Agape Centre Hires Ottawa Law Firm to Send Threatening Letters to Former Employee by Jamie Gilcig POLL

AblaisAGAPECornwall Ontario – Alyssa Blais has a funny way of running the Agape Centre and food bank in Cornwall Ontario.

The hyper ambitious newlywed  has been under fire lately.   Many long time volunteers and staff have left in disgust pointing fingers at Ms Blais making claims of cronyism and hiring of relatives of her staff including operations manager Lori Greer whose husband and no stranger to cronyism hiring, Graham Greer, also worked for a period of time for Agape.  (Mr. Greer is subject of one of the complaints himself involving an underage volunteer)

Now CFN has viewed an Ottawa law firms letter to a former Agape person demanding that they remove their facebook comments or else!

I think the term is “LIBEL CHILL”.

The first question is why is a Cornwall charity that depends on donations from the public, again mostly local, using an Ottawa legal firm?  Do we not have good lawyers in Cornwall?  Most of the ones I’ve met seem of high quality so why send those local dollars out of our city?

And if you have no money for your former snowsuit fund and whine on Ottawa TV about the pantry being empty where do you get funds for these sorts of nasty letters which run about $500 per?   That’s a lot of food that could be bought for those that you are there to serve, no?

How many of these letters has Agape sent out under Ms Blais watch?    How many lawsuits are being dealt with by current or former staff?

Those are some of the questions I sent to Ms. Blais and board member City Councilor and mentor to Ms Blais, Elaine MacDonald as Ms Blais is rumored to be making a run for a council seat in the next election.  Neither has replied.

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It’s scary when you look at some of the background to this story which we will be exposing shortly.   You seem to have a bright intelligent woman who has sold her soul to Rock and Roll.  Her whole life circle seems connected to City of Cornwall Economic Development mini poobah Bob Peters and the City Hall clique.  From her former gig at the Business Enterprise Centre where her staffer for a period of time was Mrs. Bob Peters, to ending up with the Peters old VW, to even marrying Mr. Peters very good friend and receiver of many City and agency video contracts John  Earle.

Bob "Vienna Sausage" Peters
Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters

It does seem that Ms Blais owes an awful lot in her life to the patronage of Mr. Peters?   Add in her tutelage under Elaine MacDonald whose other disciple, Carilyne Hebert is also on the board with Ms MacDonald and is it a wonder why many in the community have shied away from supporting the Agape at many levels?

Food banks are critical to supporting those that need it most and whose voices are usually the least heard.  Should they not be the platform for ambitious cliquesters?

Isn’t it time that the board and management of Agape were cleaned up so that our community dollars can actually serve the community better?  Should a food bank spend more on salaries and drama than services it provides?    The public wants to support and help the community; but surely we can do better?

And surely a former employee and volunteer should not be getting Ottawa legal threat letters for simply voicing their opinion about how badly a place is being run?

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  1. Well, the employee who wrote about her displeasure,bad experience or whatever it was – has the full right express her feelings on her facebook page. FREE SPEECH!!!. I once posted something about my displeasure of a certain store here in Cornwall as well as a restaurant here in Cornwall – it was my opinion..I did not receive a letter from a lawyer to remove my comments. If Agape is so worried about 1 comment – could it be that they are afraid that more will be uncovered……..

  2. I would also like to know why the agape is a sponsor of the Aultsville Theatre Movie night held at the Galaxy Cinemas. They charge $500.00 to be a sponsor. Is this what the Agape money should be spent on, or is it supposed to be for “food”. Oh my what a novel idea, a food bank actually trying to get/buy food, instead of running all kinds of events to collect more money to run move events!!!
    Strangely Mr Greer is also involved with the Aultsville Hall, and is always present at the movie night. Is that why Agape decided to sponsor the film series? I think this is downright wrong. That is not what the Agape center is all about. Stop giving. Then the board might consider getting rid of people who are more interested in serving themselves than the community..

