Mike Duffy Charges Trigger Nastiness in Cornwall Ontario Including Patient Privacy Issue at the Ottawa Civic Hospital by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – Social media really has changed the way that people communicate.  The biggest factor is speed and access.

Anyone can virtually post just about anything, and on sites like Facebook and You Tube they can go viral quite quickly.

One of the hottest stories here in Canada are the charges against Senator Mike Duffy.

Now these are charges.  Mr. Duffy has not been convicted; but he has been in the public eye since the bribery scandal broke over 16 months ago.

He has endured an immense amount of exposure and criticism and at the end of the day may in fact be worthy of some.

A local council candidate in Cornwall Ontario  (about an hour from Ottawa) , Brock Frost, took a swipe at Mr. Duffy early this morning posting a link to an Ottawa Citizen story covering the latest chapter of Duffygate.


submitted photo

What a shameful, despicable and greedy man.

You will get what you deserve dear Senator. I am sorry I even shook your hand.

There’s some deeper irony in that Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger and two councilors were indicted along with our Waterfront Committee for moving into an in camera meeting illegally.   They were not alleged, but condemned in a report from Commissioner Stephen Fournier; but nary a word of condemnation from Mr. Frost who besides stating that he’d donate his council salary to charity, giving out chocolate kisses at an area nursing home, also recently bought a local hockey team that was about to be disbanded.

..if any politician ever gets formally charged in Cornwall I will be the first to comment.

I can promise you that.

Mr. Frost was not the first, nor even in the top ten to comment on the Fournier report condemning the mayor and council members of the committee.

When confronted Mr. Frost ducked and ran rather than deal with the issue; but the President of his hockey team’s booster club piped in.

crowder quote july 18th 2014

Mr. Crowder is listed as a supervisor at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.    When confronted by another person about the obvious commenting on patients he tried to spin it.

crowder quote july 18th 2014 b

Hazel Harding responded for the Hospital regarding their policy when it comes to Social Media and patient confidentiality.

The Ottawa Hospital takes the protection of personal health information entrusted to us by our patients very seriously and works to prevent privacy breaches from occurring. The hospital has a policy on the use of social media that places the protection of patient privacy as a primary expectation.  

Any violation of the hospital’s privacy policy, whether on social media or in any other manner, are grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Privacy breaches are handled on a case-by-case basis and this occurrence has been forwarded to the Hospital’s privacy office for review and action.  


For background: Examples of violations to our policy include “posting messages that disclose confidential patient information/data” and “using social media to store, post, send or distribute patient or confidential information, copyright material or other content which is subject to third party intellectual property rights.”  Our policy also states that “any individual who violates this social media policy will be subject to appropriate remedial action and/or discipline up to and including termination.”  

Ms Harding added that this issue is currently under investigation.

People are human.  When in a hospital many are at their most vulnerable.  Even if Mr. Duffy were guilty as charged surely he deserves better than having his situation discussed by hospital supervisors publicly in Social media?

Mr. Crowder clearly either knew he’d over stepped the line or was told so as his comments were in fact removed; but not before many viewed them.   Mr. Crowder also belongs to what many people consider a hate group on facebook locally.   Asked about being active in the group while using the River Kings logo as his profile picture  he stated that he changed it out of respect to the team.

That would beg the question as to his judgement of the group in the first place?  Surely if the group were not a hate group then there’d be no issue using the team logo as his profile picture?

A local Corus radio station host also tweeted about Mr. Duffy, this time using his weight as an issue.


In 2014 we have Gay Marriage, some areas with legalized Marijuana.   Surely we’re at a stage of societal development that people should not be attacking others based on their religious beliefs, skin colours, or physical issues or handicaps?

Mike Duffy; who has had heart and health issues in the past is facing his own challenges.    His trial will be a whole other issue; but from using his charges for political gain, to attacking him for his weight, to having his personal info released surely the values publicly present here in Cornwall can use some review?

Maybe looked upon on individually there might be some free passes given; but collectively it shows an insensitivity at least, and something far more darker culturally at worse.

What do you think CFN viewers? You can post your comments below.

