Should Stealing Newspapers With Election Ads be Treated the Same as Defacing Signs by Jamie Gilcig

tammy defaced signCFN – The Seaway News ran the photo on the left in a story about sign defacements in South Stormont Ontario.    LINK  Defacing signs like this is horrible.

The election is a fierce race with sides being drawn due to the Deputy Mayor’s rodeos with Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze that have cost the township, according to estimates, over $30,000, and led to Ms Hart being dinged four weeks earnings.

In the article defacing an election sign is described as a crime; but in a most unusual twist the Deputy Mayor herself is alleged to have gone into a restaurant in South Stormont and removed a stack of The South Stormont News printed edition which had four election ads in that edition.

She is alleged to have complained about the paper “bashing” her before storming out of the restaurant.

Wouldn’t her removal of the newspapers essentially be removing election signs?  Do Election signs have to be of a certain material to qualify?   This is not the first time that stacks of the South Stormont News have been removed from retail outlets.    It is also alleged that the Deputy Mayor herself removed  a stack of newspapers from the township office and was at a paper burning BBQ at the home of Council candidate Richard Currier.

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq 8 fire paper SSN


Both Ms Hart and Mr. Currier have actually, as part of their platform, stated their intentions towards the newspaper with the Deputy Mayor stating that she would remove it from the community.

tammy SSN flyer

The Deputy Mayor, under new business also stated that she would remove the paper.

One of my objectives is to get rid of that newspaper.

A complaint will be filed with local OPP.  An Unnamed OPP officer suggested that stealing “free” newspapers would not be considered a crime; but could you imagine if someone drove from location to location and offloaded racks of newspapers regionally?   Does anyone think that it really isn’t a crime to do such a thing?      I have a hunch locally The Seaway News, and others would have something to say if their production runs started to go poof!    While there may not be a price tag on the papers they are subsidized by advertisers.  Nothing is really free.

A complaint of harassment with the township offices as well.

The Deputy Mayor & Mr. Currier also have been questioned for putting out allegedly false information to voters regarding the Pellet plant and other numbers.

Councilor Richard Waldroff posted on social media:

hi here a truth, please note that I have included the source of information. no speculation

BIO Pellet
This project was approved prior to 2010; the purchase was accompanied by a $76,000 deposit. The company was not able to acquire the funding needed to complete the build. After a lengthy time period the township foreclosed on the outstanding mortgages and reclaimed the property. As a result of this action an expense of $22,783.59 was incurred for legal and taxes leaving the township with $53,216 from the deposit monies, this was transferred to South Stormont Township Municipal Land Development account for future endeavours. The losses incurred by the Township on this transaction was the time, and energy of the Council and Staff attempting to bring something good to the township. During this time I know of no other inquires to purchase the property in question.
(Source December 11, 2013 Finance report F-20-2013)

The first All Candidates debate (and so far only in South Stormont) will be Tuesday October 7th at 7 PM at The Marina Restaurant in Long Sault.   All candidates running for office in South Stormont have been invited.

For details coverage of the candidates and election you can visit or pick up your latest edition (out today!) of The South Stormont News, that is if Deputy Mayor Hart doesn’t get there first and remove them….

SS Debate


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  2. I think that Tammy Hart must be doing the Limbo “just how low can she go” Stealing free news papers is still stealing from those who had wanted to read it, from those who had paid to advertise in it & from South Stormont News that printed it.

  3. Author

    Mary at the very least I think it’s mischief under $5K; but the trick isn’t so much getting police to press a charge/complaint, but getting a crown to agree to pursue it. Remember the Syd Gardiner sign fiasco…

  4. It often seems to boil down to lack of police & crowns to do their jobs, their hands appear tied to uphold the law if the Cornwall clique directs them behind the scene…just saying!

  5. I was just going to say…how do you steal free newspapers. I think the mischievous under 5k is valid. There is obviously evidence on Facebook regarding a certain group collecting and burning your papers or using it for their dog’s poo.

  6. It sure should be a crime to steal newspapers like what Tammy Hart and this Richard Cuerrier are doing and I just thought of something besides Thanksgiving Halloween is coming up. Do you know what folks, be very aware that you might see Tammy Hart flying overhead on her broom with Richard Cuerrier in tail. Both are witches with their coven of witches. These are mighty evil people and I sure wouldn’t want them as neighbors.

  7. Do you know that to burn almost anything in South Stormont you need a permit – I should know I live there. The size of the fire pictured above from Facebook sure looks to violate the bounds of a lawful BBQ dimensions set down in the bylaws. Where is the Fire Marshal, or By Law officer on this one? Address -“at the home of Council candidate Richard Currier”- go get them. As a resident and as a taxpayer, I would like this investigated – ASAP.

  8. You can Google the phrase: charged for stealing newspapers. There are precedents for police laying charges.

    When people deface political signs it’s often mischievous teens having a little fun when there’s nothing better to do after the streetlights come on. But the X-filers are all adults and went on several paper stealing and burning sprees. And it seems the only thing missing from Rick Currier’s bonfire party was the soundtrack for Deliverance. Heck, the group even had a gates of hell video; the same metaphor the movie used after the duelling banjos scene, and just before descent into hell. Maybe Tammy is so used to snatching and burning papers with her gang, it’s become “normal.” After all, she and close to 500 others openly admit to trying to run Jamie out of town, while at the same time openly admitting to trying destroy his company by chasing away advertisers and abusing him. Tammy is making her own news. If nothing else, she should have shown respect for the restaurant owner’s place of business. Mostly, I hope people will remember her group’s poppy defacement. Seems the X-filers (aka Boycott SSN) put the sacred symbol on equal footing as the paper and the person they despise. Strange. Hate must be a breeding ground for abusive behaviour becoming “normalized.” Scary.