  3. My my my how Cornwall (Fossoli) has always stayed the same and will never change. The only way that you get work is by bending over and you can figure out the rest. The other way is belonging to a certain family. You do not get justice in Cornwall – only JUST US and there are no good lawyers in Cornwall. Everyone is related to someone else. Cornwall will never change and always stayed the same. It is the same thing with what Bare Ass wants to do with the taxes and I told you that before what was going to happen in those Smart Centres or any other kind of a centre – your taxes will skyrocket and you will be on the street with nowhere to go because everywhere is mighty expensive. Those condos are not for nothing. Gee Bare Ass has some good things up his sleeve to get rid of all the rif raf in town and build beyond belief. That is being intelligent for sure.

  4. They tarnish Cornwall’s sterling image, these alleged (I’m alleging) nepotistic people who want there picture in Cornwall Magazine. But she will not be elected with a 80/20 split of management/food and a lot of that food delivered from churches and private fundraisers and shit. I never observed the Shepherd’s Of Good Hope in Ottawa advertising.

    But I digress. I’m spending the second of three days in Toronto, the first three since I left this godforsaken Omnipolis. And after I digest tonight’s 2 star meal for the sale of my kids at the top of the tower I will be glad to be back. Hipsters, hipsters, everywhere. And I hear Admin that a local Facebook Meme page has been harangued by council and police. Truth?

  5. Author

    Yes 420. The Cornwall Memes person confirmed that they were in fact visited by our Police services.

  6. Ms Blais, at what point do you stop your BS, its bad enough we have Bob Peters and others cheating and disrespecting everyone but his friendly click, when do you stop your bull shit, be a women and be responsible for the people who need the help, this is about them, NOT YOU or your friends.

  7. Jamie…
    great article. I love reading about the inner workings of our fair city and local organizations.

  8. When Mr. Greer left the employment of the Agape Ctr, they cited that he was required to stay home with the children (as well as repair Ms. Blais’ car, plumbing issues, etc). Shortly after that he was employed by SLC …… So to answer your question ….. THAT is why the Ctr pays to sponsor (with funds donated by the public for those in need) that project. They whine and cry that the shelves are bare and donations are down but take donated funds (intended to stock those bare shelves) and give it away …… seriously?

    To become a member of the board of directors, one has to apply to Ms. Blais. So this new board has been hand picked by her ….. to serve her personal agenda. There will be NO accountability until the public who funds this organization demands change. Continued lack to support will either force change or (sadly) closure of the Agape Center.

    This nonsense of the lawyer’s letter (from downtown Ottawa) is just that …. “nonsense”. Are only some entitled to free speech? Are we not all entitled to our opinions? What are they really scared of ……. the truth perhaps?

  9. What in the world is going on here ? If it’s true that the Agape Centre became a $500. sponsor to Aultsville
    Theatre Movie night then I think anyone responsible is NUTS . Monies that this group have should be spent for
    the purpose intended . Shame on those that are responsible for this deed .

  10. If there is any truth in the assertion that the Agape Centre gave away $500.00 to sponsor the Aultsville Theatre Movie night then I would hope that the now financial FLUSH charity will end it s whining for donations. Money is something that can only easily be given when you have more than you need.

  11. The Agape Centre is one big scam!

  12. Good work Jamie. Keep digging and get this crap on the table for the taxpayers of Cornwall to see what is going on behind their backs.

  13. Can we view this letter?

  14. Author

    Not at this point.

  15. Last summer I donated $1,000.00 to the Agape Centre because I thought the money would be well used locally. The cronyism in this town is sickening. My donations this year will go elsewhere!!

  16.  David Oldham  October 24, 2013 at 9:19 pm
    If there is any truth in the assertion that the Agape Centre gave away $500.00 to sponsor the Aultsville Theatre Movie night then I would hope that the now financial FLUSH charity will end it s whining for donations. Money is something that can only easily be given when you have more than you need.
    Well stated David. obviously grave issues going on there, also by the Board remaining silent on this rather serious matter & not going public, to defend, to deny, to set the record straight, causes much uncertainty regarding this organization ? Personaly, as a supporter over the years, I’m demanding an explanation ? Thank-you !

