Carol Sauve Confirms She Owns 100% of CAPE as Defamation Suit Heads to Trial by Jamie Gilcig 010319

In life people make mistakes. Smart ones clean them up or mitigate them. For Comic book store owner Randy Sauve his recipe seems to be to pour gasoline on the fire and raise the rhetoric which has resulted in him being sued for defamation.

There’s 3 part test for Defam in Canada. If you’ve failed that the contest is over. You get chances to remedy. First you’re legally warned which a smart person when consulting a paralegal or lawyer generally would understand.

Then there’s a settlement conference where a judge tries to assist the parties resolve their issues.

Then and only then, if you’re as special as Randy Sauve may be, you end up in trial which is where he is heading as we’ve given Mr. Sauve multiple times to own up to his error like he did on the Standard Freeholder when he defamed me again and removed his comment after a missive by Freeholder Managing Editor Hugo Rodrigues.

In the meanwhile the lovely and talented Carol Sauve (Grant) who’s the real event person, has confirmed that there is no partnership and that she owns 100% of their CAPE event in Cornwall.

Like many a fine woman she’s standing by her boy man even though the process will become highly expensive unless Mr. Campbell is letting them have the use of one of his junior lawyers pro bono?

The spinoff led to the Sauve’s friend Tracy Champagne getting sued for the exact same reason. The UCDSB teacher was even more abusive in her defamation slurring our readers which of course Randy seems to be.

We’re giving Mr. Sauve one last chance to settle before the end of the month. We have very low expectations, but it’s important to try and save court time, and at the end of the day it’s about being made whole for an injustice and holding someone accountable for defamation.

Saying a journalist writes fake news after all is like calling a priest a pedophile. You just can’t toss that around unless it’s true.

Stupid tends to breed stupid. It’s a cultural thing in a community where ignorance and bullying play too large a role.

If one looks at his facebook page it seems that he’s obsessed with yours truly and CFN. Nearly every third post is more abuse directed here with a small group of friends cheering him on like Paralegal Jamie Labonte and the medicated Tracy Lynn Davies.

The saddest part is the model that the Sauve’s are for children, not only those in their lives, but those that go to the Sauve facebook page expecting to read about comic books, but instead are filled with ignorant hate.

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What does that say about the Sauve’s and based on some of the comments, what does that say about Cornwall?

Ultimately will this end up being the death knell for a much needed event in Cornwall? Are these the kind of people that deserve to have public monies supporting?

What do you think dear CFN viewers? You can post your comments below.

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  1. The world has become a truly sad place…………….

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