Brock Frost and Mike Crowder were asked for comment before publication; but did not submit a comment.

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  1. I have nothing good at all to say about {MODERATED} Duffy and I hope that he gets the book thrown at him from all sides and loses his job entirely including any money, house or anything else that he may have. I wish the same thing for Bare Ass and everyone else who looks down on the public and steels from them. About telling what goes on in the hospital about what patient is in there whether you like them or hate them is a no no. When I worked as a candy striper (volunteer) in the hospitals in Cornwall we were all told not to say who is there even family. I had family one time in the hospital and never told my parents that so and so was there and my aunt got upset with me because I didn’t say that she was there and I told her and my parents that we were not allowed to disclose anything or whoever was there. {MODERATED} He misses the trough on parliament hill.

    Editor’s Note: Jules and everyone, please self-moderate and be kinder. We have limited moderation time and would hate to delete comments.

  2. I know nothing about Brock Frost other than what’s in the local press and his Facebook page. From that limited info, the guy creeps me out. Is Brock Frost even his real name? Sounds more like a made up country music singer’s name like George Canyon etc.

  3. Jules compilation of life stories is so ridiculous, she must be encouraged to seek help. As for Frosty, his pose will soon be melting

  4. So, I’m not the only one who has issues with Jules and her stories and predictions of the future.

    I think Brock Frost is Batman in disguise.

  5. @ Hugger. Ask Jules about the impending Apocalypse and the second coming of “You Know Who”. On second thought, don’t. It gets pretty weird.

  6. Frtz you and a few ding a lings might be laughing at me but I won’t tell you all what I do know and as far as the Apocalypse goes and the second coming of Christ all that is precisely true and so is the economy that is going to come down on your heads soon. Honestly I wish that the second coming of Christ was now so as to get rid of living sich such people and I pray for this to happen.

  7. Wow are you jealous of my pidgeon toes? LOL LOL. Now let me check to see if I have pidgeon toes or human ones. No I have human ones. LOL LOL. As for Brock Frost he is a business man and that is good to see for a change instead of some uneducated and stupid person. I may not agree with everything that Brock says or does but at least he has ambition and hope and a vision of some sort.

  8. Oh yes one more thing that I forgot to mention about seeking help is that this place is my therapy when I read about the craziest things going on in Cornwall and I am bent in two laughing myself to pieces. You can’t get better therapy than that. Oh thanks for the offer but I already have my cure. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  9. my only comment is imagine what you don’t know…guessing this would only be the tip of the ice berg..

  10. The recent news that Mike Duffy billed taxpayers for personal travel to attend funerals shouldn’t raise any eyebrows in Cornwall.

    We had a mayor do the same thing and bill us about a thousand dollars!!

    Why taxpayers would foot the bill for a well lubricated wake and boozy reunion of washed up puckheads… gosh only knows.

    Our mayors own mouthpiece, the Standard-Freeholder, has blocked comments on Duffy’s copycat behaviour.

  11. The toilet paper of record – SF will not disclose any truths about anything since the media is controlled by certain people and the real news comes out of Jamie’s CFN. I remember years ago the Ottawa Citizen had an excellent editor and he said something negative about Jean Chrétien and Izzy Asper who owned a chain of newspapers fired him over that since he was good friends with Tit Jean. The whole thing is one big corrupted mess. Duffy now has a “love child” that he never knew about from some Peruvian woman who was locked up in jail over drugs. This matter is getting juicier all the time and we must all wait and see if a divorce is on the horizon. More and more scandals are coming forward. Doesn’t this remind us of you know who in Cornwall. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  12. Mainstream media and politicians are tighter than gang b*ggery for sure.

    If anyone has had the opportunity to attend the annual Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner in Ottawa; at the end of the meal and during the hearty cheering and applause something seems to melt and change.

    Something happens to the faces of partiers and hangers-on, and if one looks from MP to crony, hack to toady, “man to pig, and from pig to man again… it would be impossible to say which was which.”

  13. Running a media outlet isn’t easy, serving several masters at once.

    Harpoon Harper and his crew will get what is coming to them.

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