Agape Exec Alyssa Blais FINALLY Announces She’s Running for Council In Cornwall Ontario – July 18, 2014

AblaisAGAPECORNWALL Ontario – Agape poohbahette Alyssa Blais finally put her name on the dotted line and is running for council.

The social ladder climber has been running Agape for several years since switching over from her gig with the City.

Her husband is the Liberal candidate John Earle,  recently was destroyed in the Provincial election by incumbent MPP Jim McDonell.

Ms Blais announced she was running months ago in another media outlet, but waited until today to put her name forward.

She did not respond to this interview before press time.  She’s the 14th person to put their name on the dotted line for councilor and was candidate Carilyne Hebert’s former boss. Ms Hebert is now on the board of the Agape, essentially becoming Ms Blais’ boss.

So Cornwall?  Will you vote for Ms Blais?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. She won’t get my vote. She’s an Elaine MacDonald protégé. We don’t need two Elaine MacDonald s on council. Hopefully if elected she’ll declare her conflict of interest.

  2. It is a good thing that I no longer live in Cornwall to put up with all the corruption going on. If I lived in Cornwall she would not get my vote at all. If I lived there very few would get my vote and the list would be mighty bare.

  3. Jules…we have to stop agreeing. It makes the comments boring.

  4. Does she have pigeon toes? No vote from me.

  5. If both Alyssa Blais and Carilyne Hebert were to secure a Council seat wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest a real no no ? Then add Elaine MacDonald, if she makes it wouldn’t that be just Dandy?
    I will not vote for any of that group.

  6. Believe Me 1….it all depends if they were to declare their conflict of interest. I somehow doubt they would declare it. Elaine MacDonald does not see it as a conflict of interest. She used a different term, saying she gains no financial benefit from being on the Agape and other boards of directors. Perhaps there is no financial gain, but when you lobby on behalf of an organization you are a board member it is a conflict of interest. The sooner council members realize this the better it’ll be

  7. I am laughing so much that I could hardly type. Hugger we rarely ever agree on anything. Cornhole politics will be something to see this fall. You may all get your eyes full of what I will be posting.

  8. My personal opinion based on the information that has been available in a variety of media sources is that Ms. Blais doesn’t embrace accountability or transparency. While this in itself makes her a perfect fit with the current council I do not believe that the next council would benefit from her presence and ultimately the City of Cornwall’s taxpayers would not either. Again personally for me Ms. Blais would be a pass.

  9. David Oldham….and she’s an Elaine MacDonald protege. So, we know where she stands on conflict of interest.

  10. Yes this Alyssa Blais fits right into the present Cornwall lies and corruption to the hilt. If anybody votes for the stupids then they deserve everything they get. I cannot see Cornwall coming out of all the mess unless the people change for the better which I do not see at the present time. People are so used to being tramped on by the leaders of the community that they don’t know any other way of life and the town is dragged down that much further.

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