Agape Centre Hires Ottawa Law Firm to Send Threatening Letters to Former Employee by Jamie Gilcig POLL

AblaisAGAPECornwall Ontario – Alyssa Blais has a funny way of running the Agape Centre and food bank in Cornwall Ontario.

The hyper ambitious newlywed  has been under fire lately.   Many long time volunteers and staff have left in disgust pointing fingers at Ms Blais making claims of cronyism and hiring of relatives of her staff including operations manager Lori Greer whose husband and no stranger to cronyism hiring, Graham Greer, also worked for a period of time for Agape.  (Mr. Greer is subject of one of the complaints himself involving an underage volunteer)

Now CFN has viewed an Ottawa law firms letter to a former Agape person demanding that they remove their facebook comments or else!

I think the term is “LIBEL CHILL”.

The first question is why is a Cornwall charity that depends on donations from the public, again mostly local, using an Ottawa legal firm?  Do we not have good lawyers in Cornwall?  Most of the ones I’ve met seem of high quality so why send those local dollars out of our city?

And if you have no money for your former snowsuit fund and whine on Ottawa TV about the pantry being empty where do you get funds for these sorts of nasty letters which run about $500 per?   That’s a lot of food that could be bought for those that you are there to serve, no?

How many of these letters has Agape sent out under Ms Blais watch?    How many lawsuits are being dealt with by current or former staff?

Those are some of the questions I sent to Ms. Blais and board member City Councilor and mentor to Ms Blais, Elaine MacDonald as Ms Blais is rumored to be making a run for a council seat in the next election.  Neither has replied.

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It’s scary when you look at some of the background to this story which we will be exposing shortly.   You seem to have a bright intelligent woman who has sold her soul to Rock and Roll.  Her whole life circle seems connected to City of Cornwall Economic Development mini poobah Bob Peters and the City Hall clique.  From her former gig at the Business Enterprise Centre where her staffer for a period of time was Mrs. Bob Peters, to ending up with the Peters old VW, to even marrying Mr. Peters very good friend and receiver of many City and agency video contracts John  Earle.

Bob "Vienna Sausage" Peters
Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters

It does seem that Ms Blais owes an awful lot in her life to the patronage of Mr. Peters?   Add in her tutelage under Elaine MacDonald whose other disciple, Carilyne Hebert is also on the board with Ms MacDonald and is it a wonder why many in the community have shied away from supporting the Agape at many levels?

Food banks are critical to supporting those that need it most and whose voices are usually the least heard.  Should they not be the platform for ambitious cliquesters?

Isn’t it time that the board and management of Agape were cleaned up so that our community dollars can actually serve the community better?  Should a food bank spend more on salaries and drama than services it provides?    The public wants to support and help the community; but surely we can do better?

And surely a former employee and volunteer should not be getting Ottawa legal threat letters for simply voicing their opinion about how badly a place is being run?

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