Team Cornwall Year In Review Sham for 2013 – The Year of Sucking & Blowing by Jamie Gilcig

Team Cornwall Year In Review Sham for 2013 – The Year of Sucking & Blowing by Jamie Gilcig

TeamCWtruckCornwall Ontario – I stopped going to the Team Cornwall Year in Review two years ago when I resigned from the group until they cleaned house.  The group, which does almost nothing but a few rah rah events essentially should be an arm of the City’s Economic Development Department.    They even give out hockey cards for its members to pass out.

Thomas Mulcair with this scribbler before becoming LoO

There I am having current Leader of  the Opposition Thomas Mulcair hold mine up at Parliament.    Below Green Party Leader Elizabeth May holds my card while I was a local candidate briefly; before I resigned from all political parties and chose to become Hyper Non Partisan (that’s for a whole other story)itsagreenparty

If you read tweets you’ll see a lot of sycophants, brown nosers and sucks up tweeting away the party line.

From Alison Hudson or whatever she calls herself from day to day; one of the biggest toadies in Cornwall History.

And from Alyssa Blais who doesn’t mention net job loss or gain or the comparative dollar values. IE Lose Parks Canada jobs at over $30 per hour vs new minimum wage jobs.


Here’s another gem from Ms Hudson

And a farcical media spin;

It’s like The Stepford Wives, but really it’s pretty simple.    You have a core group of people whose livelihoods, or hoped for livelihoods rely on favored droppings from those above them in the feed chain.     Cronyism at its utter worst.   Does anyone really expect Alyssa Blais to rock a boat when her entire life is essentially at the behest and favour of people like Bob Peters and Gilles Latour; not too mention her political mentor Elaine MacDonald (no stranger to sucking off the public pension teet) while fumbling to run the city’s largest foodbank?   (Agape  junk shop Food Bank by their own numbers have cut services while raising costs and deliver a sliver of the percentage of dollars given to them to the hungry as well as having legal issues with employees past and present)

Yes, Cornwall has given away a lot this year.   Should we really be proud of giving away $3.5M in Corporate Welfare to Billionaire Mitch Goldhar and Smart Centres (Wal-Mart) ?  To Seniors struggling to keep their modest homes heated while under huge tax burdens is this good news or something to clap about?

Spending most likely over $3M in various scandal costs and destroying the careers of multiple long serving City Managers; is that something to be celebrating?    Are these people celebrating the assertions from former Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley who was forced into retirement when the judge refused to cover court costs in his case that alleged Conflict of Interest over the Mayor’s hiring of his son to the Fire Department?

Drive down Pitt Street and Montreal Road.   All those empty stores; is that something to celebrate?    Cornwall Square being propped up by emergency pillars since about May of this year with no apparent repair work done.   Again, pride?

Killing beavers, gassing pigeons, fighting 3 month campaigns to have the public write in about how great Cornwall is; is that what we’re proud of?  Is that what we are celebrating?   The new bridge is not a new project.  It’s been celebrated now how many years at this gathering?

Should we be proud of Cornwall Kinsmen Lift Off which has lost over half of its crowd in less than 3 years, and where are the mentions for the Sylvain family that are trying their darndest to save the Port Theatre which btw, would be a great venue to hold next year’s YIR as it seats more.     What about some of the other small businesses that are seeing successes but aren’t connected to the Kilger cliques?

We’ve had two strip malls open recently; one with traffic issues now costing taxpayers extra monies and one that apparently has floors cracking in less than one year because it was built on a swamp.   Even our new bridge has reports that one of the pylons from the old bridge has to remain because of an engineering oopsie.

shovel waterfrontAnd of course our crowing item of pride this year is the Mayor and his Economic Development department not bringing the fact to council in June  that the Federal Government was going to allow tanks to be built on our waterfront sabotaging essentially the community’s plan for revitalization.   An act that Mayor Kilger has yet to actually condemn or show leadership in fighting.

There are some things for our city to take pride in but sadly this group; this event that excludes the genuine successes of people in our community who don’t cow tow to them, are not.

And even more sadly most of the public gets it too.   Do we really want to live in a community of fear and suck ups?

If you want a full glass of the Kool Aid check out hashtag #cornwallYIR on Twitter!


What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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