CORNWALL Ontario – Agape poohbahette Alyssa Blais finally put her name on the dotted line and is running for council. The social ladder climber has been running Agape for several years since switching over from her gig with the City. Her husband is the Liberal candidate John Earle,  recently wasContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – David Murphy, the  Cornwall City Councilor with the smooth voice and no substance has leaked at Lift Off that his bud, gifted musician Graham Greer, (The Wedgie King of Cornwall!)  is about to throw his guitar pick into the ring and take a run for council inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It looks like Alyssa Blais is running for City Council in Cornwall Ontario.    I say it looks like as Ms Blais has not issued a release nor is she listed yet on the City’s election page.  LINK   Normally when someone runs for public office theyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I stopped going to the Team Cornwall Year in Review two years ago when I resigned from the group until they cleaned house.  The group, which does almost nothing but a few rah rah events essentially should be an arm of the City’s Economic Development Department.  Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s never easy tackling allegations of corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and incompetence, but then many positive things in life only come by tackling the tough stuff. Tracy Barker is a very brave woman.   She’s also very frustrated after leaving the Agape Centre where she worked as aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When I wrote my piece about Alyssa Blais and the Agape Centre sending out nasty legal letters to former Agape people from Ottawa Law firm Emond Harnden it was a surprise preamble of an expose I’d been preparing.    The fact that this charity had the audacityContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Alyssa Blais has a funny way of running the Agape Centre and food bank in Cornwall Ontario. The hyper ambitious newlywed  has been under fire lately.   Many long time volunteers and staff have left in disgust pointing fingers at Ms Blais making claims of cronyism andContinue Reading