  17. I read this story and could not believe it. Very sad to see $500.00 was donated to SLC movie night. 2 things here.

    1. Ms. Blais, knowing full well you went on CTV news and put a very troubled story of how empty the shelves were and how you hoped this community will help out, then gave away this money sickens me, you should be kicked out of the Agape Centre for making Cornwall look so, so bad.

    2. Mr. Greer, you should be ashamed of yourself for even taking this money, you knew full well the so called state the Agape was in yet you still opened your hands. I guess you had a hand in this seeing your wife works at the Agape. Next time you want to write a song. Call it the scam.

    I would love to see CTV knock on Ms. Blais door step asking for answers on this gift to SLC, first show her pleading then her reaction to the question.

    It’s time these people are removed from this centre once and for all. I for one will never make a donation to it ever again until she is removed and I hope others will follow.

  18. We should run her and her family out of town. All I have talked to…..cannot stand her or her husband, let alone the Agape and all of its corruption.

  19. Well there you have it!! I think the only thing to do is to organize, set a meeting and trouble shoot as a community how to bring about change for the much needed Agape Centre. Whose interested? Jaime, how about putting this question on a poll for your readers to respond to? If we don’t do something about it now, they are just going to continue on. Lets not sit on our hands. Perhaps the Community Coalition To End Poverty (in Cornwall) should jump in any time! I’m pissed that this is happening and I’m willing to start the ball rolling. What say you Good People?!

  20. Author

    Newsworthy; here’s an even better one. If the Agape would get rid of certain long term controllers on the board and clean house I’d help find someone for Alyssa’s position at half her current contracted rate with more skills.

  21. I am certainly all for compensating an individual(s) fairly for services rendered. However I have great difficulty with the manner in which so called charitable organizations have evolved. When less than 50% of the incoming donations ever serve the individuals/groups or purpose of the charity in the first place for me it raises concerns. For example when I read that donations for the CCH were being sought by paid fund raisers that was one issue. To find out that the cost to raise 1 dollar for the CCH was .65 cents was another.

    When asked for a donation for any charity my first question is; what percentage of every dollar collected is attributed to administrative costs? Whether I make a donation is based on the response that I receive.

    I have in recent years elected to put money/material goods directly into the hands that are in need. At least this way I have the peace of mind that the lions share of my money did not go to pay a directors salary or national advertising like MADD ( I really do not understand how it is that that charity is not simply a business)

  22. Author

    David our first year in Cornwall my darling ex wife wanted us to volunteer at the Agape to help serve xmas dinner. Three phone calls to the Centre were not returned; not even to solicit for funds or donations.

    The Stepford Wives made an interesting movie; a city culture it should not be…

  23. The major concern regarding the centre may be focused more at how a certain group feels rather than what a certain group needs. Culture…

  24. How do you get rid of the administrators or the board of directors? You cannot just wish them away.
    Does anyone have any idea of what can be done to change this agency?
    I wanted to sit on the board, but applying to Ms. Blais in order to be on the board was completely outrageous as I was not prepared to be one of her fans, and she knew it, so applying would have been a waste of time.

  25. Author

    Phoebe sometimes you have to start something new from scratch. Sometimes things don’t change with a group; but at least if you expose some of the truths better organizations can get more support.

  26. I have helped to redifine a non profit organization with a large operation budget and a board of directors that were in the back pocket of the executive diorector. We got a lawyer, went to board and AG meetings and wrote letters to the funding bodies. By petition and pressure, we dismantled the board, got new board members that were progressive and honest, got a new executive director and carried on just fine. It took two years but it was done. I called the Agape and filled out two application forms to volunteer, spoke to the Volunteer Coordinator about the lack of response and still, to this date, I have not heard a word. Shame!! I say shut them down and start a new agency that will follow the mandate of a Food Bank, get rid of the high priced salaries andhire more people whose heart is in it!

  27. Author

    Newsworthy that’s not how things roll here. Even if the public knows better, since before and after Project Truth, the majority clique like things done in the shadow.

    Honestly it’s best to just start from scratch and let Agape cling to their Church building and protect the asset.

    Better people can do a better job and probably gain more support from the community.

    In my opinion if Agape remains silent much longer on this I have a hunch that’s exactly what will happen, and CFN will be happy to host the event.

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