Sunshine List Comes Out – Cornwall Police up 4% City Hall UP $3M + 032318

Cornwall Ontario – With the Sunshine List coming out (a list of public servants earning over $100K annually) it’s frightening to see the escalation of Cornwall area services, especially at City Hall where there’s a wage freeze and hiring freeze of unionized employees while management is seeing in some cases, double digit increases.

Data from of Cornwall employees.

City of Cornwall for 2016 $7,055,951.71  for 2017 10,452,653.79  UP $3,396,702.08

Cornwall Community Hospital  for 2016 $7,866,611.78 for 2017 $8,568,454.35  UP $701,842.57

City of Cornwall Police Service for 2016  $7,055,951.71 for 2017 $7,356,545.24  UP $300,593.53 or 4%!!

Clearly in an election year anyone that is paying taxes in Cornwall should have cause for concern and alarm as our fiscal safety clearly is at risk to runaway increases in services costs.

City Councilor Elaine MacDonald, who was president of the Labour Council while on city council must be exuberant as she’s declared that raising taxes is a good thing.

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  1. Wage freeze was taken out of the city’s offer a few weeks ago. And the hiring freeze never went through because some city councillors do not understand what the words “hiring freeze” means. They wanted exemptions. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  2. Author

    They sadly are an embarrassing bumbling and fumbling mess.

  3. We agree. November can’t come soon enough for the gaggle of clowns at city hall in the chambers.

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