Cornwall Ontario –  There’s a certain ignorance and nastiness in Cornwall that’s embodied in people like my former neighbor Randy Sauve.

There’s no crime in not being bright or capable of running one’s life without baby bonus.  There is when you stalk and rant after people who can create and build things without government assistance and in the face of adversity.

Cornwall natives have this strange culture where they downgrade their community more than outsiders.      So for example, I, with A list contacts in the very industry Randy is trying to work in, am shunned by Mr. Sauve who settles for a low level “talent agent” in upstate NY to get um….his guests and talent, paying a premium in the process.

The River City is a unique place to create entertainment too.   It’s close enough to Montreal and Ottawa for people to see real headliners.   Cornwall is the capital of the cover band.  Nothing wrong with that, but when you can do better why on earth wouldn’t you?  It’s hard to get talent to play in Cornwall.  Local bands complain about the venues, the venues complain about the locals.  Chiefly it’s because they don’t advertise, invest in their industry, and build a home economy, but that’s for an entire other story.

After what many feel was the ripping off of Coticon, and with the brains and experience of his latest wife, Carol (nee Grant) he had some moderate success with his CAPE event.  Mostly it feels like he’s used it to try and gain attention of City Hall and the cliquesters by taking run after rant after yours truly.

It’s sad and pathetic.  This is one of the rare times I write about the fiscally impotent Mr. Sauve who I’m suing for defamation because as he most likely will learn, you really can’t say a journalist writes fake news when they don’t.   And there is a difference between fact and opinion.  It’s not rocket science.

This weekend he failed again, not being able to pull in 1,000 (much less according to several sources) in attendance for a Halloween Comicfest that only charged $2.00 at the door.

When I asked the benign question of how many of our 1800+ members of the Cornwall Free Speech group go to comic fest four hours before writing this piece the only click on it was Mr. Sauve who went on the defensive with yet another rant including his favorite, singling out the other media in the region whom he feels are sooooo much better than this newspaper even though most of them don’t pull in as much traffic as we sometimes do in a day.

Some love feuding and this area seems to embrace it like cancer in a coal mine, but honestly, it’s pathetic and sad.   Nary a nasty word about the event and he wasn’t even mentioned by name, but there he was tagging moi and screeching like a crack baby.

It’s sad and his circus sadly is dimming like so much else in Cornwall that’s not built on a solid foundation, but whispers and clique love which is about as real as one would get from a former backpage girl.

Isn’t it better when people work together and god forbid, actually apologize when they’ve made a Sauve of themselves?

This journalist thinks so.

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