Bovine Projectile Emission in Cornwall City Council Over Development Kickbacks 091217

Bovine Projectile Emission in Cornwall City Council Over Development Kickbacks 091217

Cornwall Ontario –   Ever watch a bunch of unqualified people, some of whom are dumber than David Murphy debate an issue that is way out of their depth?

Council is talking about kicking back property taxes for 10 years to a real estate developer.

The property, to be used for student residences right across the street from St. Lawrence College is pretty much guaranteed to be a cash machine as there’s a shortage of student housing.

I can’t blame the developer for dipping into the trough as that’s been business as usual for far too long in this city which is why taxes are so high.  Why are we subsidizing projects like this when we abandon small business and the arts which have been proven to earn more than these type of giveaways.

They do of course have less kick back opportunities or gratuities, not that this writer is suggesting an occurrence would happen with this group of council and management.

Cornwall has given too many of these deals all while having no development charges.

While some might argue without brownfield support some of these properties would not be developed, that argument just doesn’t wash evenly.   This example of this corner being one of them.

Likewise, if a property needs clean up it should be reflected in its selling price.  What the city is essentially doing is subsidizing land speculation for in many cases supporters and friends of those making some of those decisions.

That’s some shady murky funky smelling do dah!

Frankly if this vote goes against Gary Soules I have a hunch he’ll find a solution.  It’s time that this council walk the walk and just say no to spending cash on items that simply do not pay off for the community.

Council essentially writing a cheque to Mr. Soules for $900K on the installment plan will be depriving this community of services and infrastructure cost.  If you only have “X” and you spend it.  You can’t buy candy, or all those friggin flowers hovering around downtown killing the aromas coming from Riley’s Bakery.

You know when Elaine Macdonald is concerned about spending public dollars an election must be getting closer.

Flipper Clement supported it, but not before whining about those supporting it that pledged to cut taxes.

At the end of the day it was an hot ugly mess that bent the taxpayer over the bedrail again.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time to stop subsidizing land speculators and developers over those that pay the bills in this community?  You can post your comments below.

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