yesterday. I am appalled and believe it or not this happens every single day. People just aren’t getting the message.

  3. I hope that the owners did not get hurt and got out safely. Such good food.

  4. This is terrible news ! We were just there on Wednesday evening. It would almost be impossible to do this, on a one way street ? Best wishes to Ray,Clara & Michael……

  5. the henstock clan survived a fire, this is just a setback for them. watch for a reopening sign or new location. the Henstock family is strong and wont let this get in their way. think of it as a take out window now. good luck ray and clara

  6. Crystal I am very sorry to hear about your dad. I see impaired drivers here in Ottawa and people texting while driving which is just as dangerous or even talking on the net to others while driving. The driving here in Ottawa is outrageous and you have to live here to see it. The cops even said that many are driving impaired of booze and drugs and here Justine Trudeau wants to legalize marijuana. His own mother was stopped here in Ottawa some years ago for impaired driving and got pretty well away with it but if it were you or I our butts would be hanging from the ceiling and we would be imprisoned. Like I said many times Crystal that there is only JUST US and not justice. This is a terrible thing to happen to the business and it even happens when impaired drivers plow through peoples homes as well. I was making a joke out of it but in reality it is no joke. Many years ago back in the late 50’s or early 60’s a man plowed into a house on tenth street in Cornwall. All you see are drunk drivers and impaired on drugs. Again I am sorry to hear about your dad and this is horrible and came home to you.

  7. What time did this happen? I walked by the place at about 12:30am or so and it was still in tact!

  8. If this was someone well known in the community then you won’t hear who did it. If it were someone not known then you would hear about this big time. There is no justice only JUST US.

  9. steve mccoy

  10. What a shame….Our Favourite eating spot….We were planning to have the Roast Beef dinner there tomorrow.
    Best Fish & Chips in Eastern Ontario!!!
    Hope that The Henstock Family will rebuild and SOON!!

  11. Sadly it seems the don’t drink and drive message isn’t getting thru to many drivers.On my motorcycle I get so scared watching drivers using celphones and wandering all over the road.
    PS I know this is off topic but isis pls go FF yourselves!!!
    On a day when these terrorist butchers released a video saying kill Canadians

  12. Thanks Jules! You are very right. My dad was killed in ottawa in fact. Bank and Laurier. I know how bad it truly is. I know Cornwall is bad too. Once is one too many. I don’t think it will happen but I hope the person who did this gets a harsh penalty.

  13. Author

    There is no penalty that can ever bring back a loved one. Even the death penalty isn’t a solution.

  14. This accident in Cornwall would have happened at bar closing time and a lot of people drive very drunk. For this to have happened he must have swirved off the road and went right into the restaurant. If someone was walking nearby they would have been killed instantly. Cops have their hands full here in Ottawa and it is very bad. Cops here know that people are driving impaired and texting and they are so mighty busy with the gangs and everything else. Forty years ago and less you would see cops all over the place and you couldn’t drive very far until you saw them all over but nowadays you don’t see them when you need them. We were just talking about the traffic outside which is unbearable and day and night non stop. We see the odd accidents out here as well and people are so brainless that they don’t even leave room for the emergency vehicles to go by.

  15. If they can’t rebuild at their current location there are enough empty store fronts on Pitt and Montreal Rd they should be able to find a suitable location.

  16. Sounds more to me that this drunk driver had a possible revenge on this business,but let the chips fall where they may,glad there were no injuries

  17. Mary that is very logical as well that maybe he had a going out with the owner. Maybe his roast beef was not like what he wanted. I like that “where the chips fall as they may” or something like that. That is a good one Mary. LOL LOL. Nothing but silence on this. In Cornwall you hear nothing. In Ottawa things come out in the open. So much is hidden in Cornwall and so much corruption.

  18. Jules….someone has been charged with this.

  19. Hugger I am glad to hear that someone has been charged.

  20. @CRYSTAL. Sincerely sorry for your loss. We are all responsible as members of a society that has become far to lenient, tolerant and apathetic.

    Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. When we start revoking licenses for life in the event of a vehicular manslaughter, we will be making progress. When we start removing licenses automatically for longer periods for driving while intoxicated, we will be making progress. Now that distracted drivers are taking more lives on the highways than drunk drivers it is time to forget the fines and simply remove the privilege for a minimum two year period. Laws with teeth and consequences that reflect the gravity of the offense are long overdue.

  21. I don’t consider driving to be a privilege. With proper licensing, insurance, and obedience of the rules of the road, and reasonably good health, a driver’s right to drive cannot be revoked on a whim. A privilege, by definition, can be revoked at any time for any reason.

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