Mark A MacDonald Says that MP Guy Lauzon Is Incorrect on a Waterfront Chem Tanks in Cornwall Ontario – LTE

mark a macdonald nov 2013Letter to the Editor:
Regarding the illegal storage tanks that are being built on our ideal waterfront, our MP Guy Lauzon has been quoted in the media stating
“We’re going to look for solutions”.
He is completely wrong.  There was only ONE solution that he was instructed to bring to the Minister and that is, “Stop now and break the lease”.  A duly recognized meeting of community leaders made that message loud and clear, and it was a unanimous vote.
Maybe we didn’t say it loud enough or maybe he wasn’t listening.  The motion was unanimous and the message was clear.  Kill the deal, the enitre thing is absolute nonsense and it goes against everything this community has fought so hard for.
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  1. Please, identify the law that makes these storage silos illegal for Transport Canada to have on their lands. Municipalities can only regulate their own lands on behalf of the Crown. The federal government agency regulates its own lands on behalf of the Crown. Again, how are these tanks illegal?

  2. Come on Mark. They aren’t illegal. There are silos for calcium chloride all over the place since we have winter roads to drive on that require de-icing. Is there no middle ground solution here? Can’t the “eyesore” be hidden a bit? Dressed up? Cornwall has bigger problems than this. Clean up the east end. Get people working better jobs. Increase the ratio of owners to renters and take some pride in the City again. It’s kind of neat going back and visiting the few friends I have left in the area, I expect to see a sign on the 401 someday : “Cornwall, the City that Time Forgot.”

  3. Illegal is an interesting description. Mark if you actually stated this I think it would be prudent to qualify the what you mean.

    If the city was smart this with line 9 would be a form of long term revenue for the city. Green space isnice but personally I am not a fan of grass it doesn’t pay rent nor bills

  4. I know, I was at the meeting.

    But breaking a legal bona fide lease can be expensive for the local taxpayer, as you can be sure if proven in a court that all is legal it would be very expensive outcome to the taxpayers with countersuits etc etc.

    I really think Guys’ comment “We will look for solutions” is the better approach at this point.

    As far as politicking Mark is a known Liberal and now supposedly a wanna be candidate for mayor next year.

    If I was he, keep party politics out at least until you declare your intentions, be decisive, be progressive and above all be positive. So far all press releases or letters are so negative.

    Don’t say white if I say black

  5. Author

    Traveller Mr. MacDonald has been active on a number of issues. I don’t think he’s taken any partisan pot shots compared to the ones leveled by the Liberal Critic David McGuinty on another local media outlet.

  6. I can’t believe a potential candidate for Mayor would make a statement that probably has no basis in fact the tanks are probably legal but they are definitely not morally correct. we need someone that speaks facts next time around to lead our city.
    As for Mr Lauzon I have had dealings with him and its quite obvious he tends to want to tow party lines and protect government workers rather than standing up for the people who voted him in , and do remember he is getting older either his hearing or his memory is probably the reason he did not hear the clear instructions he got from those people at the recent meeting who he is suppose to represent awe maybe that’s what he fails to understand the word represent . Please Mr lauzon look up represent in the dictionary.
    As to the cost terminating the deal if Ontario can cancel a multi billion dollar power plant for a few cups of coffee surely the cost of termination this deal would be the cost of a yawn spread across all Canadians . Why should Cornwall citizens bend over

  7. Admin
    Mark may have been active on many issues but what has he actually accomplished?

    It is easy to raise a flag, especially when elections are around the corner, but how can you gage the quality of a person based on intentions?

    Nobody has been able to answer what Mark meant by illegal tanks. Based on that statement alone it brings aura of not knowing what is going on or not understanding.

    How come you have no news about the expansion of SCM or Bensons purchase of the old brake building and expanding??

  8. Author

    Hailey have tried toothpaste for hemorrhoids?

  9. I see the hospital is back on the market…seems $2 million wasn’t such a great deal after all. Has Mark given up on that?

  10. HAILEY, I like you, you’ve got spunk and smarts


    With very little support I seemed to recall Mark saying it is a dead issue. (in quiet terms no votes to be had!!)

  11. Author

    GAB the hospital for sale sign has never come down nor was the listing every taken down.

  12. “God bless Cornwall, what a gift the Cornwall’s City Politician’s have given us,”

  13. Mark :
    Your heart is in the right place as i see it but your current thinking on this matter isn’t fully thought out .
    Until all the facts are known it’s nothing but a blame game going on , Yes the Govt. has much to answer
    for , However don’t you think that the City of Corn. has much to answer for also ?
    Mark you were on City Council long enough to know that what they are saying Just isn’t necessarily the
    whole TRUTH . Trust you will run for a council seat in 2014 and give Leslie a 1 against 1 with Kilger for the
    Mayor’s Position . WE Don’t need the vote split .

  14. Mark would make a good councellor or should I say alderman since I would prefer the ward system like what we have here in Ottawa. There are way too many councellors for such a small town of Cornwall (like the size of a farm) – 10 councellors plus mayor makes absolutely no sense at all. Make alderman and have them accountable. “The fish rots from the head down” and as far as political parties are concerned it is all a mafia and there is no democracy as we see happening. I am a political atheist just like Gerald Celente says and how very true that is. Not one of them is good – well two are good around that table but not any more than that. The rest of them are complete wackos and failures to the core including Bare Ass.

  15. Leslie O’Shaughnessey would make a good mayor because he had the guts to resign when he saw corruption going around and wanted no part of it. He saw that there was tampering around with the mail which is a federal offence and those involved should be in jail. In Cornwall you say – HUH! They have gotten away with so much corruption as is and the entire bunch should be thrown out lock, stock and barrel. Like I said previously the fish rots from the head down. Learn to think for yourself.

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