As some know in this world sometimes you have to hold people accountable. Thus I issued defamation lawsuits against Randy Sauve & UCDSB teacher Tracy Champagne for publishing that I write “Fake” or “Fabricated” news. To be clear, any delays in the Randy Sauve lawsuit are directly a responsibility ofContinue Reading

In life people make mistakes. Smart ones clean them up or mitigate them. For Comic book store owner Randy Sauve his recipe seems to be to pour gasoline on the fire and raise the rhetoric which has resulted in him being sued for defamation. There’s 3 part test for DefamContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  There’s a certain ignorance and nastiness in Cornwall that’s embodied in people like my former neighbor Randy Sauve. There’s no crime in not being bright or capable of running one’s life without baby bonus.  There is when you stalk and rant after people who can create andContinue Reading