  9. I agree with Mr. Newton. That fire looks pretty big. We have strict regulations in our township re open burning, including setting lakes on fire.

  10. Author

    Let me understand something. You Furtz are openly and publicly agreeing with Pastor Tom?

  11. I am indeed agreeing with Newton on this one. I have a 300 acre property that has a marshy area at the western part where a creek runs through it that flows into the Gananoque river. The local “authority” used to set the marsh on fire every fall to clear the bog that blocked the creek. They don’t do that any more.

  12. Author

    and there are pics of the flames even higher than the one I used.

  13. Jamie you weren’t the only one shocked that Furtz agreed with Pastor Newton. I literally almost fell off my chair and went into a coughing spree. I had to reread it to see if I saw Furtz name there. LOL LOL. Furtz is a funny man but he is making a lot of sense.

  14. The flames could hardly be seen, but the smoke could be seen from miles away. Thankfully, I don’t think they were tossing sinners into the conflagration.

  15. Ok now these guys are starting to scare me
    Burning newspapers and posting to Facebook
    These pictures make me ill thinking of the Nazi delight at book burning
    This group is beyond sad!!

  16. These “civic leaders” are really setting a sad example for the younger generation.
    They have let their dislike for Mr Gilcig make themselves and the city of Cornwall look so foolish.
    Just like the Waterfront nonsense of closing the meeting with leadership like this is it any wonder the town seemed stalled or going backwards

  17. Furtz -“The flames could hardly be seen, but the smoke could be seen from miles away. Thankfully, I don’t think they were tossing sinners into the conflagration”. What they have done often in days gone by, and even in some countries still – burn Christians at the stake. The R.C. church was big on that. Google Smith Fields and see.

  18. Author

    Shana Tova to you and the family Wow!

  19. Once again I agree with Mr. Newton. Religious violence has been around ever since man created gods.

  20. @Admin. You must get a glorious sense of satisfaction knowing that you get under their skin and bring out the worst (truth) in these sorry little individuals. That they feel threatened by you is evident by the attention that they pay. That rules would suddenly be created by someone (I wonder who) with their focus on you demonstrates your power, use it wisely, Superman.

  21. Shana Tova to all.

    Does anyone find it ironic the facebook group South Stormont’s Meet the candidates header States “Time for Change” and “Time for new faces “.

    If this group were truly unbiased these statements would not be on the Header.
    Obviously this excludes all those on council as they are not “New Faces” well with exception of Tammy Hart as most of the group members are Tammy’s Pawns from the X-files group and social degenerates.
    It would appear that this forum is just another venue for those same social degenerates to actively attack opponents of their backed Candidates .
    For any measure of credibility Tammy Hart should disassociate from this group (X-files,and Boycott South Stormont news.) as she has lost my vote and many others I have talked to.
    Tammy your associates have only tarnished your Image.

  22. Author

    Hi David. I have no special problems. I think if the truth causes this much controversy imagine what would happen if I published the over 1,800 files I’ve accumulated on the clique, present day and historical? I am after all someone that research and wrote what became an Oscar nominated documentary.

  23. David Oldham – it is a fact that truth hurts! “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret”(Eph 5:11-12).

  24. Is it possible Furtz that violence has been around since God created man and that time when the first man to die(Abel) was murdered by his brother Cain(Qayin and Hevel).

  25. @ David. Probably best to not get going on religious silliness. It never seems to go well.

  26. The very act of denying something is an acknowledgement of its presence. Those that choose not to believe that something greater than themselves exists, are greatly outnumbered. You are right Furtz.

  27. The duly elected officials of South Stormont chose to invest $1,000 dollars a month in a news flyer that promotes thier community… then the Deputy Mayor walks into a local business and swipes and burns them — talk about burning up taxpayers hard earned cash.

    Tammy Hart needn’t worry about having her election sign images defaced by vandals… she needs to address the uglification she habitually does to herself and to her hillbilly Pukes of Hazard — in a word her behaviour is FUGLY… just FUGLY.

  28. Just read Dick C’s FB stuff and K. Dorkey’s as well. Fascists in waiting or what!!?!

  29. David. I deny absolutely that there is a green three-legged goat with horns made of cheese living in my barn. Does that mean that I’m acknowledging its presence? Really?

  30. David writes -“Is it possible Furtz that violence has been around since God created man and that time when the first man to die(Abel) was murdered by his brother Cain(Qayin and Hevel)”. David, we must include that God did not create, nor approve of the first violence. God created man – Adam: holy, sinless, and upright-able to do righteousness. See Gen. 1:27,31

    The Holy Scriptures also goes on to declare that Adam sinned(Gen. 3),and was judged by God. And in Adam all born after him, are born sinners. Gen 5:3 “And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth”. Note it says that the image and likeness passed down to Adam’s descendents (which include you and I) was now made after the image and likeness of fallen Adam. What happen to Adam, and all his descendents -“For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive”(1Co 15:22). Adam is kicked out of the garden of Eden as a sinner, rebel, and as fallen. We all follow in our father Adam’s depraved and sinful in heart footsteps.

    So by Genesis 6 the whole earth is corrupted by this violence of heart, and ripe for judgment – Noah’s world wide flood. Again what God thinks about our sinful condition.

  31. Oh all right then. That green three-legged goat with the horns made of cheese actually does live in my barn. And the universe and everything in it was created in six 24 hour days about five thousand years ago. And all of humanity’s problems can be blamed on a talking snake. It all makes perfect sense to me now. I’m a Believer! I’ve been saved!!! PTL!

  32. Author

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