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Well, I have made several trips to Cornwall over the last six month to find a home. Over time I felt less and less comfortable in these surroundings and I finally had to admit to myself that I just don’t feel safe in Cornwall.

There are some very nice homes even though the taxes are high,  that I could have been happy in. Unfortunately I had to finally decide that I just could not live in a community I didn’t trust to keep me safe.

After all, they have failed protect me after I returned to work twice in the past and in fact attacked me. It is very sad that a municipal government can have that much power over people, but in Cornwall it is my and others reality.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

The good news is that I will be moving back to the area to be near my family but have chosen to stay out of the City of Cornwall’s reach and move into the Counties.

Take Care,

Diane Shay


  1. Diane,,,,,Always nice hearing from you & reading your comments. I’m must say though, I’m very disappointed on your decision to go to the Township, however, I understand that. But,,,, from past history, are they any better ? lol Many of us here, on the ground, are always reminding voters on the “bus drivers” tactics during the last election ! Stay well……..

  2. Diane you made the right decision. When we lived in Cornwall is was a real hell and one problem after another. Since we moved to Ottawa we are well and none of the insanity that took place in Cornwall. Cornwall is something else and even engineers and doctors commented to mom who used to babysit and keep house for them had a lot to say about Cornwall and people that Cornwall knows about.

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    Thank you for your passion.

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