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Cornwall Ontario – Halloween is a spooky time. We used to love to sing that old song:” It’s Halloween, the lamp is lit. Around the fire is where we sit, telling ghost tales bit by bit.”

The entrance to the Family Restaurant at 9th. and Pitt Street is very spooky. Mr. Ugly Ghoul and Mr. Skinny Bones who plays a pretty mean banjo, are there to greet you. Scary!!

Inside the door is a great big eerie witch offering candy. Around the room are ghosts, witches, ancient photos of people long deceased, cob webs, eerie spooks, etc. etc. etc. One table cloth had writing on it that said:”We wake the zombies”. I could hardly eat my lunch fast enough to get out.

LOL…just kidding. Henry and his staff have once again this year made the restaurant a lot of fun for Halloween.

Just as I was leaving, two beautiful waitresses were “chatting up” Mr. Ghoul and Mr. Bones, hoping for dates, I guess. I took their picture as proof. On the left is Tammy Demontigny and on the right, Mary Lafave. I told them I could get them dates with two cuter guys than that but they want these weirdos. Whew!!. No accounting for taste!! LOL!!!


Tammy and Mary are two of Cornwall’s best waitresses. They are efficient, helpful and friendly. Both are a big asset to the restaurant. The food at the Family Restaurant is good also. Lots of fun in there this Halloween!!


Mr. Ugly Ghoul and Mr. Skinny Bones.

Tammy and Mary with their 



Saw a box of “Coffin Crisp” (Coffee Crisp) and a box of “Scaries” (Smarties, I think) in a store. Cute idea.

The Care Centre ( formerly the Cornwall General Hospital) was full of gorgeous CGH Graduates recently.

The Alumni of the CGH held their meeting at the Centre to view some of the photos and memorabilia of the General’s School of Nursing.

A committee of Sharon Porter (Alumni CGH) , Don Smith ( Cornwall Museum) Matt Cinnamon and Daniel Orr (owners of the Care Centre), Cathy Poirier (President of the CGH Alumni), Shirley Heagle (RNA Alumni CGH) have been working to bring all our CGH photos and memorabilia of the General Hospital back to the site. It will be a work in progress to make a special area of memories, a place of honour. The committee wants it to be done professionally so that it looks great. I saw some large framed collections of some photos, one dating back to 1901.

Daniel and Matt have been very generous to give the Alumni this area of memories of Cornwall General School of Nursing which will be so special. Their gesture is appreciated very much.

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The Care Centre (formerly the General Hospital) is now a Senior’s residence for affordable independent living. There are lots of special features such as on-site storage and laundry facilities, parking and the Centre is wheelchair accessible. La Cuisine Volante is partnering with the Centre , according to their brochure, to provide delicious nutritional meals which can also accommodate Therapeutic diets. It also is accessible for bus route transportation. In the future there will be on-site medical services and a Cafe-coffee shop.

The Centre has 100+ suites. One of the things I like about the Care Centre, besides Matt and Dan, is that it is so clean and beautifully decorated. We saw some of the comfortable suites , a spacious lounge -activity common room, an exercise gym area as well as a lovely dining room. We also saw a large suite suitable for a couple.

I happened to talk to three of the residents, one in a wheelchair, who live at the Centre. They said they are very happy living there. As a graduate of the General Hospital, it was nice to hear that they liked living at the Care Centre.

From my Mom’s old photo album is this picture of my Aunt Glady Herrington and her new husband, Uncle Harry Dickson on their honeymoon of July 11. 1923. I was unable to find any info about the ship other than the Dominion Line sailed on the Atlantic Ocean.

My Tiger boy loves his comfort. Any time I have both pillows of my double bed, he lies stretched out on the other side and goes to sleep, like it is all his.

Actually with his two little cat beds and his little house on my bed and now, taking the other pillow area, he has the whole other side to himself. It is very difficult job to make the bed, believe me, because he does not want to move!!

Here he is all cuddled up , sound asleep and will be there for hours until his tummy says it is time to eat again. I am lucky I still have most of the other half of the bed. Time will tell…..soon I will be on the edge. Big baby.

In the mid-1950’s there were a lot of older Guides in the Trinity Anglican Church Girl Guide Company and the St. Columban’s Church Girl Guide Company. It was decided to form another group called Sea Rangers for these older Girl Guides.

Here are a few new Sea Rangers in their new spiffy uniforms of white caps, white blouses and black A-line skirts. They even have” bosun” whistles.

Left to right: Myrna Plumley-Watt and I are in the middle but we aren’t sure who the other two girls are.

Here are some Halloween puns:

Why don’t angry witches ride their brooms? They are afraid of flying off the handle.

What do witches put on their hair? Scare spray.

Who won the skeleton beauty contest? No body.

Where do baby ghosts go during the day? Dayscare centers.

Who did Frankenstein take to the prom? His ghoul friend.

What kind of mistakes do spooks make? Boo boos.

What do mummies go for a swim? To the Dead Sea.

Have a good week and Happy Halloween, Dawn


  1. I am laughing up a storm here about Tiger the Cat and he reminds me of myself who wants the bed to myself. Hubby prefers the couch to sleep on since he said that I snore. Good for me if I snore I have the bed to myself. Hubby snores up a storm and I would somehow nudge him when he did snore. This way we can stay apart and snore all we want without getting nudged at. I bet Tiger snores too.

  2. Great picture of us as sea cadets. I think the girl on the left end is Pat Donahee and the girl on the right end is Isabelle Farlnger. Any one agree or disagree?

  3. Always good to read about Jules’ snoring. Living in the boonies is the best!

  4. Furtz sometimes it gets bad enough to chase the ghosts away. LOL LOL. I only went out a few times in my life on Halloween and I stopped when I was 10 years old. Tomorrow is Halloween but people cannot come trick or treating here in the building so the supers sit downstairs and hand out candies to the public. I don’t know what is going to happen this year with all the rain.

  5. Dawn I can honestly tell you and all that you all grew up in much better years than today. I look back on the old pictures and the vast majority of you turned out very well. Dawn is one of the very best people out there. There are names that I am familiar with in the pictures but not the faces because all that has changed overtime. Cornwall is very small and easy to know people.

  6. I am feeling more and more like Tiger the cat and will stretch out on the bed all to myself. MEOW! LOL LOL. I am full of arthritis and my daughter and I have colds. I need a lot of sleep and will turn in soon. Gee it is way past my bed time and at my age this is way too late. And to all a goodnight.

  7. Dawn: decided to look up the ship.- which turned out to not be a ship. The SS Dominion Park was an amusement park in Quebec. Here we thought they were having a nice honeymoon on the Atlantic but I guess to go to the Park was an exciting event back then.

  8. Dawn, your column ,as well as the previous one, is really great as always. So nice hearing about the history of our surrounding areas.

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