11th Councilor – Is Bob Peters Going to Get Mark Boileau’s Job for Rigging the Chem Tanks on Cornwall’s Waterfront?

Jamie GilcigCORNWALL Ontario – The buzz around City Hall via the Chem Tanks is that shortly Economic Development head Mark Boileau will be shifted out into Stephen Alexander’s gig, and that Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters will take over the department.bob-peters1

Now of course this is rumour and speculation; but it sadly is almost believable based on how the Kilger council operates.    With Transport Canada and the Mayor admitting that the department was contacted in February and June 2013 and they refusing to answer why those communications never made it to open council it kinda looks stinky.

After all, City Hall still has not dealt with Mr. Peters working on the mayor’s campaign last term while on City Time when Mr. Peters submitted and discussed the mayor’s campaign banner with CFN during office hours.

Kilger Election Broch Sep10_FRE

And what better way to reward someone’s silence and black ops than a promotion?  It’s how it’s done at Cornwall City Hall, right?   The not so deft selling out of our waterfront by the Kilger council is embarrassing; a corrupt government doling out a favour in the last year of its mandate.

In my opinion there should be no management promotions at City Hall until there is a new duly elected council.

Frankly City Hall needs to come clean on the tank fiasco and Council needs to ask next Tuesday in open council through the mayor the basic question.

Why didn’t Economic Development notify council about the Trillium communications?

Then again maybe they did and there is a deeper and darker answer to that question that voters may never learn the truth of?

The real negative of the Chem tanks won’t be their appearance, but the impact of having freighters pull up across from the condos and the impact of all those trucks on Montreal Road, and streets, and who will pick up the tab of repairing those roads from the heavy trucks?   You dear CFN viewers.

Remember that come election time or when you’re stuck in single lane traffic sucking diesel fumes.

If you have an issue you want discussed in the 11th Councilor email jamie@cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. WHEN THE ROADWAY IS DESTROYED BY HEAVY TRUCK MOVEMENT THROUGHOUT OUR COMMUNITY do you think the dept of transport, (who is the main controller of our roadways) is going to pick up the bill? i really doubt it, the way everything is being cut back lately…… theres been much talk of the noise of snow removal equipment in out streets in the last week, if you think that noise was incessant wait till the trucks star moveing calcium chloride from the waterfront all the way to the 401 hwy. this move is quintessential to haveing a restaurant on the top floor of a 10 story building and the bathrooms in the basement, in either scenario, eventually the dam is going to break, on one of those trips, and who will clean it up?

  2. John
    Heavy truck traffic?
    I have to ask how they previously and currently unload and loaded trucks at the harbor or delivered to the cotton Mill, Chalet glass, Bolger steel…, The wood place use to be there and all the construction delivery trucks that supplied the Kaneb towers.

    You mentioned someplace you believe Hailey is a man?~l~ I have been referred to many things but man is definitely not on the list

  3. After the election in October I will definately oppose any kind of action such as this from happening again at city hall if elected. Time for change proving that they no longer have any idea at what they are doing.

  4. Mr. Samler I am HIP HIP HURRAYING for you too. All the very best to you and Jamie (Admin) and I mean those words fully and always have. I may sound funny at times (at times Jules????) but I do mean what I say. I know that Jamie can do a very good job as well as yourself and always have confidence in yourself and you will succeed. With Jamie at the helm things will improve for Cornwall. Cornwall had a good mayor in the 50’s under the administration of Mayor Horwitz and there hasn’t been a man since then who took care of his community. Jamie is a very good leader and it is up to the people of Cornwall to take a good look at Jamie and see how you take the bull by the horns and know how to lead and not be afraid of anybody. I always say prayers for Jamie and that is the truth and he is very successful because he puts his mind to what he is doing and is a mighty good man to deal with. All the very best to you and to Jamie and I can’t say enough prayers and good lucks to both of you.

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