Car Accident Mars Opening Day of New Freshco Store in Cornwall Ontario – Oct 24, 2013

marleau accident oct 24Cornwall Ontario – Another accident near the new Freshco site.  As a matter of fact our viewer was in the Freshco parking lot as today is their grand opening!  (which for some reason the retailer neglected to invite the largest newspaper in the city or send us a press release)

This is the third accident, first since the store opened.


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Cornwall Police Services confirmed that the two vehicle accident occurred at the corner of Marleau & McConnell.  No injuries were reported or charges laid as of press time.

CAA towed one vehicle away.


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  1. Its not because of the new Store why people are getting into Accident’s it’s on people drive and don’t know how to pay attention to the road because of probably texting and talking on the phone so stop blaming it on new stores

  2. For the limited knowledge of human behavior or as particular, for the limited knowledge and education of street layouts as I, even at that I too have commented on my fears of just this point and little to nothing of all the comments and layout warning signs in this press were paid attention to by other than those like me.

    What did not happen, nor was I am sure not called upon was policing for traffic management at the primary intersections going in and out of this newly planned busy day……and week.

    Where was the common sense here and who in this city is responsible……..stupid impatient drivers, yes.
    I assure you, there will be more to come until everyone gets more acquainted with this street access and overall layouts.

  3. This is my father and no he was not txting the can in front of him slamed on his brakes so he would not hit the car in frontof him but my father did not have alot of time to do the same

  4. the store only opened today so how is this the third accident and its wasn’t really near FreshCo so how is it there fault I witnessed a grey van go up pitt street today against traffic so tell me again how Cornwall knows how to drive

  5. This accident is a little far to even be blamed on Freshco. If you are mad that you were not invited to the grand opening of the new Freshco then you should write an article about that. You should get all the facts before writting your articles because there have been way more then only 3 accidents right in front of he new construction!

  6. I was traveling eastbound on 9th street this a.m. when the woman in front of me slammed on her brakes to make an illegal left hand turn into the do not enter access for traffic westbound. This was not a distracted driver it was simply someone making a conscious decision not to lose anytime in gaining access to the parking lot. I think that the corner looks great but I would suspect that this will become an area to try to avoid.

  7. Funny story! I saw your father Angela. He was doing favours behind the new No Frills loading dock just before. We followed him. He was stammering about getting to FreshCo fast to deliver his figs.

  8. LOL The writer didn’t blame the accident on Freshco that is what you are reading into the article. He just said it happened near the site so people know the area.

  9. Accidents happen for many reasons; distractions, bad habits, and the lack of skills are some of the most common factors. I think my biggest complaint is the lack of the skills and primarily the ability to make left hand turns. All too frequently drivers cut the angle too short and cross through the opposite lane as they turn left into the street , sometimes near missing oncoming traffic waiting there. I have noticed that the city has even moved the white line for the center lane back at many intersections so that vehicles incapable of making the left into the street have more room to turn even though there was plenty of room before. Next time your at the intersection of Brookdale Avenue where it meets Cornwall Centre Road or on Hwy 138 where it meets Cornwall Centre watch the vehicles making lefts. It is frightening to see how tight many cars drivers make these turns, frequently cross the white stopping line, that tractor trailers drivers appear to make almost with ease. The other thing is rolling stops at Stop Signs and Red Lights, doesn’t anyone come to a full stop anymore? Oh and the first car at a Four Way Stop or regular Stop has the right of way, not the vehicle going straight! Don’t get me started ….lol

  10. To the daughter of the man that was in the accident ITS CALLED TAILGATING in my day the exam read 30 miles an hour 3 car lengths maybe in metric that shortened along with people attention to the road.

    Its deer crossing season or rutting season and deer do not use the deer crossing signs yet at 90 Km an hour often you find the car behind is less than 3 car lengths , the proper and safe distance puts them about a blink longer at reaching their destination and one blink of a second from tragedy from disaster if a deer jumps out and the driver ahead responds by hitting the brakes. this lady would fault the man hitting the brakes.

  11. I have been to the store many times not a problem. My only concern is that the prices the comes up on the cash are higher than the prices on the shelves. Hope this is not a trend. If this is the case then you need to watch every item being scaned to make sure it comes up at the right prices. This will make the store seem untrustworthy.

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